Eli, Gabi, JJ, Julie pacemaker talk Days of our Lives
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At Julie’s place, JJ listens as Julie tells Eli and Gabi they should get married there. She’s thrilled to officiate and that JJ’s the best man. JJ flashes to his revealing conversation with Lani about Gabi, then smiles as he tells Gabi he’s looking forward to her getting everything she deserves. Julie updates the group about an issue with her pacemaker’s battery. Gabi’s stunned to learn she’ll be getting a new one. Julie senses she’s upset and assures her she’ll be fine. As Julie complains about Lani and gushes about Gabi, JJ says he has to go. Gabi wants to follow him, but Eli insists they sample cake. When Julie and Eli step away, Gabi calls someone to ensure she’ll have complete control over the new pacemaker.

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In her apartment, Lani leaves Theo a phone message stressing the urgency of him figuring out the app. Kristen arrives to check if there’s been any progress. They gossip about the rock Eli put on Gabi’s finger and Lani fumes that this wedding cannot happen. Kristen promises it won’t – they just need a plan. Lani doesn’t feel so alone now and thanks Kristen for her help. Kristen shares that she and Brady may be getting back together – he wasn’t really with Nicole. Kristen’s certain Lani will get back on track too. Lani warns Eli’s planning to marry Gabi next week. Kristen will do whatever it takes to help bring down Gabi. She tells Lani soon they’ll both be happy. Later, JJ arrives with huge news for Lani – Julie has to have her pacemaker replaced. Lani’s ecstatic, but JJ warns Gabi knows about the procedure and will be plotting her next move.
Lani and JJ talk Days of our Lives

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In the square, Brady flashes to kissing Kristen and smiles. Maggie appears and thanks him for getting tested as a donor. Brady wishes he could do more. Talk turns to Kristen, and Brady admits things have changed between them since going to Rachel’s grave to say goodbye. Brady references moving forward, and Maggie becomes emotional about getting drunk the night Sarah gave birth. She was so upset at they idea of losing one daughter, she wasn’t there for the other. Brady tries to soothe her – putting herself to bed was better than getting behind the wheel. Maggie mentions Victor – she’ll never understand why he did what he did to Brady, but knows he loves him. She still has hope for them. Later, Brady sees Kristen, who worries about pushing too hard. Brady suggests a low-key bagel date in the morning. Kristen happily agrees.
Brady runs into Maggie Days of our Lives

In Brady’s Pub, Eric loves Nicole and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She’s not sure she can forgive herself, but Eric reassures her. They kiss and Nicole asks if he’d like to go upstairs. Eric wants to go home…to their apartment.

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In bed at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander asks if Sarah’s sure if this is what she wants. Sarah doesn’t love Eric, she loves him. He kisses her and tells her she’s perfect – he’s dreamt of this moment for so long. They go back to kissing until Mickey screams. Sarah brings the baby in – she had a nightmare – and talks about Xander being so good at calming them down. Xander recites a nursey rhyme to Mickey as Sarah laughs, this probably isn’t the romantic evening he’d hoped for. Xander states this is all he’s ever wanted. They bring the baby into bed between them as Sarah feels protective. Xander promises Mickey will make it – he’s asked everyone he could think of to get tested, even Brady and Kristen. Sarah’s uneasy – they’ve been through so much. Xander discourages her from reliving the night they lost their baby. Sarah exclaims it could have so easily been the other way around. After taking Mickey to her room, Sarah returns. She and Xander giggle at finding a stuffed hedgehog under the sheets. Xander lets Sarah know he’ll always be there for them. She loves him so much. They start kiss passionately. After making love, Sarah feels secure, and Xander assures her he doesn’t make promises he can’t keep.
Xander, Sarah and Mickey in bed Days of our Lives

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In the apartment, Eric and Nicole discuss Mackenzie. Nicole remarks that Xander came roaring in there insisting Brady get tested. Eric isn’t surprised – he really does care about the baby. Nicole still thinks it’s strange – he focused on Tate too. Eric stops her. “Why are we talking about Xander?” They head to the bedroom where they express their love and undress while kissing hungrily then fall onto the bed to make love.
Eric, Nicole in bed Days of our Lives

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