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Brady’s feeling uneasy at University Hospital so John comforts him while they await Victor’s surgery to be over. John brings up Kristen’s return. “Yeah like Malaria, she never really goes away,” Brady says. He tells his dad he was clear to Kristen that he doesn’t want her and isn’t with Nicole. The men agree it was smart so Kristen doesn’t go gunning for Nicole.

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In Nicole’s office, Kristen reveals that she’s now Co-CEO of Basic Black. Nic sniffs. “Because of your experience in the prison laundry?”Kristen thinks it’ll be fabulous working together. She asks where Brady is. Nic says he’s at the hospital since Victor had a stroke. Kristen smiles. That made her day. Nicole knows she’s there to reunite with Brady but Nicole won’t let that happen. They argue about who is more pathetic and since she can’t make Kristen believe she and Brady aren’t together, Nicole switches tactics and lies that she and Brady are happily in love. She gloats about sex with him this morning. Kristen issues a warning and Nicole shrugs. What’s she going to do? Kill her the way she did Haley? Kristen says that was unintentional but orders Nic to stay out of her way or someone will get hurt. Once Nicole leaves, Kristen rips up a photo of Brady and Nicole, refusing to let Nicole stop her.

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In the park, JJ allows Lani to stay at his place for a while. He’ll keep it a secret though is confused as to why he needs to. Lani reveals she’s not a nun. JJ’s confused so Lani asks him to keep this confidential as she reveals Gabi’s blackmailing her and threatening someone’s life. She can’t say more. It’s too risky. JJ’s more confused but Lani only says Gabi’s forcing her out of town. She needs time to think. She’ll let Gabi think she’s left Salem.

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At the DiMera manse, Gabi rushes to tell Eli that Lani’s lying about whatever she told him, then states that she can explain everything. Eli already understands why she did ‘it’. She was grieving for Stefan when she made Lani kneel and beg for Stefan’s heart. Gabi’s relieved that’s all Lani told him and says it’s true but lies that she regrets it. She claims she doesn’t want secrets from them. Eli asks why she accused Lani of lying. She covers. Talk turns to Kristen and her shares. Gabi fills him in on Kristen using her shares as leverage. Gabi had to give her a job at Basic Black so she can get close to Brady.

At the prison, Kate’s frustrated with Will for not fighting for his marriage.Will is trying to do the right thing and points out that Marlena didn’t go off on him for his decision. Kate retorts that she loves Will enough to tell him he’s an idiot. Will brings up Victor’s stroke. Kate didn’t know. She leaves to call Philip and when she returns, tells Will that Victor’s in surgery and they won’t know anything for hours. They get back to talk of Evan. Will only wants Sonny’s happiness. Kate says when she and Adrienne had cancer they became close. She knows Adrienne wouldn’t want this for him and Sonny. Kate secretly gives him a note from Arianna. Will grimaces. Kate holds his hand and begs him once more to fight for his family. She knows Evan will hurt Sonny, which worries Will. Kate states she just doesn’t trust Evan. She’s going to do a little digging. He jokes, “Can you talk to me before you try to poison Evan? Because that never really works for you.” Kate snorts and shakes her head.

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On Rafe’s sofa, Evan and Sonny make out passionately until Evan pulls away. Things are getting intense andhe wants Sonny to be comfortable. Sonny turns red. Comfortable wasn’t exactly what he was feeling. Evan asks if he has mixed emotions about this. Sonny thinks it was weird since it’s been a while since he’s been with anyone like this and he felt a little like he’s cheating. It doesn’t feel right and he’s not sure why. Evan considers he’s still in love with Will. They agree to wait until the divorce is final. Sonny turns on his phone and gets a text that shocks him. He goes and Rafe appears and the guys discuss Will and Sonny’s divorce and how Evan’s waiting for him. Rafe thanks him for helping with David and calls him part of the family. Rafe shows him adoption paperwork to sign. It’s a consent form to have a full background check. Evan pauses.

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Sonny arrives at the hospital and Brady calms him and tells him about Victor’s blood clot and how Maggie’s in the chapel. John takes Sonny there.

Nic hugs Brady at the hospital. She has something to tell him about Kristen.

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