Justin is told Adrienne has died on Days of our Lives
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Present Day

At Basic Black, Kristen reminds Brady of the charm bracelet he gave her the day their baby was born. They’ve never discussed the loss of their child, she wants to. They flash back.

Last year’s Mother’s Day

Kristen is in labor at the hospital with Brady by her side. Elsewhere, Haley knows the holiday must be hard on him since Jennifer’s still in a coma. He asks about Melinda and learns she and Haley have gotten a lot closer. Haley smiles and admits she called her ‘mom’ for the first time.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny’s heart is warmed as he reads Will’s text agreeing to have another baby. Later, Justin and Sonny wonder where Adrienne is. Sonny realizes Will should be home by now and shares his happy news that he and Will are going to be parents again. Justin is thrilled and thinks Adrienne will be over the moon. Worried, Justin calls her.

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On Route 7, Sarah calls Xander with an apology for her earlier treatment of him. She appreciates him and wants him with her in the delivery room. He’s shocked she’s in labor and overcome with emotion. As they talk, a car swerves into Adrienne’s lane and she blares her horn at them while Will in sees headlights heading toward his car as he ends his text. Both cars swerve and Adrienne’s car goes off the road. Xander hears a crash and yells for Sarah but she doesn’t respond. Back at the site, Will is unharmed and gets out of his car to check on the other car. He calls for the police and then sees it is Adrienne’s car. She comes to and tells Will that she is okay, but Sarah is in labor and needs help.

Back at the hospital, JJ’s in his paramedic uniform as he tells Haley how much his dad likes her. She’s grateful they’ve made her feel a part of their family. JJ says there is a question he’s been wanting to ask her. Before he’s able to ask, JJ takes a call about the accident and goes to the site. Haley goes to Kristen’s room to help alleviate some of her back pains from the labor by repositioning her.

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Xander arrives on Route 7 where he’s shocked to find Maggie passed out in her car in a ditch with a bottle of booze. He asks the barely conscious Maggie where Sarah is. She manages to mumble that  Adrienne drove her to the hospital. Xander calls Victor with the devastating news. They argue about what to do and Xander asks him to send someone to get Maggie and the car so he can follow Sarah to the hospital. At Adrienne’s car, a worried Will tells Adrienne that help is on the way. Sarah finally regains consciousness and says her seatbelt is jammed and putting pressure on the baby. Adrienne gets out of the car to help and immediately passes out. JJ and the paramedics arrive, and Will fills him in on Adrienne collapsing. JJ checks Adrienne and says she’s unresponsive, so they need to transport her now. JJ’s partner gets Sarah out of the seatbelt, and Xander arrives and asks her what happened. She tells him about a car crossing the lines and coming straight at them. Xander flashes to Maggie. Meanwhile, JJ answers Adrienne’s phone when Justin calls and he tells him about the accident and that he needs to get to the hospital. Xander wants them to take Sarah with them but there’s no room and Sarah’s stable. When Justin calls Adrienne’s phone, JJ reveals she’s had an accident and orders him to meet them at the hospital. JJ leaves with Adrienne in the ambulance and Sarah soon realizes the baby is coming now and she has to push. She instructs Xander to check Adrienne’s car for a first aid kit and blanket. He’s going to have to deliver this baby. Xander helps her through the birth, and after Sarah notices the baby isn’t crying. Xander tells her it’s a girl and she’s perfect as he hands the baby to Sarah.

Xander finds Drunk Maggie on Days of our Lives

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Justin and Sonny arrive at the hospital as Adrienne is brought in. Kayla takes her to trauma as Justin looks back on his life with Adrienne through flashbacks. Sonny paces in another room later on and Will arrives and comforts him, explaining he was there when the accident happened. Kayla steps out and tells Justin that she’s sorry but Adrienne’s injuries were too severe, and they couldn’t save her. Justin sobs and Kayla begins to weep as they hold each other. In her room, Kristen is hit with a different type of pain and realizes something is wrong. She passes out as Brady pushes the emergency button and Haley returns. Later, Brady holds the charm bracelet and cries. When Kristen finally comes to, Brady stumbles as he lets her know there was a complication. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. She wails that her baby can’t die.

Kristen learns her baby is in danger on Days of our Lives

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor tends to a passed-out Maggie and wonders what she was doing drinking and driving.maggie in bed and victor kisses her days of our lives

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