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In prison, Justin tells Ben he’ll contact a judge today to try to postpone the execution date. Ben appreciates any time he can buy him but is rocked to hear that Victor convinced Ciara that he didn’t send Ben to prison. Ciara is positive they had nothing to do with Jordan’s murder. Ben worries and ponders what innocent man they sent to prison. Justin vows to get Ben out of there. Will appears. He tells Justin he hasn’t given him the divorce papers to file yet because he wants to be sure he’s not making a mistake.

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In the square, Evan and Sonny want alone time and start kissing until Ciara appears and asks, “What the hell are you doing?” Sonny asks what’s wrong. She apologizes, not used to seeing him with someone else. Introductions are made and Ciara says she’s heard good things about Evan. When Ben calls, she toddles off to take his call. Ciara tells Ben she’s on her way there as Justin turns up and overhears Sonny telling Evan that it’ll take time for people to get used to seeing them together. Justin is surprised. Evan gives them a moment and Sonny learns that Will hasn’t filed divorce papers – he’s dragging his feet.evan and sonny run into ciara days of our lives

In Kristen’s room at Salem Inn, Brady explains to Kristen that he and Nicole faked a relationship. Kristen is confused. Brady says when she caught him kissing Nicole it was just a New Year’s Eve kiss. And later, Nicole wanted to lash out at her so they kept up a ruse. Nicole eventually wanted to tell the truth. She felt bad but Kristen was vengeful so Brady refused to let her admit the truth. He wanted to keep her at arm’s length. Kristen’s pissed and slaps him. Brady reminds her she pretended to be Nicole to get him into bed. Kristen stammers. He has a point. Why did he come clean now? Brady saw her vulnerability at Rachel’s grave. Kristen asks if they have a future. Brady says nothing and Kristen assumes he’s not interested because of what happened with Haley and the child. Brady says no. She’s not to blame. They can’t understand how the baby took such a turn. She was fine when she was born. Brady knows but they need to move forward. They hold hands and Brady asks to do that together. They kiss. All she’s ever wanted was another chance with him.

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kristen and brady make up days of our lives

In the pub, Eric’s stunned to hear that Nicole and Brady aren’t together. Nicole explains why she and Brady pretended to be involved. She’s sorry she hurt him. Eric says because of that, he felt stabbed in the heart and did something he probably shouldn’t have. He tells her he kissed Sarah, seeking comfort. He’s glad they stopped. He calls Nicole his anchor, his life and his home. He can’t imagine spending any part of it without her. He wants to work things out. Nicole’s shocked. Eric understands she was afraid to lose him which is why she kept Mickey from him. He wishes she’d have trusted the love they have. Nicole regrets her actions. Eric says he forgives her. They kiss and embrace and make out some more. Nicole and eric make up days of our lives

At the Kiriakis mansion in her room, Sarah professes her love to Xander. He asks her to repeat herself and she does. He’s so taken aback, he’s silent. Sarah couldn’t go through with sex with Eric because of Xander. He makes her laugh. He’s her rock. She wouldn’t be able to hold her daughter in her arms if not for him. Xander says she gives him too much credit. Sarah calls him a great guy but he argues that he’s not. She knows he’s not perfect and neither is she. She shoots her mouth off without thinking and regrets it. Xander still finds her perfect and can’t believe she’s into him.
Sarah, “I’m not just into you, you big oaf. I love you, Xander Cook.”
Xander, “I prefer Kiriakis.”
Sarah, “Oh my God, whatever. Just kiss me.” They kiss. Later, they kiss in bed.sarah and xander kissing days of our lives

At Statesville, Ciara tells Ben that she believes Victor and Xander didn’t send him to prison. Ben then asks who the innocent man was that they sent to prison. Will appears and gives her permission to tell. Ciara fills Ben in on Adrienne’s accident and how Will is innocent. Ben’s thrilled for Will and hides his pain at his own issue. He asks why Will hasn’t told the authorities. Ciara says he’s protecting Maggie. She hopes Will figures things out soon because she’s sorry but she saw Sonny kissing Evan. Ben urges Will to come clean. Will can’t hurt Maggie. He goes and Ciara and Ben struggle with tears. Ciara’s sorry for letting Ben down, chasing the wrong lead. Ben loves her more if possible. She sobs that she loves him too. There has to be something they missed. She hopes they have enough time. Later, in his cell, Will fantasizes that Sonny came to him to visit and that they made up and kissed. Later, Justin has called. Ben’s execution date is in three weeks by lethal injection. Ciara sobs in Ben’s arms.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Evan and Sonny wonder why Will hasn’t filed divorce papers. Evan goes through the mail and sees that Rafe got a letter from child welfare. He wonders if there’s a problem. Sonny reassures it’s probably red tape. He goes to get a drink and Evan opens the letter and learns it’s about him. He crumples the paper and sticks it in his pocket, “Damnit. Rafe can’t see this.” When Sonny returns, they head to Evan’s room for sex.sonny and evan in a tense moment days of our lives

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