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From JJ’s, Lani calls JJ to thank him for letting her stay at his place. She’s sorry about his grandfather. Abe arrives and they disconnect. Abe asks to make a donation to the convent and then says, “Oh that’s right. You aren’t really a nun. You’ve been lying to me about it for over a year.” Lani’s apologetic. He can forgive everything she has done but she never came to him for help. Lani’s just happy the truth is out so she can move on. Abe asks if it’ll be with Eli. Lani doesn’t think so. Abe’s confused but Lani explains how Eli hated her for a year for what she did. Abe wants to talk to Eli but Lani talks him out of it. Eli needs time to think. They embrace and he’ll let her know if Gabi takes the plea deal being offered or not. He makes her promise to come to him if she is ever in trouble again.

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abe angry with daughter days of our lives

At Julie’s Place, Val thanks Eli for letting her stay at his place. He’s sullen and talks about Gabi making a fool of him. He doesn’t understand how he could have missed the signs. He’s a detective! Val calls him proud, not stupid. Val doesn’t think he should blame himself but Eli knows Gabi. How did he not see this coming? Val asks if he and Lani will be together. He doesn’t think that’s possible. Julie pokes her head in and asks why not. She doesn’t remember Eli booking a pity party at her restaurant and tells him to snap out of it. “You’re finally free of that she-devil Gabi.” Eli reminds her that she treated Lani like crap. Julie and Val agree they all did but now they know the truth. That Lani loves him so much, she didn’t want Gabi to hurt him. Eli reminds the women that he loved Gabi for a year. Julie doesn’t think it’s real since Gabi lied. She says not to stop him from being with Lani a moment more. Val agrees. Later, Eli’s gone and Abe arrives. He tells them Gabi rejected a plea and wants to go on trial. Val and Julie are incredulous. Abe thinks she’s up to something.val and julie drink days of our lives

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At SPD, Gabi lays it out for Sarah and Eric. She’ll donate the bone marrow for Mackenzie if they find a way for her to stay out of prison. Sarah yells that it’s blackmail. Gabi shrugs. She can call it what she will but she can save her child and herself. Eric reminds her of her wrongdoings and Gabi regrets giving Julie Stefan’s heart. Sarah goes after Gabi but Eric pulls her back as she seethes that she wants to wring Gabi’s scrawny neck and take all the bone marrow she needs. Gabi gets it. She’s a mother too. She’ll do whatever it takes to save Mackenzie after they get her out of there. Eric calls her out of control but Gabi argues that Mackenzie’s death will be on the DA’s head if he doesn’t let her go. They leave and Eric talks to the DA. When he returns, he tells Sarah that the DA wouldn’t consider letting Gabi go so she could donate bone marrow.gabi wants immunity days of our lives

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tears up as she informs Victor and Xander that she finally remembers that she drove drunk the night Adrienne died. She yells at Xander for lying to her. Victor lies that she was passed out at home but Maggie silences him. She’s asking Xander. Xander gives the same lie. Maggie begs for the truth, knowing Xander was searching for Sarah on the road when he found her. Maggie asks if she caused her daughter’s accident. Victor blames Will and then Maggie remembers Xander calling Victor and telling him to come and get her. Xander turns away and Victor acts innocent and indignant. She realizes they both knew and kept the truth from her. They maintain that Will is the one who caused the accident but Maggie wonders if Will doesn’t know. He’s always said he didn’t remember. Maggie screams at them to be honest. She sobs and realizes she killed Adrienne. maggie with crabby victor days of our lives

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Sonny drops by Rafe’s to talk to Evan about Gabi. Evan heard about the charges. Sonny calls Gabi a complicated person. He hates what she did. She plans on pleading guilty. With Will locked up, he’ll be the only parent with Ari. Evan shows Sonny a memory book that he and Rafe are creating for David about his mother. He suggests Sonny do one about Gabi for Ari. Sonny realizes just how much Evan loves David. Evan asks if he got an answer from Will on him filing the divorce papers. Sonny relays that they took everything from the cell when Ben went on the run but that Will plans on filing soon. Evan can’t wait. Sonny’s grateful for how patient he’s been. They kiss and Sonny goes. Evan pulls out and reads a second letter to Rafe asking him to contact them immediately about the issue with the background check on Evan Frears. Evan looks worried and calls someone to tell them he’s in trouble and needs their help.evan and sonny kiss days of our lives

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Lani visits Eli at his place.

Back at the mansion, Victor finally admits it’s true that Maggie killed Adrienne and Will knows. He’s agreed to keep quiet. Xander explains he’s protecting her. Vic says nobody needs to know she really killed Adrienne, just as Sonny arrives.

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