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From home, Kayla dreams that Stefano has told her Steve is dead. She wakes up and tells Justin about it. He thinks dreams are a window into the unconscious mind. Kayla assures that Steve is her past and Justin her future but Justin knows things are different now that they know Steve didn’t end their marriage voluntarily. Kayla claims she’s moved on and happy. The doorbell rings and Justin goes to let Jack in. Jack comments on his stitches but Justin’s fine. They commiserate over watching Steve be brainwashed and Jack asks how Justin’s dealing with what could change in his relationship. After Kayla leaves, the men continue to discuss Justin’s relationship. Justin would jump at the chance to be with Adrienne again and assumes Kayla would do the same, though she says she’s happy with him. Jack visit justin after his attack days of our lives

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At the hospital, Jennifer hugs Sarah who updates her and Jack on how optimistic they are after Mickey’s surgery. She says Eric’s napping with her now. They ask Sarah for the results of Hope’s MRI. She shows them the microchip. Considering its position, it’d require a skilled physician to remove. Kayla arrives. They discuss her kidnapping and how Steve was nothing like himself. Jenn knows she’ll get Steve back. John will find him. Kayla looks at Hope’s MRI scan. They can’t remove the chip and need to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Jenn can’t lose hope. She asks what will happen for her and Justin now that she knows the truth about Steve. Kayla can’t think of that and must focus on reversing Rolf’s handiwork. He needs to do the surgery or they could lose Hope forever.sarah, jenn, jack on computer days of our lives

John finds Princess Gina in the interrogation room at SPD. She’s happy to see him. He clutches his aching head and she worries. He begs for her help in finding Marlena and when she refuses he reminds her Stefano “groomed you, used you and threw you to the wolves.” He’s got Marlena. What does she have? Gina becomes bitter. He’s right! She decides to get even by helping John. He reveals all that happened at the warehouse and Gina says he will have returned to the DiMera mansion. John is sure Chad would turn him in but Gina says Chadwick loves his father and Stefano gave the impression that Chad was an integral part of his plan. Ultimately, he said Chad would side with La Famiglia. John goes to talk to Chad. Justin arrives at Gina’s behest. She wants a deal. Justin scoffs. She whines about being forced to get an MRI. Justin shrugs. They had a court order. Gina thinks if Justin wants to hang on to Kayla that he’ll ensure no operations are performed on her. Justin grins and says, “I have to go.”

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john asks gina for help finding stefano days of our lives

At the DiMera mansion, Kate tells Chad there’s no news about Marlena’s abduction yet. Chad flashes to stopping Marlena from leaving the gatehouse and Rolf injecting her with the chip while she sadly says, “Oh, they’ve gotten to you, too.” Kate worries. Chad knows she’ll go to prison and again offers to ensure she goes free if she hands over her DiMera stock. He’ll even bribe the judges. He hands her the documents to sign but she wants more and writes a figure down. “Deal,” he says. She signs. Meanwhile, in the gatehouse, Marlena rests comfortably on the bed. She calls to John which angers Stefano. When she wakes up, Stefano tells her she’s safe and she asks why Steve’s there. When he refers to himself as Stefano, she’s confused. He explains himself and tells her she was once there for him when he was thrown from a balcony and he wants to repay her. She vaguely remembers so Rolf gives Stefano a book of poems by John Keats to read to her. He starts with Ode on a Grecian Urn. Marlena finds it lovely though Stefano is still frustrated that Marlena’s not falling all over him. Privately, Rolf reminds him the chip can take days to work. Chad arrives with the good news that Kate signed over her shares. Stefano’s pleased. Now that they have her shares, she’s no longer of use to them. “You must eliminate her.” Chad asks, “You want me to kill Kate?” Stefano asks if that’s going to be a problem for him and reminds him La Famiglia comes first. Chad closes his eyes, reopens them and says he’ll do it now. John arrives to the mansion and spots Kate. He is surprised she’s moved in and tells her about seeing Gina and her idea that Stefano brought Marlena there. Kate only knows that Stefano came in and left Chad his ring. She allows him to explore the grounds. “If anything happens to my wife it’s on you,” he says. He finds his way to the gatehouse and starts to let himself in. Meanwhile, Chad returns to Kate and stalks her with a letter opener…Marlena's brainwashing worked days of our lives

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