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Lani and Eli finish making love in JJ’s bed at JJ’s apartment. It’s the best 24 hours they’ve had. Eli stops her from looking at an incoming text and goes under the covers…Later, Eli confesses 95% has forgiven her for lying to him this past year. She could have come to him and they could have nailed Gabi together. Lani was afraid for Julie. Eli says his mom lied to him about his dad his whole life so it’s hard for him to let that go. Lani starts a fun pillow fight, hopeful that it’ll help. Later, as Eli showers, she calls JJ and learns he’s staying in Africa. She’ll miss him but is sure Theo will be happy. He brings up Gabi going free. Lani’s not happy. Eli returns and she fills him in about JJ and about Gabi staying out of prison. Eli yells, “Gabi’s going to skate?!” He’ll kill her with his bare hands. Lani convinces him not to.

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eli lani pillow fight days of our lives

Julie wakes Gabi up at the hospital to tell her she will spend the rest of her life making sure Gabi will pay. Julie barks that she’s a sociopath and it’s a matter of time Arianna realizes her mother’s a monster. Gabi says to shut up. “Or what?” Julie challenges. She threatens to destroy Gabi if she hurts anyone she loves. Gabi never meant to hurt Eli, just Lani. She knows Eli’s a good man. Julie says they agree on one thing. Gabi confesses she loved him and it’s killing her that Eli hates her. Julie calls herself an idiot for falling for Gabi’s fake kindness. Gabi says it wasn’t completely an act. Sometimes she forgot she hated Julie. She was just so afraid of losing Eli – and Julie. Julie doesn’t believe her. Gabi enjoyed spending time with Julie. She comes from a big loving family and in Salem, it’s just her and Rafe. Julie says she’s blown it. Now she’ll be alone for the rest of her life.  julie sneaks in on gabi hospital days of our lives

At the DiMera mansion, Chad puts Stefano’s ring on after hearing his voice order him to. The disembodied voice says there’s so much to be done. “Don’t worry Father, I won’t let you down,” he says, robotically, as Kate enters, wondering who he’s talking to. He covers and she apologizes for lying to him about Stefano’s return. “That’s what you do. You can’t help yourself,” he says. She was doing what’s best for their family to secure their legacy. Kate’s shocked at his strange attitude. Chad asks if she believes Steve is Stefano. Kate’s skeptical. Chad believes. Kate says it doesn’t matter because the feds are closing in. Stefano’s voice says to tell her that’s never going to happen, so he does. Kate reminds him that Steve needs his children. Chad doesn’t care. He needs his father. Kate asks how Abigail will feel about that. Chad will convince her. Kate thinks he sounds like his father. Chad asks for her DiMera shares. She would prefer not to but agrees to consider it when he says he’ll keep her out of prison. She notes he’s wearing Stefano’s ring. He didn’t want it when she offered it. Chadis ready to step up. Kate finds it interesting how his priorities have changed. Chad says it’s like Stefano’s in his head, guiding him. Chad hears she was kicked out of the pub and offers to move her in. She calls Chad a prince. “You’ve had my back. Most of the time,” he says, then takes off. Kate brings her things in and mutters to Stefano’s portrait about Chad hearing his voice in his head. “What have you done to him?”

chad and kate at dimera mansion days of our lives

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Outside the warehouse, Rolf calls an unconscious John a foolish man to think he could take Stefano by surprise.

rolf admires his handiwork on unconscious john days of our lives

Inside the warehouse, Stevano takes Marlena by gunpoint and Justin whispers to Kayla that John should have been here by now. “Something’s gone wrong.” Justin pries Marlena from Stefano’s clutches and won’t move when Stefano points his gun at him. Kayla gets in between the men. She knows Steve’s in there fighting to get out and begs him to return to her. Stefano mocks her and Justin goes at him. The men struggle over the gun. Justin falls unconscious and Stefano takes Marlena outside where they run into Rolf with John. Marlena gasps. They leave without him. Back inside, Justin wakes up and Kayla fills him in on the microchip in Steve’s head. John comes stumbling in and doesn’t hold the door open. They’re locked in and poisonous gas starts seeping in.justin and stevano fight for gun days of our lives

Stefano, Rolf and Marlena arrive at the gatehouse. Rolf goes to prepare for the next step and Marlena says she won’t submit to him. Stefano says Dr. Rolf will perform a procedure and she’ll be his.

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Julie pounds on JJ’s door and Eli lets her in. She yells about what’s happening with Gabi. They complain to each other about it.

Chad arrives at the hospital and prepares to smother Gabi with a pillow after hearing his father tell him to eliminate her so he can have DiMera to himself.

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