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At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna plays Uno with Daddy Sonny and Daddy Will until it’s time for her to go to school. She’s insecure about Will leaving again but he reassures her and they share a group hug before Will takes her to school.  wilson and ari play uno days of our lives

A guard brings Evan into Rafe’s office at SPD. Rafe takes out his gun and sets it on the desk. Evan thinks he’s threatening him and says Rafe’s not allowed to question him. Rafe says his arraignment is coming up. Evan’s glad but still won’t talk, even when Rafe tries to get in his face. In the interrogation room, Gina tries to get Justin to become her lawyer but he refuses. Shawn appears. Justin isn’t interested in becoming Gina’s lawyer. He goes and Shawn smiles. He shows her the results of her MRI and the microchip implanted in her head. This is the end of her, once they force Rolf to remove it. Gina doubts they’ll find Rolf. She calls Shawn “strangely repulsive.”
shawn snipes at gina days of our lives

At the prison infirmary, Ciara settles Ben’s nerves when he worries about his conviction being overturned. He has never had much support until he met her and is grateful to her for her positivity but says she needs to focus on her family. He kicks her out. Ciara feels guilty but there’s not much she can do. Ben suggests she be there for her mom anyway. Ciara supposes…She’s gone when Will turns up with a bag of treats for Ben. Ben thanks Will for being there during the execution. Will says that’s what friends do. He tells Ben about his newfound happiness and jokes that it’s better waking up to Ari’s sweet face instead of Ben’s ugly mug.ciara holds ben days of our lives

Chad sneaks up on Kate, letter opener in hand. She jumps. She didn’t hear him come in and asks what he’s doing. He plays with the letter opener and asks if anything exciting happened while he was gone. Kate shares John’s visit and that “the princess” told him to search there. She hopes it’s okay that she allowed him to search the grounds. Chad flashes to eavesdropping and then warning Stefano. He tells Kate that’s fine. She asks him to call the legal team and strategize on her case. Chad says they already assured him she wouldn’t spend one day in prison. She grabs the letter opener and tosses it, asking to celebrate. He picks it up when her back is turned. Meanwhile, John breaks into the gatehouse to find Marlena and growls, wondering where Doc is. He sees signs that they were there and Rolf appears. He gloats that Marlena and Stefano went off to start their new life. John grabs him and takes him to the main house just as Chad is about to harm Kate. John says Rolf doesn’t feel like sharing, so he’s taking him to the police station. Rolf glances at Chad toying with the letter opener and his eyes flash. Kate goes after them and Chad appears angry. He follows.john finds rolf days of our lives

Justin arrives home and updates Sonny on what’s up with Gina and Stevano and he says hopefully he and Kayla will stay together. He asks about what’s going on with him. Sonny says things couldn’t be better with Will home.justin happy for sonny days of our lives

Gina’s handcuffed to the bed at the hospital. She complains and when Shawn ignores her, she screams. He holds his bleeding ears and tells her to give it a rest. Ciara walks in, ears exploding. She hugs Shawn. Gina almost forgot Hope’s other child even existed and snipes that she’s aiding and abetting a serial killer. Ciara defends Ben and says now it’s time to help her. Gina snipes that Ciara needs a breath mint and treats her with disdain.gina hates ciara days of our lives

Rolf is cuffed to his chair in the interrogation room at SPD. Chad offers to talk to Rolf. Chad privately visits Rolf who tells him that Stefano and Marlena escaped just in time. Chad tells him to give SPD something. He says to restore Hope Brady. John interrupts and Chad updates John who is glad for the news but still angry not knowing where Doc is. He calls Shawn with the news and he and Ciara laugh in Gina’s face. In Rafe’s office, Rafe bellyaches about Evan and Kate admits alarm bells went off when she met him but she couldn’t dig up dirt on him. She wishes she would have come to him. The guard escorts Evan back. Arraignment is over. Kate taunts him about Will and Sonny being in love. She goes and Evan says the judge threw out his confession.

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