Melanie flies over the balcony of the hotel, screaming and holding on for life. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Philip watch in horror, below, as Bo grabs Melanie’s arm and pulls her in, promising she’ll be alright. Hope makes a call for backup while training her gun on Nick. She tells him to back away from Melanie and Bo, but he’s too concerned with Melanie’s safety. Philip notices a fire escape and starts climbing. Hope leaves Nick for one moment and he grabs his drugs and heads to the door. She arrests him for the murder of Trent Robbins. Philip grabs Melanie, just in time, and Stephanie yells that the cops are there.

Inside the room, Hope asks if Nick understands his rights. His only concern is Melanie, who they say is going to be fine.

Nicole bumps into Brady at the gym. He wonders if it’s okay for her to workout while pregnant. Nicole says, “Healthy body, healthy baby.” He says they’re both on the same path, abstaining from those things that are bad for them. Suddenly, Nicole starts to feel pain in her abdomen. She says the baby kicked and it always surprises her. Brady hopes she and EJ will dine with him sometime, because he’s staying in Salem permanently. Nicole wonders if she should care, but feels bad being so honest. She wishes him the best and asks if he is staying for John. He’s not. Brady appreciates that she tried to help with John and Nicole says she’s trying to do good deeds. Brady thinks she’ll be a great mom. Nicole knows that EJ’s going to be good to her and their baby. Brady gives her his cell phone number and lets her know he’s there for her if she needs anything, including support for her abstinence.

At the manse, Stefano is happy when he finds out that Nicole was released from jail. Stefano has research to do on the future DiMera heir and wants the child’s gender and name. EJ tells him that they’ve decided not to learn the sex of the baby just yet so he can’t help him. Stefano won’t stand for that. He needs his grandchild’s name on some documents. EJ reads them and becomes upset. Stefano likes Nicole a lot but knows she has a past. EJ is angry that Stefano has asked for visitation in the event of an estrangement. Stefano argues that EJ’s not thinking with his head. EJ yells that this doesn’t need to be taken care of and his hand won’t be forced. Stefano yells that if EJ wants him out of his life, he’s gone. That’s not what EJ wants. “I know that you’re motivated by love.” Stefano accuses EJ of not being motivated by love, and EJ points out Stefano’s track record. “Why do your children keep you at arm’s length,” he asks. Stefano booms, “Because they’re ingrates!” Stefano is trying to work on these relationships. Stefano wants to tell the chef to get a family dinner prepared so they can all dine together. EJ tells him they’ve got plans for Chez Rouge, but Stefano doesn’t listen. EJ realizes that Stefano will use this time to get Nicole on his good side. He mocks him, making Stefano laugh. Stefano offers EJ the reins of the family business to form his own legacy for his own kids. “I want you to be my true heir.” EJ refuses, so Stefano tells him he’s on his own. "The party is over. No more free ride.” Stefano points out that he and his family have been living in the lap of luxury, to which EJ retorts, “I didn’t know it came with strings attached.” He shakes Stefano’s hand, causing Stefano great happiness. “A very wise choice, my son.”

Abe finishes a speech at a press conference at the Brady pub and Donna Farrell bumps into Lexi. She runs the support group for Autism and wonders why they haven’t seen her at group in a while. Lexi has been busy and wanted to spend the extra time with Theo. Donna understands completely. Abe shows up and Lexi finds out that Donna also helps with Abe’s campaign. Lexi’s face falls. Chelsea interrupts and gives Lexi a “Redbook” with a good Autism article in it. She goes off to see her grandmother while Abe asks how she thinks the conference went. Lexi thinks it went well and starts wondering how Donna does it. She has four children – one of which has Autism, and she’s so busy. Lexi can’t get through the day with just one kid. She shows Abe her itinerary for tomorrow and asks how she’s supposed to do it all. Abe feels for her, and reminds her how important her job is. Lexi feels incompetent with Theo, and is envious of Chelsea. Abe thinks she’s a terrific mother. Nearby, Chelsea takes a call from Stephanie, who tells her she needs to come to the police station right away, so Chelsea leaves the pub. Later, Lexi cries as she reads an Autism article and as Abe talks with Donna about the campaign. Abe returns to her and Lexi shares her thoughts on the article. She has felt so sorry for herself, but the women in the article are noble and getting out there, making a difference. Lexi sniffs as Donna drops by and asks if she’d like to join the environmental task force. Lexi hasn’t thought of it, but then suddenly perks up. She’d love to do it! Donna is thankful. Lexi says she’ll be at the support group for the Autistic children next time there is a meeting, as well!

At the station, Nick figures Bo and Hope can have him plead manslaughter and get the sentence reduced. He feels terrible about Trent and after Willow, he didn’t think anyone would understand what happened. They ask why he tortured Melanie with the calls, and he says he needed her near him. She wanted to leave town. Bo tells him Melanie lied about wanting to marry Nick. “You let her think she killed her father.” Nick responds by saying that Melanie could have killed him anyway. Hope and Bo are incredulous. Nick claims to have tried to save her and begs Hope, his family, for help. Hope tells him of course she’ll help him. “But justice has to be served.” He makes his one call to Maggie, while Hope looks on, sadly. Bo apologizes to Fancy Face for this being his first act as Police Commissioner.

Outside the office, Stephanie can’t believe they could have been so wrong. They hug, and Max shows up. Nick hasn’t been the same since Willow died,” he says, and Chelsea comes in behind him. She faults herself. Crying, she blames herself, but Max tells her something pushed him over the edge. Melanie walks in and everyone becomes quiet. Stephanie tells Max she’s fine and she thanks Philip. He hugs her and apologizes for what she went through. Stephanie and Chelsea blame Melanie for Nick having to go to jail for the rest of his life. Max yells at them while Melanie tells them that Nick tortured her. Chelsea says she has lied to the police and obstructed justice, while Stephanie tells Melanie that she lied to him and ruined his whole life.

Maggie rushes into the police station and into Bo’s office, taking Nick in a big hug. Hope realizes that Nick used his one call to call Maggie and not his lawyer.

Nicole and EJ arrive back at the mansion’s great room while Stefano tells her what he and Elvis have been discussing. “Elvis has agreed to immerse himself in the family business.” Nicole is surprised and EJ apologizes for not telling her. Nicole doesn’t object to it. Stefano is happy and calls her a fine young woman. They toast to EJ’s future. Stefano leaves them alone and they start kissing. EJ tells Nicole he’s got a surprise for her and they take things upstairs.

Back at the pub, Abe receives a call. He later tells Lexi that Bo and Hope have Trent Robbins’ killer and it’s Nick Fallon. Lexi stares, in shock.

Nick apologizes to Maggie, at the station, and Maggie knew he was drinking and taking the pain pills. She should have been there for him. Maggie asks Hope if Nick will be convicted. Maggie sobs as Bo tells her Nick will definitely go to prison. “No, no, no,” she repeats, horrified. Nick’s mug shots are taken and Maggie says for him to hang in there. Uncle Mickey’s on his way. Nick walks by Melanie and tells her he loves her. He apologizes to Max for hurting her and leaves, as Melanie cries. Chelsea calls Melanie pathetic, because she can’t tell him she’s sorry, too. Melanie asks Max if he’s mad at her as well. “Please say you’re not," she cries, and Max hugs her close. Chelsea and Stephanie cry as Nick is led away by Hope and Maggie.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nicole reads a note from EJ, "Your bag has been packed for romance and sin, go upstairs and your journey will begin! Elvis, Jr., what are you up to,” she asks. EJ grins at her.

Steve tells John that they’re meeting somebody who thinks he can identify the mayor’s killer. John says, "We'd better do it soon, before he strikes again!” Then, we see Marlena…

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