As Nicole reads the paper at the manse, EJ asks if she’s ready for her surprise. She is, and has a kinky surprise for him. He’s intrigued. She says it involves handcuffs. “Only not on me.” She shows him Nick’s photo in the paper and that he was found to be Trent’s murderer. She’s off the hook! EJ is thrilled, and kisses her, knowing his surprise is all the sweeter. He warms her up with lingering kisses and teases her. She hopes for a new car or credit card with no limit, but he pulls out a medium sized box, instead. She finds a scroll and reads. "Your bag has been packed for romance and sin, go upstairs and your journey will begin! Elvis, Jr., what are you up to,” she asks. He is taking her away for a romantic weekend and says he can’t get enough of her. She wonders if the day could get any better. He’s taking her to a cabin. Stefano watches from the doorway while Nicole goes to get her bags. EJ asks how long he has been there. “Long enough to have my spirits lifted!” Stefano says it’s a shame he has to postpone his plans. Stefano says their limo is waiting outside. Nicole runs in, happy that EJ packed sexy lingerie, and massage oil. She sees Stefano and stops talking. Stefano lets her know what’s up and EJ asks him to excuse them. He takes Nicole into the foyer and tells her the weekend of romance is delayed a little. He gives her directions to the lodge and a confirmation number. He’ll meet her later. They kiss and he tells her he wants this to be the most memorable weekend.

At the safe house, Sami reads the paper and is shocked to find that Nick is Trent’s murderer. She tells Rafe, who says she should be happy that her son’s not living with a murderer after all. Sami complains that Stefano still lives there and she’s tired of living in a hamster cage. She rants and raves. Rafe asks where she’d go, in her condition; if she found out she could get out. She has no clue, and rants more, then tells him she needs air. She begs for fresh air, but Rafe refuses. She’s unhappy that he gets to look outside when she can’t. “Nobody’s trying to kill me,” he blasts her. A phone call comes and she’s upset that the killer has still not been found. Rafe tells her they may never find the killer. She cries that they could be there forever. Rafe tells her she’ll be fine and it’s all about attitude. “You can whine like a baby, or make the best of things.” He reminds her of why she’s there, once again, but it makes Sami act even more childish. She complains that all he watches is 'stupid, boring, lame football'. She asks to watch something she enjoys, so he tells her to be his guest. He puts on his earphones to give her peace and she goes to him and begs for sunshine and fresh air. She asks if he can think of a way, but he ignores her. Her theory is that the killer has disappeared, but Rafe knows better. The killer will never quit. Sami understands she’d be putting her family in danger as well, if she goes out now. Two seconds later, Sami asks for a glimpse of sunlight, so Rafe finally relents and opens the drapery for her. She’s thrilled at seeing the sun and the blue sky, and then notices a nearby church.

John meets Steve at the docks. Steve’s meeting with somebody who can identify Marino’s killer. John tells him to hurry, before he strikes again.

The killer rummages through Marlena’s townhouse and takes a call from somebody, saying he won’t leave until he finds out. When Marlena arrives, he hides. Marlena takes a call from John, who says he’s with his bounty hunter. She asks how things are with Brady, but he has no time for that. There’s a killer on the loose. Meanwhile, the killer gently takes the fireplace poker in his hand. Marlena worries about Sami, while the killer stalks her. He grabs her and pushes her up against a wall and demands to know where her daughter is - or she’s dead! Marlena doesn’t know where she is. “She was scared and left town. I don’t know where she is.” He tells her that Sami can ID him, and Marlena kicks him hard. He falls to the floor, and she quickly calls John. He picks up, from outside the pub still and as she says hello, the killer cuts the phone cord and wraps it around his hands. He asks again for Sami’s exact location but John quietly enters the room with a gun. The killer dashes around Marlena and holds the cord around her neck. John takes aim.

Kayla finds Steve working at the pub. He can’t show her his work and closes his laptop. He explains he’s doing basic PI work for John Black and has to keep it under wraps. Kayla is surprised as Steve tells her he’s tracking Marino’s killer. He doesn’t need her freaking out about this now and reminds her that this is his job. Kayla worries and Steve apologizes but he doesn’t want her to second-guess his choices. Kayla worries about the consequences. Kayla calls John strange and full of problems. She doesn’t want Steve working with him and calls him a loose cannon. Steve recalls that people used to say that about him. Bottom line is, John’s heart is in the right place, Steve says. She admits she overreacts because she has lost him before. They profess their love for each other and Steve snuggles in close. Kayla kisses him and she asks what he knows. He opens his notes and shows her a police sketch as described by Sami.

Nicole arrives at the lodge with the bellboy, who explains all the amenities. Nicole tips him and he leaves. She tells her baby that it has an incredible daddy, and then unpacks sexy lingerie. After she spies strawberries with chocolate and whipped cream, she sees a note from EJ, telling her she and the baby mean everything to him.

EJ calls Nicole just to ensure she arrived safely. The reception is bad, he says and after he leaves a message, he yells at Stefano that he’s leaving. Stefano says his priorities are screwed up. He convinces EJ to stay. EJ wants to know what this is about and is confounded when Stefano says he’ll fill him in on the flight to Argentina! EJ demands to know what’s in Argentina. Stefano will only tell him that when his kids are older, he’ll be happy to know where his assets are hidden. Stefano asks him not to be petulant and EJ finally agrees to go. He needs to talk to Nicole first, to let her know he won’t be going to the lodge. EJ tries to call her back but Stefano rushes him out the door. Meanwhile, Nicole unpacks, and doubles over in pain with more cramps.

A scantily clad Nicole eats strawberries covered in chocolate while she wonders where EJ is. He calls and she asks if he’s lost. He explains he tried to call. She tells him the cabin’s secluded and he’ll love it. He explains that he can’t make it due to the business trip. Nicole asks if he can’t go next week, but EJ says he took on a lot of responsibility for them and their future. He wishes he could cancel, but he can’t. He promises he’ll make it up to her and she says she’ll head home. The phone dies before Nicole can tell him she loves him. She suddenly starts cramping.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Hope says, "What he needs most is psychiatric help." Chelsea disagrees. "He's not crazy." We then see Nick with tears in his eyes.

Nicole cries to Brady on the phone that she needs his help right away. Brady says, "I'll be there, okay?

Kate says, "I'm being released. That's a good thing." Daniel tells her, "I can't let you go."

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