At Brookville Hospital, Nicole shows Brady the locket she was to put the baby’s photo in. She’s excited for car pools and says her parents never did that for her. She passes out and Brady asks her to stay with him. The doctor and a nurse arrive and kick Brady out of the room so they can examine her. They’ve got to get her stabilized and stop the contractions or they’ll lose the baby. Brady returns and thinks it’ll kill Nicole if she loses the baby. They tell him to call the father. Nicole writhes. “Please, save my baby. Please.” Nicole’s blood pressure is better and the doctor asks her to be calm. Nicole thinks he’s hiding something. The doctor hopes there is no damage to the placenta. Nicole has another contraction and screams. She yells for the nurse to call EJ. The nurse goes to Brady and tells him to call EJ, but he can’t get the phone number from the operator. He has to find Nicole’s cell phone. Nicole screams inside the room that she can’t stop the contractions and sobs when they keep coming. Later, Nicole dreams she is given her baby girl. She finds her beautiful and tells her daughter she loves her. The doctor leaves the room and tells Brady that Nicole’s fine, but the baby didn’t make it. Inside Nicole’s room, in a daze, Nicole thanks the nurse for saving her baby.

At the pub, Philip reads about Nick Fallon being charged with murder. Pete interrupts and asks if he’s looking to see if they’ve spelled his name correctly. Philip says they never do. Pete calls him a hero but Philip doesn’t feel like one.

Chelsea goes to Bo’s office to see Nick. “I’m sorry,” she says. She doesn’t think he’s the type to have done any of this but he is. He knows he scared Melanie but wanted to make him need her so he could take care of her. She didn’t know this and thinks it’s a good idea for him to go away so he can’t hurt anyone. Chelsea says he hasn’t hurt anyone and accuses him of giving up. He tells her that Melanie never wants to talk to him again, after what he did. “And I’m in love with her.” A crying Maggie interrupts and Chelsea leaves. He asks her to offer Melanie a place to stay. Nick wishes Melanie knew he didn’t mean to scare her. He just wanted to make her happy. Chelsea thinks if Melanie has time to think about it… Nick shakes his head. He saw himself in her eyes, as an animal. Chelsea says, “Nick, we all know you. That’s why we know it had to be the pills. That wasn’t you in the room.” Nick denies it. Melanie’s the only one who knows the truth. Nick asks her to take care of her grandmother, who isn’t a total lost cause, instead of him. The guard throws Chelsea out when Nick gets worked up. Chelsea is confused when Nick can’t stand up to hug her. They’ve taken his belt, he says.

Melanie finds out she has an hour to vacate her hotel room. She argues that she was told she could recuperate there, after she almost died falling off their balcony. She hangs up and sighs. She’s got an hour to find a job and a place to live. She applies for a job as an administrative assistant at Titan Enterprises.

At the townhouse, Marlena gives John an ultimatum. He has to get psychiatric help or he can’t see the children. John is worried about losing the only person he’s capable of caring for. Marlena refuses to discuss it further and asks him to see Dr. Kenneth Taylor, who was her thesis advisor. John is condescending but Marlena calls psychiatry a scientific field. Marlena already sent Dr. Taylor John’s files and gives him a card and tells him she won’t speak to him until he does this. John accuses her of trying to rule his life. She disagrees and tells him it’s over now. A knock comes to the door and Maggie arrives, crying and apologizes for bad timing but this is about Nick. John says he’ll go into the kitchen, get a cup of coffee and clean his gun. Marlena looks pointedly at John as he walks to the kitchen. Maggie explains Nick’s situation and that she’s afraid Nick will harm himself. Marlena assures Maggie that Bo and Roman will have Nick watched and given psychiatric treatment. Maggie is thankful and admits she feels as though this is her fault. Marlena thinks Maggie needs help, though she’s not the right person to help her. Maggie admits she doesn’t like Melanie, but Nick wants her to come live at her place. She cries that she knows she’s wrongly blaming the victim. Marlena thinks she could ask Melanie to move in, but make it temporary. This will make Nick happy and she won’t be stuck with Melanie. Maggie finds this helpful and leaves. Once she has gone, John agrees to see Dr. Taylor, but outside of a hospital. Once. Then he’ll take it from there. “This is not speed dating, John!” Marlena says if he does this just the one time, he’s out of her life.

The flight attendant asks EJ if he wants anything before they land. He doesn’t and suggests she not disturb his father - Stefano is upset that their plans in Argentina went awry and he doesn’t want the flight attendant to be a target of his anger. She notices how happy he is and EJ smiles. He’s glad for the change in plans because he’s happy to see his family!

Melanie arrives at the Brady pub to apply for the position and meets Philip. "Don’t you own Titan Enterprises? Why do you still work?” Philip tells her to take a seat and looks at her resume. He pokes fun at her resume and she gets up to leave. He stops her and knows she’s been through a terrible time. He hopes things get better, but he can’t give her a job. She brings up the night he lead her on in her room and angrily stomps off. Maggie bumps into her and offers her a place to stay until she finds whatever she’s looking for. Melanie is shocked. Maggie says there’s a condition. It’s temporary. Melanie knows she’s being nice, but it feels like she’s blaming her. Maggie thinks if they leave Nick’s name out of conversation, they can make it work. Melanie takes a key from Maggie. Chelsea bumps into Maggie on her way into the pub. She brings up Nick and thinks Melanie has no compassion. Melanie doesn’t give a damn about how Nick feels and reminds Chelsea of what he did to her. Melanie thinks Nick’s crazy and says Chelsea’s the training wheels to Nick’s first murder. Melanie doesn’t know where Chelsea has the right to be judgmental, and brings up Zach’s death. She’s tired of Chelsea’s accusations and grabs her and throws her against a table. Catfight!

EJ calls Nicole’s cell phone and leaves a message. “Where are you?” EJ calls the lodge and finds out Nicole left the lodge with a young man. EJ’s face falls.

Outside the room, Brady finds Nicole’s cell phone. He can call the father. The doctor thinks it’ll be easier on Nicole if he hears about the baby girl’s death from him. He goes in to see Nicole, and reluctantly tells her that her daughter didn’t make it. She sobs and when the nurse tells her she can have more babies, Nicole calls this a miracle baby but doesn’t think miracles happen twice. She sobs on Brady’s shoulder. When EJ calls, Nicole doesn’t answer the phone.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Somebody asks Rafe where he’s going. Rafe looks at a picture of EJ.

Brady says, "I'll talk to him if you want." Nicole yells, "No! You can't!"

Melanie says, "Somebody needed to put that dumb girl in her place." Phillip says, "Watch your mouth." Melanie asks, "You going to tell me what to say now? Save your CEO crap for somebody that cares!"

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