Nick and Melanie struggle at the hotel and his cell phone drops to the floor and dials Stephanie by accident. She picks up and says she’s glad it’s Nick. Philip grabs Stephanie’s phone and he overhears Melanie accuse Nick of killing Trent. Melanie tells Nick there is no going back. She remembers. “I know the truth now.” Nick tells her he’s sorry she does. “You’ll never know how sorry I am.” Philip listens in to the cell phone and tells Stephanie he hears shouting but can’t make out what’s being said.

At the hospital, Daniel checks in on a sleeping Kate and when she wakes up, she tells him he was smiling in her dream, much the same as he is now. In the dream, he gave her a miracle pill that made her healthy and strong. Daniel wishes things were as simple as that and lets her know that in an hour, they’ll know what to do next, after they see how much the tumor has shrunk.

Chloe arrives at the pub to an excited Lucas who shows her a photo of a five bedroom house with a pool that he put a bid on. He takes her hand and she smiles. He says she’s been a big part of Allie’s life and he sees her as family, though they haven’t discussed marriage yet. He has felt ambivalence on her part and wonders if she doesn’t think he’s committed. He says he is and thinks he’d be a great husband for her. “You will be. I truly believe that,” she says, but she doesn’t sound convincing. She admits she saw Brady in Salem. Lucas is surprised and thinks it’s great. Chloe says he’s been clean for almost a year. Lucas asks if she’s going to leave him and go back to Brady but that’s not what she’s saying. Seeing Brady made her realize how lucky she is to have Lucas. Lucas is happy to hear this and leans in for a kiss.

Hope and Bo agree that Nick is their killer, not Melanie. He urges Hope to go home since Nick’s her cousin, but she can’t leave the police department and beats herself up for not knowing what was going on with Nick, sooner. She feels bad for not reaching out to him but will be there for him now. Bo receives a call and tells Hope they may have a lead on where Nick is. He traces Nick’s credit cards and finds out where they are.

Philip hears a plane in the background on the phone and Stephanie listens in as Melanie yells as she tries to escape. Melanie hates Nick, she cries. Philip heard a plane in the background and thinks he knows where they are. Meanwhile, Melanie continues to tell Nick to leave her alone. He finds his cell phone on the floor and picks it up, asking for forgiveness. He did this for her. Melanie’s surprised he’s sorry. “I feel horrible,” he says and Melanie softens. “Maybe I was too hard on you?” Nick did what he thought was right and wanted to make her feel free. Melanie still thinks he can make it right. If he can, she’ll forgive him. She tells him to call the police and confess.

Philip and Stephanie arrive at Salem PD and tell Bo and Hope what they’ve heard. Hope and Bo ask them to stay there while they go find Melanie and Nick, but as Hope and Bo run off, Steph and Philip decide to go after them. First, they find out from the computer that Nick’s at the Salem Airway Hotel. They dash off.

Lucas and Chloe visit with Kate at the hospital, as Kate listens to David Bowie on her iPod. She feels good, though the treatment was rough, and thanks both Lucas and Chloe for their support. Daniel arrives with the test results and says it was a success and the tumor has shrunk! Kate shares her happiness with Chloe and Lucas and Daniel tells them to enjoy their visit. He’ll go over what comes next, later. He leaves the room and seems troubled. Chloe leaves the two alone, saying she’ll go get Allie another picture book and will return later. After she leaves, Lucas comments on how things have improved with she and Chloe. Kate says Chloe has been kind and she makes him happy. “My feelings towards her have changed…slightly,” she says. He shows her a photo of the house he plans to purchase. It’s his dream home. Kate doesn’t want him to move too fast. Lucas plans on asking Chloe to marry him, much to Kate’s shock. She says she’s happy for him if this is what he wants. Lucas hugs her – he wants her at his wedding! That’s what Kate wants but she just wants Lucas to be cautious. Lucas loves Chloe unlike anyone he has ever loved before. She talks about love and Lucas tells her he has a good feeling she’ll have that.

Daniel paces the park where Chloe finds him. She notices his mood and asks if he’s all right. He chalks it up to a long day, but Chloe sees through him. It can’t be about Kate, she comments but wonders if he’s keeping a secret about her cancer. Daniel downplayed how successful the results were. He’s supposed to be detached but he becomes emotionally involved. He’s working on it but Kate’s not another patient. He sees this as a personal failure that he can’t detach. He felt anxious because he can’t tell Kate she’s cured, either. He asks for a huge favor and asks Chloe not to tell Lucas about their talk.

Back at the hotel, Melanie encourages Nick to confess. She’ll visit him when he goes to jail, but Nick doesn’t believe she cares about him. He thinks she’s playing him. Melanie agrees and says this was selfish of her. She apologizes and Nick holds her from behind. Nick says it was a strange feeling when the knife went into Trent. Melanie asks why he did it. “Did you think he was going to hurt me?” Nick’s not sure. He heard an argument, saw the two of them and thought Trent looked crazy. After Trent knocked her down, Nick stabbed him. He weeps as he says he could tell Trent would have kept going. “I lost my mind,” he says and wanted to take care of her. Melanie cries as Nick says he should have called the police and owned up to everything but all he could think of was how he wanted to be with her. He left because he loved her and didn’t want to give her up by confessing. He says it’s weird and not that different from what he did before. “You killed another person,” Melanie asks. Nick says it was an accident, or at least what he told everyone. [Willow Stark] He says it wasn’t really his fault and calls Willow his friend until she started blackmailing him. He flashes back to fighting with Willow over the hairbrush and how she fell and hit her head on a rock. He tells Melanie that it’s all connected. He caused one person to die for Chelsea and now another for her. When he tries to do some good, people end up dead. He wonders if he can’t help but ruin whatever he touches.

Philip and Stephanie can’t get into the hotel. Stephanie gives Philip a nail file to jimmy the lock. They look up as they hear Melanie’ screams.

Meanwhile, Melanie tells Nick that he hasn’t ruined anything. She sees how much he has done for her and says they can leave now. Nick accuses her of lying. She begs him to trust her, but he tells her she’ll have to stay there. Melanie runs out the patio doors. Nick runs to her and grabs her. They struggle on the balcony and outside we see Hope and Bo have arrived. They yell for Nick and bust through the door as Melanie screams. She clutches at the balcony and goes over, hanging on for dear life!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Stephanie yells to Philip to be careful as Melanie screams and Nick yells, "Melanie!"

Nicole asks Brady how long he’s planning on staying in Salem. Brady thinks perhaps permanently!

Stephanie calls Chelsea from Salem PD and tells her she should come to the police station immediately.

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