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In the prison yard, Ben acts as a lookout as Clyde cuts the fence with wire cutters. An alarm sounds. Clyde calls it a bed check alarm. They need to get out of there – now. Ben pants. Clyde lets Ben out first and the guard appears. Clyde rushes him and the man’s gun goes off. Clyde knocks the guard out and finds Ben’s been shot in the leg. He ties off his leg and shoves Ben through the opening in the fence. He grabs the guard’s gun and tells Ben to go. “I’m staying.” Two guards appear and Clyde drops his gun. A guard cuffs him and he mumbles, “You go son. Be free.”

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At home, Ciara paces and looks outside as she flashes to Clyde calling her to ask for her help in saving his son’s life. He tells her it’s going down tonight, after dark and needs someone on the outside he can trust – her. She asks why he can’t trust his goons. He says this is too sensitive. She paces as she flashes back. She leaves a message for her mom to call her because she has a decision to make and doesn’t know what to do. Ciara on a call at the square days of our lives

At the square, Abigail and Chad discuss the portrait of Steve. Since they can’t get a hold of Hope, they’ll contact Rafe. Abigail calls SPD but has no luck. He says Rafe and Hope are both out of town. Chad wants to show her Stefano’s hideout. He knows where it is since Rafe showed him. They head over.

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In the hotel in Prague, Rafe reels over Kate telling him that Steve is Stefano and Hope is Princess Gina. She lies that she hasn’t been working with them but Rafe can see she kept their secret for them. Kate stammers that none of that matters now. She’s there to help. Before she left Salem, she performed “a little switcheroo.” She tells him all about Hattie taking Marlena’s place with Stefano in order to stall so they can save John from Gina. She flashes to partnering with Stefano before they go off to find Marlena. Later, they find Marlena’s hotel room empty. Rafe finds an address. They rush out. Meanwhile, before Hope can stab John in the dungeon, Marlena appears in the door and tells “that bitch” to step away from him. Gina swears she’ll kill John if Marlena comes closer. She puts the letter opener to his neck as he passes out. He comes to and calls for Doc. They profess their love and he falls unconscious again. Gina asks how she got there. Marlena says she has friends who came through for her. Gina wouldn’t know anything about friends. Gina threatens to kill Marlena but Marlena knows John will go to the ends of the earth to pay Gina back. Marlena suggests she take her as a hostage. What if Gina’s caught? “You could trade me for your freedom,” Marlena states. Later, Kate and Rafe wind up in the dungeon and find John alone.

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In Salem at the loft, Hattie reveals herself to Stefano after she pulls away from kissing him. She can’t do this to Roman. Stefano’s shocked he was duped and yells at Hattie. She thought he was supposed to be an evil supergenius. “It took you a while to figure it out,” she says. Stefano thinks she’s proud of taking advantage of him. Hattie shrugs. Marlena never would have fallen for his words, “especially the sexy parts.” Stefano asks who she’s in cahoots with. He thinks for a moment and realizes Kate put her up to this. Hattie admits Kate wanted to put an end to this masquerade since she’s a decent person. Stefano scoffs at that. Hattie says Marlena went looking for John. She assumes they’ll go straight to the police and tell all. Stefano will go to jail. Stefano denies that’ll happen and tells her to enjoy this moment because “you just signed your own death warrant.”

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Abby and Chad break into Gina’s loft where they find “Steve” strangling Hattie. They rush in and pull “Steve” off of her. Hattie can barely speak but croaks to Abby and Chad that she’s Hattie and that isn’t Steve. Stefano says, “Let go, my son,” and Chad falls into shock. He lets go and Stefano admits he’s Chad’s father. Chad has to turn Stefano in for attempting to murder Hattie. Stefano calls her “inconsequential.” He wants to get rid of Gabi and reclaim DiMera Enterprises for themselves. Abigail steps in and calls her Chad’s family. She calls Stefano a liar who only cares about himself. Chad agrees. Since Chad won’t let him go, Stefano pulls out a gun. Abigail doubts he’d shoot his own son. Stefano says maybe not but he wouldn’t mind shooting her. Hattie hides behind Gina’s chair and calls Stefano a monster. Stefano yells about Abigail murdering Andre and having sex with his other son EJ. Stefano backs out and Chad goes after him. They struggle and the gun goes off.stefano strangles hattie days of our lives

Ben wanders through the woods and comes upon a bright light. It’s Ciara on Bo’s old motorbike. He breathes, “Hi,” to her and she grins. ciara help ben escape days of our lives

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