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In front of Gabi Chic, Eli and Gabi exchange their vows and rings. Julie is about to pronounce Eli and Gabi husband and wife when Lani appears and shouts, “Don’t you say another word!” Lani tells Eli she’s sorry but she can’t let him marry her. Eli hisses he doesn’t need her permission. Rafe attempts to run interference and Gabi warns, “You don’t want to do this, Lani.” Julie puts her two cents in, but Lani informs Gabi, “It’s over, Bitch.” Abe asks his daughter what’s going on. Lani strips off the nun habit to reveal a sexy black dress and tells Gabi the only vow she ever took was to make her pay for her sins. Eli warns her to get to the point – what’s she accusing Gabi of? He remarks on Lani’s penchant for stopping his weddings. Lani explains there was only one reason they didn’t get married – it was Gabi. She forced her to do what she did in a most cruel way. Julie jumps in to defend Gabi. Abigail shakes her head as Julie says she’s come to love Gabi like family after misjudging her and hollers that she plans to finish what she started. Lani begs Eli not to do this. Eli asks what Gabi did to stop her from marrying him. Lani reveals, “She threatened to kill Julie.” Julie says that’s ridiculous. Lani goes on that she left town because the threat remained, but Gabi marrying Eli was taking it too far. Lani gasps with emotion as she declares to Eli that she would never have left him after what they’d gone through with their son. Eli reminds her Gabi saved Julie’s life. JJ prompts Lani, who explains Gabi has an app on her phone that controls Julie’s pacemaker. “She threatened your grandmother’s life to make me stop our wedding, Eli.” Eli snaps at Gabi, “Is this true?” Gabi bellows, “Of course not!” She questions what kind of sane person goes off and joins a convent with Kristen DiMera and pleads with Eli to make her go away. Gabi insists Lani’s lying about everything but JJ states, “No she’s not.” He reveals that Lani came to him for help – he didn’t believe it until he saw the app on Gabi’s phone. Suddenly, everyone wants to see Gabi’s phone so she grabs it from her handbag. Julie decides it’s the truth and thinks she was an idiot to believe Gabi could ever change. She intones, “Lani’s right, it’s all over.” Gabi feels she saved Eli from Lani – he deserved better. She admits she has an app connected to Julie’s pacemaker. Julie screams insults at Gabi and calls her a brown-eyed, black-haired monster. Gabi screams, “Shut up,” and zaps her pacemaker. Julie goes down but rallies and challenges Gabi to do it. She rants and calls Gabi names until she zaps her again. Rafe intervenes and asks his sister, “What are you doing?!”
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny leaves Gabi a message letting her know that Ari’s feeling better and wishing her a lifetime of happiness. He disconnects and reads Victor’s romantic Valentine’s Day card for Maggie. On his tablet, Sonny reads that Ben’s still at large and thinks of Will. He flashes to their last Valentine’s Day when Will balked at going ice skating and he convinced him by promising not to let him fall. Sonny views some photos from the outing and takes out his red journal. Suddenly, Evan arrives. He’s nervous and has a red rose for Sonny. Evan assumes he doesn’t want company and is thinking about Will today. Sonny concedes it’s been a really weird day and shows him the journal. He can’t show Will the letters as the prison’s on lockdown. Sonny wonders why Will hasn’t returned the divorce papers, then thanks Evan for listening. Once alone, Sonny writes to Will to explain he stopped writing letters after what happened to his mom, but he didn’t stop loving him…and doesn’t know if he ever will.
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In prison, Will thinks of Sonny and flashes to their last Valentine’s Day together. They were excited about a trip to Costa Rica Sonny had booked for them. He writes to Sonny in his red journal as he recalls them teasing each other after ice skating as Sonny fell on his behind after attempting a double-axel and has a bruised ego. Will continues to jot things in his journal and flashes to covering Sonny with a blanket after sharing hot chocolate. Will tells him he’s courageous and fantastic to bolster his ego. They kiss. The next memory has Will opening Sonny’s gift – a typewriter and protesting it’s too much. Will gifts Sonny with the matching red journals so they can write each other a year’s worth of love letters and exchange them next Valentine’s Day. Will holds a photo of Sonny and looks pensive.

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