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In Statesville, Ben calls Ciara who is relieved to hear his voice. He tells her it’s time to face reality since his life will end in a matter of hours. Ciara reports on her new DNA news about David’s father being at the scene of Jordan’s murder. She’s not giving up. He can see that. Ciara has a good feeling. He tries to be optimistic. They disconnect and Will tells Ben that Maggie turned herself in last night after remembering everything. Ben’s glad that Will is going to go free. “Is it weird to say that I’m almost going to miss you?” Will asks. He wishes it was happening for him and is positive it’ll happen for Ben. Ben asks him to help fill out his last meal request. He asks Will to look out for Ciara.ciara on call days of our lives

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At Rafe’s, Evan congratulates Rafe on his sister’s release. Rafe says Gabi has a way of getting herself out of trouble. He leafs through the mail and Evan flashes to crumpling up his background check issue. He lies that there was no other mail when Rafe mentions he’s waiting on paperwork for adopting David. Rafe will call if he doesn’t hear anything soon, making Evan look uneasy. He goes and Sonny arrives. He tells Evan that Will didn’t kill his mom. His aunt Maggie did. Evan’s shocked as Sonny tells him everything. The only reason he and Will are divorcing is that he thought Will killed his mom. He’s not sure what’ll happen next.  evan lies to rafe days of our lives

Xander arrives at the hospital. Sarah says the transplant can take place tomorrow. Xander confesses to letting Will go to prison to protect Maggie’s DUI. Sarah’s angry with him. He says he was trying to protect her. Sarah’s proud she took responsibility but is still pissed at him. Xander doesn’t think she’ll survive the guilt or prison. He admits he’d do this all over again. Sarah asks him to promise – no more lies. He does.

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At Justin’s, he mutters that he’s got the money as he waits for Stefano. A knock brings Maggie to the door. He reluctantly lets her in and she explains she just remembered everything and apologizes. She shattered his family and plans on pleading guilty. Justin thinks Victor’s lawyers will get her off. She says this is her choice. She’d like to apologize to Kayla but he barks that she’s not there and apologizes. She goes.justin angry with maggie days of our lives

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At the DiMera mansion, Chad tells Abigail on a call he hasn’t been sleeping. He’s been having crazy dreams. He tells her that his father kidnapped Kayla and he’s surprised Stefano hasn’t reached out to him. Meanwhile, Stefano eavesdrops from the secret door behind him and flashes to drugging a drink Chad drank. He closes the door when Gabi arrives. Chad’s shocked to see her. She gloats as she exclaims that she’s free and shares how it happened. Chad snarks that she must be proud of leveraging a child’s life. He calls her disgusting and orders her out. She’s not leaving. They argue and once Chad leaves, Stefano reveals himself and Gabi says, “If it isn’t Stevano.” Stefano’s impressed by the pacemaker app. He once installed an app in Vivian’s tooth to control her. Gabi says it’s a shame he didn’t make her jump off a cliff. She blames Vivian for Stefan’s death. Stefano’s sorry he didn’t get to meet him. He thinks his son had poor taste in women. Gabi tries to get Stefano to work with her and calls Chad weak. Kristen’s not even his biological daughter. Stefano yells at her to stop and threatens not to cross him before he goes. Chad returns and she fills him in on her visitor and tells him Stefano took off through the secret door. She goes and Chad opens the door and finds a letter from his dad, telling him the time has come when he must know and understand his plan. Enclosed is his ring. Chad looks baffled.stefano spies on chad days of our lives

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Ciara rushes into SPD. Rafe says his FBI contact is working on the DNA. He takes a call from Child Welfare about the adoption process hitting a snag and is puzzled when he’s told he was sent two letters about it. He flashes to Evan and has to deal with it now. He’ll have his FBI contact call her if there’s news. Later, the call comes in from Rafe’s FBI pal. After, Ciara calls Ben to tell him David’s father has a criminal record and changed his name.

Stefano arrives at Justin’s. Justin has his money but Stefano only gets it when he gets Kayla back. Stefano says things aren’t going to be that easy.

Maggie arrives at the hospital and asks for Sarah’s forgiveness.

Rafe interrupts Sonny and Evan at home. Sonny asks if Will’s getting out soon. Rafe will find out but needs to speak with Evan. Sonny goes and Rafe confronts Evan about the Child Welfare letters that he stole. Evan plays dumb and Rafe asks what he’s hiding. Evan denies hiding anything but Rafe says if that’s so, why did he change his name to Christian Maddox?

At home, Sonny’s shocked to see Will walk through the door.

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