Stevano confronted by John Days of our Lives
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In the Salem PD interrogation room, Shawn informs Rafe he believes they’re dealing with Princess Gina. She’s dead, but Shawn believes Hope’s been brainwashed into believing she’s Gina again. They go over her smoking, wanting John, and having a tiara. Shawn points out she didn’t even notice him earlier, then didn’t ask about her granddaughter. They realize Stefano’s behind it and Rafe recalls Rolf being in town. He wants to confront Gina head on, but Shawn warns she won’t go down without a fight and is a cold-blooded killer. Rafe counters they can’t let her run around armed and dangerous. In her office, Gina’s joined by Kate, who demands to know what she and Stefano are up to and threatens to tell Marlena who they really are. Gina relays that John and ‘Steve’ are in Prague searching for Stefano. Kate sniffs about the wild goose chase, then asks what Gina plans to do to Marlena. Stefano won’t allow Gina to harm Marlena – he wants to win her love. Kate presumes Gina wants John. Gina feels their romantic history just needs to be reignited. She describes the plan to lead John and Marlena to believe each other is dead. Kate won’t let it happen. Gina pulls a gun and reminds her if she exposes their plan, she won’t get what Stefano promised her and would be charged as an accessory. She adds Kate’s friends won’t be able to save her if she throws them under the bus. Later, alone, Gina lights a cigarette and muses, “I knew Katherine would eventually see it my way.” Rafe and Shawn enter the office after, where her cigarette’s still burning. They presume she left in a hurry.
Rafe and Shawn discuss how to proceed Days of our Lives

At the hospital, Marlena tells Kayla that John’s in Prague – he and Steve are trying to find Stefano. Kayla hopes their mission is successful, and reveals she has no expectations where Steve’s concerned – he made it clear he’s moved on with another woman. Marlena explains there is no other woman – he told John he said that to push her away. Kayla’s unconvinced – it felt real. Marlena asks if there were no other woman, would it change things for her? Kayla has moved on and is very lucky. Marlena agrees, he’s even luckier. Kayla gets called away and thanks Marlena for giving her the truth.
Kayla and Marlena discuss Steve Days of our Lives

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At Kristen’s suite, Chad tells her he wants every detail of her meeting with Stefano. She flashes to Stevano saying he’s her father and not Steve Johnson. Kristen muses, “It was a revealing encounter.” Chad’s surprised to hear she almost didn’t recognize Stefano. Kristen recalls him convincing her and reflects that she missed him holding her. Chad questions him leaving. Kristen presumes he was disappointed she wouldn’t part with her shares. Chad’s deflated he wouldn’t meet with him in person and asks how he looked. Kristen says, “Better than I expected.” Chad feels she’s leaving something out, but Kristen denies it. Chad wants to work together against Gabi and stage a coup. Kristen insists she has to keep her stock neutral until she proves herself to Brady, and thinks Father may surprise them in the meantime.
Chad questions Kristen Days of our Lives

In Prague, Anna rants insults about Stefano until Stevano hollers at her to shut the hell up. Tony’s outraged and John asks ‘Steve’ what’s gotten into him. Tony joins the fray as Stevano rages about the ‘insufferable woman’ and Anna questions why Steve is upset when he hates Stefano too. John agrees – what are they missing? Stevano complains about the disrespect Anna has for her father-in-law. Anna reiterates he’s a monster; she’ll never forgive him. Stevano calls Anna a pain in the ass and recalls her bullet grazing him when she tried to shoot Stefano. John raises his eyebrow as ‘Steve’ remarks that the Phoenix always rises from the ashes and admits he admires him. John concedes he’s a survivor. Stevano wants Anna out of the way and John cringes as he calls her a ‘big mouth’ and ‘unhinged’. Tony and Anna don’t get an apology, so leave, wishing John luck. John asks Stevano, “What the hell has gotten into you?” Stevano grouches more about Anna. John thinks he’s being harsh. Stevano announces he has to go alone to see his contacts and leaves John discomfited. John goes to a suite where he roots through a bag and finds something. Stevano enters. John turns and levels, “What are you doing with Stefano’s ring?”
John eyebrow raised at Stevano Days of our Lives

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Marlena arrives home to find ‘Hope’ there. Marlena says she got her message and asks if something’s happened. Gina says, “No. But it’s about to.”

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At the Brady Pub, Chad updates Kate on his conversation with Kristen – he sensed she wasn’t telling him the whole truth about Stefano.

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