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At the hospital, Kristen tells herself that Gabi’s right. She is no saint. She sees Haley’s photo and feels bad. She cries. Nearby, Nicole overhears Dr. Raynor say she couldn’t live with this secret. Nic questions Xander who shoots Raynor a nasty look. Nicole thinks they’re discussing Mackenzie and slaps Xander, telling him how stupid he is to harass the doctor who is about to save Mackenzie’s life. Xander tells her to mind her own business. He leaves. Raynor finds Kristen crying in the lounge. She talks about how Mackenzie means the world to her because she was born the same day as Rachel. Kristen thinks about what could have been. Feeling guilty, Raynor is about to spill the tea when Nicole walks in says there’s every reason to be optimistic about Mickey. Kristen goes and Nic brings up her discussion about a secret with Xander and knows that he uses people’s secrets against them. Raynor covers and goes. Nicole thinks she’s hiding something. Later, Nic finds Kristen and asks about how she knows Raynor. Nic looks surprised when Kristen says she was her OBGYN who delivered Rachel and was with her when she died.

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nicole suspicious dr raynor days of our lives

At Julie’s Place, Maggie whines that Victor bailed her out of prison when she feels she should be there. She doesn’t like that Victor took charge and is grateful Will is out of prison. Maggie says if she has to, she’ll fire Vic’s lawyer and do time. He’s acting like it was just a dumb mistake. She cries that she killed Adrienne, screwed up Will and Sonny’s life. She’s grateful she didn’t kill Sarah. Victor flashes to hiding the truth about Sarah’s dead baby and asks his wife to remember all of the wonderful things she has done. Maggie says it’s no compensation for what she did. They go around in circles about this until Xander appears. Maggie heads to the hospital so the men can discuss their secrets and lies. Xander tells Vic that Dr. Raynor is back. Victor can’t believe it. She took his money. “Has she no decency?” Victor wants Xandy to kill her but he’s done with all that. Victor mocks him and calls the woman a loose end. Xander goes and Maggie returns. She realized that Victor did everything for her out of love.

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Rafe arrives at the Kiriakis mansion looking for Evan. Sonny and Will explain what went down and tell Rafe that Ciara took Evan at gunpoint to Statesville. They search the mansion and when they don’t find her, Rafe heads to Statesville. Once he’s gone, Sonny again mentions how he picks the wrong guys such as Leo and Evan. Will tries to reassure Sonny.will, sonny tell rafe about crazy evan days of our lives

Ben’s given the lethal injection at Statesville and is having a hard time breathing as the alarms go off and the warden says there’s been a security breach. Ciara appears with Evan and demands they stop the execution because Christian Maddox killed Jordan, not Ben. The warden yells at her to stop this and asks the guard to turn off the alarm. Ciara demands Evan confess. She shoves his face up against the window and threatens that she’ll make sure David knows that his father was a sniveling killer. Evan yells, “No,” and tells the story of how he met Jordan in California. She didn’t tell him she was pregnant and he came to Salem to find his son. He found Jordan at the gatehouse and flashes to arguing with Jordan about whether or not Evan will be a real father to their son. Evan then flashes to strangling Jordan with a scarf she’d been wearing. She fell to the floor and he tells Ciara that he never meant to kill her. “It just happened.” Marlena and Ciara beg the warden to stop the execution. Warden Floyd says this doesn’t mean Ben is innocent but Marlena argues that it’s reasonable doubt. Floyd stops the execution. Evan turns to run and runs into Rafe’s gun. Evan’s hauled away and Rafe is angry with Ciara. She could have been killed. Ciara cries that she saved Ben and Rafe hugs her. He’s proud of her. Ciara tells Ben it’s over. He looks at her and then his body goes slack. His respiratory system is failing. His heart stops and he grabs a syringe and pumps Ben full of adrenaline as Ciara sobs. She’s let in the room and the doctor gets a heartbeat. She begs her beau to come back to her and Ben opens his eyes. “You saved me,” he says. They kiss.Rafe holds gun on evan days of our lives

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Xander returns to the hospital and finds Dr. Raynor and threatens her. Raynor can’t keep this secret so Xander takes out another check. Maybe that will help.  There’s one thing she doesn’t know about him. “I’m Tom Hanks compared to Victor Kiriakis.”

Back at SPD, Rafe sits Evan down in the interrogation room and says he’s not getting out of there for a long time. He needs to tell him where David is. Evan’s got nothing to say. He says David’s not Rafe’s son. Rafe knows but he also knows a lot about David. He wants to keep him safe but Evan says he is in very good hands.

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