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In the hospital, Xander fumes at Victor that Mickey will die if she doesn’t get a bone marrow transplant and they both know they’re testing the wrong parents! Victor insists they’ll take the secret to their graves and warns him to stop caterwauling. Elsewhere, Eric and Sarah wait for test results. Sarah’s counting on Eric’s connection with the big guy upstairs to come through. Later, Maggie arrives and learns that neither of them is a match. Maggie isn’t sure if Summer’s even alive, but vows they’ll find a donor to save her. Maggie takes the bad news to Victor and Xander, who agrees to go with her to be tested. In a waiting area, Eric exits to get the car and Xander spots Sarah and Mickey. He’s heard the news and is so sorry. They embrace. Xander relays he’s about to get tested. Sarah feels helpless and Xander reminds her, “You have me.” He’ll move heaven and earth to help find a match. After getting tested, Xander rejoins Victor and warns he wants to protect Maggie but will do whatever necessary to save that little girl.
Maggie gets bad news from Sarah and Eric Days of our Lives

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In a dark room, Stevano tells someone by phone that it took all his restraint not to shoot John and asks if John made it through the night. He’s thrilled it’s time for him to reunite with Marlena. He opens a sliding door into Gina’s loft where Marlena’s tied to the throne. She’s relieved to see ‘Steve’ and rants about Hope being Princess Gina, concerned that Gina will be looking for John. Stevano confirms they found Stefano. Marlena’s frustrated he won’t say more. He finally recounts that Stefano overpowered him, and John went after Stefano. Marlena wants him to take her to John. Stevano says he can’t – Stefano killed him. Marlena sobs. ‘Steve’ relays his final request was for him to take care of her. He holds her as she wails.
Stevano hugs Marlena Days of our Lives

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In Prague, Gina finds John hanging, cuffed and unconscious, in a dingy room and strokes his cheek. “My love.” As he starts to come to, Gina bangs on the door hollering, “Let me out!” for show. John tells her that Steve is dead. Gina assures him they’ll avenge Steve’s death together – they have to get out of there first. John tells ‘Hope’ if she hadn’t shown up, he’d be a goner. He’s concerned about Stefano going after Marlena and asks why she isn’t in Salem protecting his wife. She frees John and explains she had to come to tell him something important. She breaks down describing how Stefano came to take Marlena, determined to make her his. John rails – he has to find her! Gina says they can’t – Marlena fought, and Stefano said either she went with him or she would die. She sobs that Marlena spit in his face and…she’s dead. John’s knees give out. Gina rubs his shoulders and back, “I’m so sorry.”
Gina looks at John cuffed Days of our Lives

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In the DiMera gatehouse, Chad alerts Abigail that he has a message from his father. It’s full of praise for Chad and even raves about him fighting for the woman he loves, despite having had issues with Abigail in the past. Abigail thinks it sounds sincere and worries they shouldn’t move out after all. Chad won’t stay living under the same roof as Gabi – they’re not uprooting their plans due to one text. Abigail’s keen to start renovating which makes Chad smile. She unearths a painting and Chad’s stunned to see a Stefano-esque portrait of Steve Johnson.
Chad and Abigail discuss moving Days of our Lives

At Eric’s place, Nicole has summoned Brady to discuss Kristen. She knows the plan was to keep Kristen away from Brady, but she and Eric had a ‘moment’ and she thought they might have a chance. Brady realizes Kristen ruined it by dropping the bombshell about them being together. Nicole thinks Eric hates her again. Brady feels he’ll come around, but Nicole’s less certain. Talk turns to Brady and Kristen’s visit to the baby’s grave. Nicole knows how it feels. Brady thinks it was cathartic. He wants to end the charade and come clean with Eric. Xander arrives and relays Eric and Sarah weren’t matches for Mickey. Brady and Nicole offer to get tested. Xander asks that Tate be tested as well. Brady balks – he’s a little boy. Xander gets heated and Brady demands to know why he’s pushing so hard.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah informs Eric that Xander’s still living there – she asked him to stay and he loves Mickey so much, she can use all the love and support she can get right now. Eric’s agreeable. They take Mickey upstairs where Sarah hints about Eric spending time with Nicole. Eric admits he thought about it, but she jumped back into bed with Brady. Sarah’s sympathetic and offers a hug. After, she says she’s there if he needs her. Eric goes in for a kiss and Sarah kisses him back.
Sarah and Eric kiss Day of our Lives

In the hospital, Maggie joins Victor after being tested and gets emotional about slipping last Mother’s Day. Victor assures her she’s always been and always been the most beautiful person inside and out, that he’s ever known.

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