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At the station, Lani and Eli show Rafe the train they found in the square. Rafe knows whoever dropped it has David. Rafe, Eli and Lani head to the square but there’s no sign of the man they saw. Rafe hopes someone’s security camera picked him up. They go back to the station and receive security footage via email. They see the guy but can’t make out his features. Rafe feels there’s something familiar about him and knows he’ll lead them to David.

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At a motel, Evan looks in a playpen at David and talks to Orpheus about losing Rafe’s tail. Orpheus says he learned from the best. Evan thanks his father. Orpheus pours them a drink and talks about the mess Evan created, letting a “slip of a girl” best him. Evan snaps in frustration and Orpheus warns he has his and his son’s lives in his hands. Evan apologizes by addressing Orpheus as Sir then rants again when he hears Orpheus stepped out and left David with ‘Mary Poppins’. He relaxes a bit and confirms Jordan’s murder wasn’t premeditated. Orpheus lists Evans’ screw-ups, including sticking around for Sonny. Evan admits there’s something he didn’t tell him… Marlena was at the jail when Ciara led him there by gunpoint. Marlena didn’t recognize him. Orpheus recalls Marlena’s time with Evan and his sister when they were young then learns Marlena’s been kidnapped by Steve. “I really hate people that have tried to kill me,” Orpheus explains how a fellow ISA agent, Pamela Van Damme helped fake his death. Orpheus thinks they need to make a run for it but Evan wants to keep David legally. Orpheus vows to help Evan. They have one advantage… no one knows Orpheus is back.
evan and orpheus share a drink at salem inn days of our lives

In their room at the Salem Inn, Brady comforts Kristen over the loss of their baby and assures her his family will come around. John bangs on the door and yells for Kristen to open up. Brady lets John in and he demands to know where Kristen’s ‘microchip of a father’ has Marlena. Brady defends her, as Kristen insists she didn’t know Steve was Stefano at first and would’ve told him after the fact if she knew he was going to take Marlena. She recalls last Mother’s Day and how she and Marlena learned to co-exist. Kristen promises to let him know if she hears from Stefano. John apologizes to Brady, who reminds him how they’ve survived Stefano and others in the past – even Orpheus. Kristen’s heard that name before. They explain how Orpheus was a crooked ISA agent and was obsessed and tried to burn Marlena and Kayla alive in coffins. John’s startled when Kristen hugs him and says she’ll pray for Marlena. He thanks her then leaves. Brady thanks Kristen for being great with John then heads to shower. Kristen looks at her bracelet then follows.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah’s dressed up for a date with Xander. She feels guilty not being at the hospital with Mickey but Xander reminds her that the nightmare is over.

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In Mickey’s hospital room, Nicole flashes to learning Rachel had a birthmark then says, “It’s not possible.” Just as Nicole’s about to run her theory by Eric, Dr. Raynor appears and announces she’s leaving town. Nicole thinks her departure is abrupt and recalls seeing Xander and Raynor shaking hands. Raynor says goodbye to Mickey then quickly leaves. Nicole stops Raynor before she gets on the elevator, brings up Rachel’s birthmark and asks if it’s possible that Mickey is Brady and Kristen’s child? Raynor insists she was there when Rachel died and that they take precautions for accidental switches. Nicole doesn’t think it was accidental and claims Xander could’ve done it for Sarah – maybe her baby died. Raynor doesn’t think Xander could’ve done it, leading Nicole to accuse Raynor of helping him. “Have you forgotten your oath?” Nicole seethes. “I think you did a whole lot of harm.” She believes Xander threatened her. Raynor wonders how Eric will react if Nicole takes his baby and gives it to his brother. When Eric appears, she challenges Nicole to find out. Raynor says her goodbyes and leaves. Nicole and Eric go back into Mickey’s room. He wonders what she needed to tell him before Dr. Raynor barged in. Nicole claims it was nothing.
nicole realizes mickey is rachel days of our lives
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Xander leads Sarah into a romantic setting at the Bistro. He rented out the place. Xander makes a toast to Mickey, as Sarah adds Gabi and Dr. Raynor to the list of ‘thanks’. They enjoy dinner then Xander reveals how he feels what Sarah feels and hurts when she hurts. He’s never felt that way before. Xander takes out a ring box, gets down on one knee and proposes. Sarah breaks out in uncontrollable laughter. It wasn’t the reaction Xander was looking for, but Sarah reminds him it’s their first date. Xander loves her and can’t risk losing her. Good things don’t happen to him often – and she’s the best. After Sarah says yes to his proposal, Xander scoops her up in a kiss. He places a gorgeous diamond on her hand, from his diamond smuggling days – one he couldn’t let go. As they kiss, Dr. Raynor leaves Xander a message warning that Nicole is on to him.
sarah accepts xander's proposal at the bistro days of our lives

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