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Present Day

At the prison, Will reels from learning he didn’t kill Adrienne and gasps, “It wasn’t me.” Ciara supposes he was right behind Maggie, and Adrienne swerved to avoid her. He learns Xander and Victor overheard him talking to JJ and allowed him to take the fall. She won’t let her grandfather get away with it. Will can’t believe Maggie would go along with this. Ciara explains she has no memory of that night. “She’s going to be so devastated.” Will states the guilt is worse than prison, and questions whether the truth should come out. Ciara argues that Maggie wouldn’t want Will, Sonny and Arianna to pay for her crime. He’s sorry that Ciara spent all this time hoping to clear Ben. She’ll still clear Ben but is happy he’ll be reunited with Sonny. Will asks about Victor. Ciara says he may never forgive her, but she’s doing the right thing. Will urges her to let Xander and Victor believe she’s keeping the secret for now. Ciara will give Will time to think but wants him to stop Sonny from filing the divorce papers.
Will emotional about the truth Days of our Lives

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In the hospital, Victor vows to Xander that Ciara loves Maggie and will protect her. Xander’s relieved she doesn’t know about the baby switch and hopes the OB/GYN is still on a beach somewhere. Victor mutters, “If she knows what’s good for her.” They reflect on how shattered Maggie and Sarah would be if the truth came out. Vic feels bad for Brady. They recall paying to have the baby’s bracelets switched and Vic grumps about Xander making him oust Brady as CEO. Xander feels he earned it due to his loyalty. Talk turns to Mickey and Vic notes she’s Brady and Kristen’s. Xander is adamant that Sarah must never know that. Elsewhere, Sarah reassures Maggie about not being here for her when Mickey was born. She’s just glad she was safe at home and no one else was hurt. They reflect on Will and his guilt. Sarah feels it must be worse than any prison sentence. Talk turns to Xander. Maggie asks how she feels about him loving her. She can’t go there right now and worries what happens if she and Eric aren’t a match. Maggie reminds her how strong she is as Sarah admits she’s scared. Maggie vows she won’t let her down again. They embrace. After, Maggie enters Victor’s hospital room as he tells Xander, “We have to protect Maggie.” Victor covers and Maggie relays that Mickey needs a bone marrow transplant as the chemo wasn’t successful. Xander and Victor exchange a look as she hopes one of her parents will be a match.
Maggie embraces Sarah Days of our Lives

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In the pub, Nicole wants to take care of Eric, and urges him to put down the baby and eat his sandwich. He does, then Nicole offers to watch Mackenzie at his place while he rejoins Sarah for the test results. Eric’s reluctant, but Nicole wants to make amends, so he takes her up on her offer.
Nicole smiles at Eric Days of our Lives

At Basic Black, Kristen and Brady recall the day they lost their daughter. Kristen knows they can never get her back, but she will always be in their hearts – they’ll always be her parents, together. Kristen remembers being taken to the police station and Brady relays the hospital asked him for the baby’s name for the paperwork – Kristen had chosen his mother’s name, Isabella, so he went with Rachel Isabella. They embrace and cry. Brady asks if Kristen’s visited the grave. She didn’t think she could handle it. He’ll go with her. Kristen’s moved.
Kristen bonds with Brady Days of our Lives

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At Rafe’s place, Sonny arrives to see Evan and informs him he and Will signed divorce papers. Evan asks if he’s okay. Sonny says, “No. Not at all.” He still loves Will but could never get past what he did to his mother. Sonny tells Evan he’s helped him see he has a future beyond Will. They kiss. Sonny says filing the papers are a formality and assures Evan his marriage is over. They kiss again. Evan leads him to the bedroom.Sonny Evan kiss Days of our Lives

In the square, Kristen and Brady have flowers and Kristen shares how she imagined their daughter’s christening. Eric and Nicole approach and the baby cries. Brady tells Kristen, “This is Mickey.” They agree she’s beautiful. Eric mentions her medical situation. Kristen would never want them to go through what she and Brady did. Nicole snaps at her, but Eric knows what she meant. Kristen explains they’re visiting their daughter’s grave and reveals to Eric that Nicole and Brady are a couple. Nicole wants to explain, but Eric says it’s her business and decides he’ll keep the baby with him.

Eric joins Sarah at the hospital. She tells him Maggie still feels guilty about getting drunk and missing Mickey’s birth. Eric wasn’t there either but has forgiven Sarah. She asks, “What about Nicole?” Eric’s only concerned with saving their daughter’s life.

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At the baby’s gravesite, Kristen and Brady hold hands and Kristen tearfully reflects on the life they’d have had if she’d lived. Brady holds Kristen.
Brady Kristen at gravesite Days of our Lives

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