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At the DiMera house, Abigail bemoans the bags under her eyes. Chad calls her beautiful and gifts her a necklace. They kiss and wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. In the gatehouse, Ciara wants Ben to stick around but he says they need to say goodbye. She will have no life without him but he knows she’s tough – she took on her family for him.ben hiding out days of our lives

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From the hospital, Julie calls Gabi. The surgery went well and she’ll be released soon. Unfortunately, Doug can’t be there. There’s a situation with Hope. Gabi heard and is sorry. They disconnect and Gabi grins, seeing the new pacemaker is showing up on her app. She takes out Stefan’s photo and misses their honesty. She cries about forcing Lani on her knees and to beg for his heart. She thought it’d make her feel better but it didn’t. She cries and tells Stefan’s photo that she couldn’t stand that Lani and Eli were happy so she came up with the blackmail scheme. She asks if he’s heard that saying, “What goes around comes around?” She says Julie was so grateful and now they care about each other. She wishes she could get rid of the app but if she does, Eli will hate her and she’ll lose Arianna and go to prison.  Back downstairs, security calls Chad. There’s a light on in the gatehouse. Chad has to check on it. Abby rolls her eyes. Chad thinks Harold’s being paranoid. Abs will meet him at the wedding. Later, Rafe turns up. He sees Stefan’s photo and knows she’s been thinking of him. Gabi thought they’d spend their life together. They hug. Rafe thinks his sister has grown up – she’s no longer tricking people into marrying her. Gabi agrees, then takes off her wedding ring on a necklace and puts it, along with Stefan’s picture away.gabi hugs rafe days of our lives

At the square, JJ’s thoughts are on almost proposing to Haley. Eli’s sorry. JJ’s fine. He now accepts that her death was accidental. Eli mentions Kristen getting an invitation. JJ will stay away from her. He goes to pick up Julie.

From JJ’s, Lani leaves a message for Kristen to call. She knows what has to be done tonight and takes a bag and goes.

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Brady arrives at Salem Inn to invite Kristen to Gabi and Eli’s wedding. She thinks he looks great in a monkey suit. She can’t go because it’d betray Lani. Brady realizes Lani must still love Eli. Brady has a present for her. A heart for her charm bracelet. They wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day and they talk about Rachel. Brady convinces her to attend the wedding. Once she’s dressed, he unzips her and kisses her neck. They make love.brady in tux days of our lives

Chad turns up at the gatehouse and runs into Ben. He wants to call the cops but Ciara says Ben’s innocent. Ben denies that. He killed three people. Ciara defends him and reminds Chad that his wife has done some terrible things and he forgave her. She convinces him to keep quiet. He’ll give them until tomorrow. He can’t believe he’s doing this. He goes and Ben tells Ciara she can’t keep putting her life on hold for him. She wants to. She also wants to make love to him. Ben says his love is all he got her for Valentine’s Day. That’s all Ciara wants. They kiss.

A disguised Lani hides in the square nearby as Abe appears. Eli says Abe’s been like a father to him. He asks him to stay at the wedding. That means a lot to Abe. Val shows up. She embraces her son and Abe and Val catch up. Later, Eli sits on a bench in the park and flashes to Lani dumping him, while Lani watches nearby.

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At the square, Julie arrives and hugs Eli. She loves him. The wedding begins and Rafe walks Gabi down the aisle. Julie begins the ceremony and asks who gives the bride away. Rafe stands and says, “No one tells my sister what to do. She makes her own choices.” He grins and Julie goes on to ask if anyone has anything to say about this union. If so they should speak now or forever hold their peace. Nobody says anything. Julie goes on. They say their vows and JJ can’t find the rings. Eventually, he does and Gabi places the ring on Eli’s finger, stating, “With this ring, I thee wed.” Eli does the same and Julie’s about to pronounce them husband and wife when Lani pops up in a nun’s habit, sneering. “Don’t you dare.”
eli and Gabi's wedding crashed days of our lives

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