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Eli arrives at JJ’s to talk to Lani. She thought he wanted space. Eli says his mother and grandmother let him know that Gabi was the sole person to blame for this mess. Eli admits he wanted to get over her and threw himself to convince himself he hated Lani but when he saw her, his feelings returned. He thought marrying Gabi would help him get over it but he doesn’t want to lose her again. He kisses her. He’s sorry he put her off. She’s sorry too. They make love.
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At SPD, Sarah pitches a fit upon hearing from Eric that the DA won’t let Gabi go free so she can donate bone marrow. “Either we convince the DA to change his mind or I go rip out Gabi’s bone marrow myself.” She grabs scissors and Eric takes them from her. They go.

At home, Justin calls Chad to fill him in on Stefano kidnapping Kayla. Chad hasn’t heard from his father but will call if he does. They disconnect when Stefano arrives. Immediately, Justin wants proof that Kayla’s alive. Stefano shows him a photo of her with today’s newspaper. Justin threatens that he’d better not harm her. Stefano calls her too useful. He wants ten million dollars from the Kiriakis clan. He can’t get the DiMera funds in Steve Johnson’s body. He says Steve was about to head home to his wife when Rolf intercepted him. If Justin does this, he can keep his happily ever after with Kayla. Justin’s not afraid of Steve. Stefano thinks he should be. She’ll never stop trying to get Steve back. Justin doesn’t think she should. Nobody deserves what’s happened to Steve. He tries to tell Steve to fight and remember who he was and who love him. Stefano claps and laughs. “That’s enough.” He orders Justin to get the cash and suggests he not call the cops. He goes.justin vs stefano days of our lives

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Chad sneaks into the interrogation room at SPD with a cupcake for Gabi. “We’re celebrating,” he says. The board unanimously voted to remove her as CEO of DiMera. He savors his words when he says, “You’re fired.” He gloats, reliving the moment she was arrested by her own brother. “It’s pure gold.” Gabi snorts that she’ll wipe this grin off of his face when she gets out. She reveals her plan and Chad assures that she’ll lose everything. Gabi’s done so before. She’ll get it back. Chad eats her cupcake as they argue about whether Shin will beg Chad or her to return.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie cries as Sonny overhears her say that Will didn’t kill Adrienne. Sonny demands answers. Maggie whispers that Will’s innocent. She caused the crash and killed his mother. Sonny’s confused. Maggie admits tonight, she regained her memory and recalls being on the side of the road after driving drunk. Sarah said the car that swerved was black. Will’s is grey. Sonny says it was dark. Maggie says Will only assumed he caused the crash. Sonny cries and wants to tell Will but Victor admits he knows and agreed to keep it secret. Sonny appears stunned. He realizes Victor knew Will was innocent before Maggie realized she killed Adrienne. Xander admits he found Maggie on the side of the road and they kept it quiet. Sonny blows up that Victor tore his marriage and life apart and did nothing. Xander tries to defend Vic but Sonny yells that they make him sick. How could she do this when she lost a son due to a drunk driver? Maggie screams in pain as Sonny thinks she’s lucky she didn’t kill her daughter and granddaughter too. Victor reminds Sonny it was an accident. Maybe it was, he says but what Victor and Xander did was wrong. Maggie says the lies end tonight. She loved Adrienne who was an inspiration to her and everyone who knew her. Maggie wishes it was her who died. She can’t make it up to him but will try. She’s sorry.

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At Julie’s Place, Sarah and Eric fill Abe in on Gabi using Mackenzie for leverage in getting off for her attempted murder charge. Abe spits, “She won’t donate her bone marrow unless charges are dropped? That’s reprehensible.” Abe would like to help but he doesn’t think he can let Gabi go unpunished. Sarah convinces him to talk to the DA, knowing Mickey’s life is more important.sarah grateful for abe's help days of our lives

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Sarah and Eric return to SPD. Sarah paces as Abe talks to DA Giddens. Abe appears looking glum. He goes to Gabi and tells her she deserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars. However, since Mickey’s life is at stake, she’s getting her “devil’s bargain.” Gabi looks relieved. She thanks Abe. He snarks that at least she’s lost Eli for good. Outside, Sarah hugs Eric, happily. Maggie and Xander appear. She tells Eric and Sarah she’s turning herself into the police.

Justin arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and Sonny asks him to sit down. There’s something he needs to tell him…

Chad arrives home and places Stefano’s old portrait on the wall. He wonders why he didn’t turn himself in. He takes a drink and leaves the room and Stefano appears and flashes to putting something in Chad’s drink. He’s not about to give up now. Not when he’s close to getting what he wants.

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