Gabi hires Chris to get a new pacemaker days of our lives
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Wired, Lani paces as JJ arrives with his tux for the wedding. Lani rants that Eli is really going to marry Gabi, and calls her a few nasty names, working herself up into a frenzy. JJ says she’s torturing herself for no reason. The wedding isn’t going to happen. Lani knows Gabi will already be getting a new pacemaker ready. She apologizes for dumping her misery on him. He smiles. She was there for him. He’d be in an Italian prison if it wasn’t for her. JJ goes and Lani flashes to Eli proposing to her. She prays that the doctors can get the pacemaker out of Julie safely and that Gabi will pay for the horrible things she has done.lani gets comfort jj days of our lives

Eli visits Julie in the hospital. She’s waiting to get her new pacemaker. Doug grins as Julie excitedly talks about officiating his wedding to Gabi. Eli shares that they can’t find Kayla. The cardiologist will do the surgery if Kayla doesn’t appear. Julie worries since the wedding is today. Eli leaves them alone.

At the DiMera house, Gabi’s happy when Chris (played by Chaz Kao) hands over the new pacemaker device for Julie’s pacemaker that she can still control with the app on her phone. Gabi calls it a perfect wedding gift to control Lani. Gabi reminds Chris this has to be their secret when Chad and Abigail stroll in. Chad questions what the secret is and Gabi snipes that nobody knocks anymore. Abby reminds her they live there. “Oh I thought you moved to the back yard,” Gabi snaps. She lies that Chris is her jeweler. She bought a watch for Eli. Chad wants to see it but she refuses. Chad needs to talk to her but Gabi gripes that she’s too busy. Arianna’s sick so Sonny can’t attend the wedding and she needs to get ready. Chad blurts that Stefano’s back. He tells her about how Stefano is using Steve’s body and she laughs, finding it ridiculous. She has no time for this. “I have to go check on the cartoon mice and see if they’re done making my dress.” Abby’s concerned Stefano will go after Gabi. Chad tells her about Hope being turned into Princess Gina and she rolls her eyes. “Is that why you were asking who my jeweler was. You thought it was your great Aunt Poopsie DiMera?” She thinks they need to get a room at Bayview. Abby and Gabi exchange barbs and Abby takes off.Chad and Abby confront Gabi days of our lives

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At SPD, Shawn leaves a message for Ciara to stay away from Ben who has escaped prison. He also tells her to call. “It’s about mom.” Rafe drags Princess Gina in and she reacts haughtily to Shawn and demands “Raphael” takes off her manacles. Rafe cuffs her to a chair and she demands a lawyer. Rafe ignores her and leaves. Shawn worries to Rafe about Ciara being missing and Rafe fills Shawn in on Kate being arrested and arraigned. Shawn’s frustrated and wants to focus on getting his mom back. Rafe says Gina told him that Hope is gone permanently. Shawn won’t believe that. He needs to find Rolf. Shawn wants to take Gina to the hospital for a brain scan but Rafe says they need a court order for that and he can’t keep her much longer. Shawn goes to Gina and tries to get Hope to hear him. He reminds her of sailing around the world together and the storm they got caught in. Gina’s eyes tear up as he reminisces. He calls Gina delusional and no match for his mother. Gina calls his speech sweet. Tears run down her face as she tells him he’s wrong. All the sincerity cannot bring his mother back. Shawn later calls Kayla to get back to him.shawn, rafe arrest gina days of our lives

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At some warehouse, Kayla’s got “Steve” laid out and she changes the dressing on his gunshot wound. She needs to head back to work but he can’t let her leave. Kayla snorts. He’s never ordered her around before. “Steve” says they both must have done so during their marriage. Kayla denies that. Stefano calls her Sweetness a few times and she yells that he can take that word out of his vocabulary. She reminds him he dumped her and was cruel to her. He shattered her. “Steve” apologizes but shrugs and tells her people grow apart. Kayla’s disgusted with him. “Steve” apologizes again and says he’s worried Stefano is going to target those he loves. He tries to convince Kayla that Stefano is much closer than she thinks. Kay goes to call Justin and Stefano flashes to deleting Roman’s message. Kayla can’t find her phone and Stefano grins and says he thinks she left it in her office.kayla cares for "Steve" days of our lives

Back at the hospital, JJ runs into Chris. He recognizes him. They introduce themselves and Chris says he works for a medical device company. He toddles off and Eli appears and hands over the rings. Later, Rafe visits Julie and Doug to tell them about Hope being turned into Gina.
Rafe tells Julie, Doug that Gina is back days of our livesOn the next Days of our Lives:

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