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Present Day

Downcast, Sonny tells Justin at the park that his marriage is legally and officially over. Justin holds him, sadly. Sonny says Will didn’t see a future for them. For Will, their marriage ended when he killed Mom. Justin remembers that day vividly. It was Mother’s Day and he wanted it to be special. He flashes back…

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Last year’s Mother’s Day

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin flashes to planning a special day for Adrienne when she appears, ready for work. Justin, Sonny and Will remind her it’s Mother’s Day. She forgot. With Jennifer in a coma, she needs to be there. Will offers to fill in for her. Everyone’s grateful but Will’s happy to do it. “She’s my mom too,” he says. Adrienne has been supportive, especially with his mom so far away. They kiss. Upstairs in bed, Kristen kisses Brady awake. The baby is kicking up a storm. He gifts her a charm bracelet. She loves it and kisses him. He convinces her to go to his parents’ for Mother’s Day, though Kristen knows Marlena hates her. In their room, Justin gifts Adrienne a spa day. Adrienne’s psyched. He calls her as stunning as the day he first married her. They make love and afterward lovingly discuss the birth of their boys. Later, in the foyer, Sonny gifts Adrienne a family photo that she says she’ll “treasure for the rest of my life.” Sonny says a masseuse is waiting in the living room. She kisses the boys and reminds Will to call his mother. Later, after her massage, Justin calls as she’s basking, to see how she is.Brady gifts Kristen bracelet days of our lives

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At Eric’s, Eric’s pancakes are burned so they decide to go out for breakfast with Holly on Mother’s Day. They kiss and say I love yous.ericole and holly breakfast days of our lives

At the Bistro, Maggie and Sarah share breakfast as Sarah toasts to her mother’s constant support and to Mother’s Day. Maggie tears up. She misses Daniel and says Melissa sent her flowers and a gift but she hasn’t heard from Summer. “I don’t even know where she is.” Xander appears with a snuggie gift for Sarah and a Best Grandma mug for Maggie. Sarah’s less than enthusiastic. They talk baby names as Eric, Nicole and Holly appear. Eric questions the gender of the baby. Sarah seems put off by him as well so Nicole takes Holly to Maggie. The tyke gives Maggie Mother’s Day wishes and the trio head to another table. After, Xander notes that Sarah hasn’t finished eating. Sarah snaps at him that she’s a doctor and knows what she’s doing. Maggie admonishes her and she apologizes. She’s tired of being unable to sleep. Maggie gives them a minute and Sarah knows he’s been good to her but says this whole thing is wrong. And fake. She wants him to back off. Nearby, Eric and Holly leave Nicole to visit his parents. Sarah has a fit and takes off with Maggie and Nicole goes to Xander. They discuss the secret and Xander reminds her to keep her mouth shut.holly mothers day time jump days of our lives

John takes Marlena home from her trip to Germany on Mother’s Day. She is a lucky woman to be able to spend it with him. They kiss and discuss Hope’s house flooding and the damage. It bothers her that Hope’s still living there. They run off to make love before the kids show up. Later, Marlena calls Sami to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day as John brings in a flower arrangement from Belle. Marlena sadly exclaims that Sami hasn’t heard from Will. Later, Brady and Kristen stop by. It’s awkward. Brady gives Marlena a gift and a hug. He didn’t want Kristen to be alone for Mother’s Day. Marlena lashes out that Kristen tried to kidnap her daughter and kill everyone at her wedding. Kristen knows her having their grandchild with their son isn’t what they wished for but “God works in mysterious ways,” she says. She’s willing to make peace. Marlena can see Kristen loves Brady and she loves him as if he was her own. Maybe the new child is the best place to start over. John agrees. Marlena opens her gift – a handbag, and Kristen shows off her bracelet. Eric walks in with Holly and gripes, “What’s she doing here?” John takes Holly to the kitchen to get a vase for flowers while Brady takes Eric outside to explain and to ask his brother to put aside his feelings for a day. Inside, Kristen promises she’s a different person. Marlena wants to believe this. Kristen’s water breaks on Marlena’s shoes. time jump mothers day days of our lives

In the square, Will talks about calling his mom.

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Back at the house, Maggie thinks Sarah’s been hard on Xander and asks what’s going on. Sarah has abdominal pain and realizes she’s going into labor.

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Mother’s Day continues…

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Last year’s Mother’s day continues as tragedy strikes.