In Marlena’s townhouse, John tells the killer to step aside, and maybe he’ll let the man live. Marlena begs John not to shoot but John cocks his gun. Marlena struggles with the killer and a gunshot rings out. Marlena goes down as the killer runs off, with John right behind him. John loses him and returns to Marlena, angry.

At the pub, Maggie tells Hope that it was devastating to tell Jessica and Joshua Fallon that their son Nick was arrested for murder. She cries and blames herself for not taking better care of their son. Chelsea asks Bo if Nick can get off easy, but Bo says his behavior after the murder makes things worse. Chelsea wants to visit Nick, but he needs psychiatric help, so she has to wait. Bo says Nick was once obsessed with her, but Chelsea denies it. She says they had a relationship. Talk turns to Kate and Bo asks Chelsea to join in the celebration of Kate’s release from University Hospital. Maggie goes off to stop by Mickey’s office to check on Nick’s defense.

Brady shows up at the pub to Chloe and Lucas’ table. Chloe asks Brady to join them, much to Lucas’ chagrin and Lucas brings up Brady being clean for a year. In a jealous display, Lucas brings up buying the house for him and Chloe. Chloe tells Brady that Kate’s going to arrive for a celebration because she’s being released from the hospital today. “She has cancer.” Brady’s shocked and apologetic toward Lucas. He gets up and takes a call from Nicole, and she tells him that EJ’s on a plane to Argentina and there’s something wrong with the baby. He agrees to go get her and after he leaves, Chloe accuses Lucas of being jealous. They laugh as he admits it, but Chloe calls Brady her past and Lucas her future. They kiss.

Kate is thrilled to get out of the hospital, but Daniel tells her he can’t let her go unless she agrees to cut back on her work load. She refuses until after the holidays. She has to go to Ibiza. Daniel says she could compromise her immune system and they argue. She yells and refuses to listen to reason, so Daniel stops her with a hard kiss. She kisses him back and when they break away, he realizes he has to back off. He respects that she needs to live life to the fullest, and Kate agrees to take care of herself but she will travel and spend time with her family. She wants her time spent with family, friends and him.

On the DiMera jet, EJ tries to make sense of the boring and confusing documents and asks why Stefano hired him and if things are on the up and up. Stefano thinks he should have inquired about ethics before he took the job. They discuss how Nicole cares for EJ for who he is. The most important things are that he’s loyal and a good father, unlike how things were with Sami. Stefano thinks that’s why it’s important to go to South America, to go over his assets – for the kid’s sake. EJ says as long as he’s not required to do anything unsavory, he’ll do anything for his family. Stefano brings up EJ’s feelings for Sami. He’s not sure if Nicole’s good enough for EJ. No father thinks any woman’s good enough for his son. EJ says Nicole’s having his baby. “Samantha is my past. Nicole, our child, that is my future, got it?” When EJ refuses to toast with alcohol, Stefano realizes that his abstaining means he truly cares for Nicole.

Brady shows up to the lodge and tells an upset Nicole that they need to get to the hospital. She wants to rest, but Brady pressures her to get to the car. He picks her up and they notice blood on the sofa. Nicole sobs and begs Brady not to let anything happen to her baby.

Bo and Hope arrive at the townhouse to dust for prints and discuss the killer who got away. Marlena and John argue and Bo asks why John was there. “Oh I was selling Girl Scout cookies and rang the doorbell.” Bo asks him not to be so sarcastic, so John tells Bo what really happened. Bo is glad John didn’t kill him, because then they’d have a dead perp and no word on who he’s working for! John finds Bo is wasting his time and thinks Salem PD is inept. Bo puts a guard outside Marlena’s door, which doesn’t calm John’s nerves. After Hope and Bo leave, Marlena chastises John for using his gun without even knowing if the babies were in the house. John is going out of his way to help her and her daughter but Marlena thinks he is taking it too far and needs help. She gives him an ultimatum. If he doesn’t get help, he’s out of her and her family’s life!

Outside Marlena’s townhouse, Bo and Hope are distressed that they haven’t found the killer. Hope doesn’t think Bo has been eating properly and wants to take him home for lunch. Sexual innuendos are abundant and they take off for home.

Daniel and Kate arrive at the pub to welcoming hugs from Chelsea and Lucas. Chloe welcomes her home. Kate wishes she could have seen Allie, but Daniel says she had a cold, and glares at her. Kate wants to see her tomorrow, on her way to work, but Lucas raises an eyebrow. “Work?” Kate’s kidding. Daniel goes to get more drinks and Lucas ushers Chloe after him, so he can urge Kate not to go back to work so soon.

At the bar, Daniel apologizes to Chelsea for what happened to Nick. Chelsea says it’s ironic. She broke Nick’s heart to be with Daniel and Daniel did the same thing to her! Daniel thought they were past this but Chelsea spits out, “Apparently not!” She storms off.

Later, Daniel and Chloe wind up outside. Chloe calls Chelsea a drama queen, saying she has a history of that herself. Daniel had no idea, but Chloe points out that he doesn’t know her well, though they’re practically family. She goes back inside.

Kate is happy that Chelsea came to her celebration and Chelsea apologizes to her grandmother. She thinks she’s a great person and respects her. Kate feels the same. She knows Chelsea has difficulty forgiving people but Kate says she doesn’t want her to continue with her anger, and blames others because life is too short.

Nicole and Brady arrive at the hospital in Brookville, where Nicole is examined. When asked, she tells Brady why she was up at the lodge, for a romantic weekend, when EJ got called away on business. When the baby’s heartbeat becomes erratic, she screams and asks if she’s losing her baby. The doctor shows up and tells her there are major issues with the baby and says the fetus isn’t viable outside the womb right now. He asks Brady to calm Nicole down and Nicole tells Brady that Chloe’s going to have a baby shower for her. She takes out a locket and tells Brady she was going to put the baby’s first photo in it. She can’t wait for car pools and lessons. She starts to get dizzy and passes out. The doctor rushes back.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Melanie sits at her laptop and thinks that she’s got an hour to find a place to live and a way to pay for it.

Nick tells Maggie, "She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have any family. She doesn't have any money." Chelsea thinks she has Max, but Nick disagrees.
"You don't know the things that he said about her. She can't trust him."

Nicole screams in pain and the doctor tells Brady, "I suggest you get in touch with the father."

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