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At Alice’s, Jack and Jennifer sent JJ on his way with a care package, happy he looks so good. Jennifer’s finishes her first post-coma article. Jack’s surprised. As the editor, he didn’t give her an assignment. Jenn always writes what she wants. She lets him read a personal piece about almost losing her life when Rolf threw her off the balcony. He reads it and cuts a lot of it out such as Rolf’s connection to Stefano, concerned they have a lack of proof. Jennifer’s offended but Jack’s been through a lot this year and doesn’t want her to be a target of Stefano or Rolf. Jennifer does a rewrite that pleases Jack when she writes that she hopes the one who hurt her is brought to justice and how she came away with what happened grateful with the second chance which wouldn’t have been possible without her kids and husband. They smooch. jenn offended days of our lives

JJ arrives home and finds Lani hanging up artwork. They discuss this being Eli’s old place. JJ wants to know the full story about how Gabi forced Lani to dump Eli at the altar. Eventually, Lani agrees to come clean…

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At Julie’s Place, Gabi boasts to Julie about how great Arianna is at dancing. Julie asks if Eli would drop in on JJ to see how he’s doing. Eli can’t say no to his grandma. He goes and Julie encourages Gabi to commit to Eli. Gabi’s not sure he’s over Lani burning him.

At the pub, Chad asks Kate for her DiMera shares. Kate’s sorry but wants to hold on to her stocks. Chad is suspicious of her agenda. Is she working with Gabi? Kate denies it and flashes to her alliance with Stefano. She says Andre left her those shares. It’s all she has left of him. They ran the company together and there’s an emotional connection. Chad asks if he left his father’s ring to her. She flashes to giving it to Stefano and lies that she misplaced it. Chad thinks it’s crazy that she’s got some connection to stocks. It sounds like Anna carrying around a cocktail shaker and he’s not buying it.

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Kristen and Stevano share an emotional hug at Salem Inn after she realizes he really is Stefano in Steve Johnson’s body. Abigail knocks on the door and Kristen helps Stefano into his eye patch before “Steve” answers the door and when Abby asks, he claims he’s there to talk to Kristen about her father’s whereabouts. Kristen admits she did have a talk with her father. They just missed him. “Steve” calls it a damned shame and when Abs asks, Kristen says he asked her to sell him her stocks and she turned him down. Abby’s shocked. Kristen loves her father but wasn’t sure she could trust him. She and Stevano share a look. Steve thinks if he wants his stock, he’ll get it one way or another. Abs says that’s what Stefano said. She wants to find Rolf and asks Kristen if she knows where Stefano is since they’re likely together. Kristen says he left the country. Abby’s satisfied and takes off. Stefano rips off the patch and Kristen laughs as Stefano is steamed at her. She was playing with Abby. abigail sees stevano days of our lives

Eli arrives at his old place to see JJ. Lani hides and JJ answers the door. He tries to get rid of Eli, but Eli says Julie asked him to check on JJ and thinks his cousin is hiding something. He barges inside. The place looks good. Haley did the decorating, JJ shares. Eli can see JJ’s nervous and talks about his own pain losing Lani being small compared to JJ’s pain. JJ knows Lani dumped him for good reason. Maybe she still cares for him. Eli asks why he’d say so. JJ just thinks there’s a bigger reason why she walked out on him. Eli bemoans how things went down but reassures JJ that he is over it. He heads out as Lani eavesdrops, looking hurt. She reappears and JJ urges her to tell Eli the truth. She finally comes clean with Gabi’s blackmail, including the app that makes Gabi able to blow up Julie’s heart with her pacemaker.

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Eli returns to Julie’s Place with an update about JJ. He thinks JJ’s sad but doing okay. Gabi goes to make a work call and Julie urges Eli to commit to Gabi. Eli agrees and asks for a bottle of champagne and time alone. Julie tears up, happy to do it. Later, Gabi returns and Eli gets down on one knee and proposes. Gabi’s shocked and says yes. They kiss.

Abby arrives at the pub to summarize what happened at Salem Inn with Steve and Kristen. Kate eavesdrops as Chad’s shocked to learn that Stefano showed up but left the country. Chad looks downcast so Kate reminds him his father loves him. Chad asks why then did he show himself to Kristen and not him?

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At home, Chad agrees with Abigail that Kate has an agenda. Chad’s tired of Stefano’s games. They kiss.

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