Stephanie hands Philip her resume at the pub and asks him to take a look and let her know if he still wants to hire her. Philip says her resume doesn’t matter. Once she starts working, her performance will be evaluated. If she doesn’t work out, she’ll be fired! Stephanie is scared and hopes he’ll be gentle, if he has to fire her. He tells her to relax.

Nicole explains to John, at the mansion, that she cares about Brady, so that’s why she’s dispensing advice. John thinks that she’s getting into his business too much and tells her it’s a good thing she’s having this baby. It’ll give her something to do. “How many friends do you have,” she asks. He tells her, “Real or imaginary?” She thinks that if he and Brady got together, it would be good for the both of them but John wonders if this will be enough for Brady. Nicole doesn’t know, but thinks he should give it a shot. She plays her trump card – Marlena would love for him to do this. John grins, knowing what she’s doing and says he’ll keep it in mind.

EJ asks Brady to talk, once Marlena has left her townhouse. Brady guesses it’s about Nicole. EJ says he’s not territorial but is protective. Since Nicole seemed agitated about his visit, he was concerned. Brady says he’ll stay away, but EJ doesn’t want that. EJ knows that he and Nicole have a lot in common but asks that he doesn’t look to Nicole for solutions to his problem. Nicole needs stability. Brady calls their situation unstable, considering Sami is in a safe house. EJ would be happy to help him if he needs, he says, and welcomes Brady back to Salem. Once he leaves, Brady mocks him and says, “You’re a DiMera alright!”

At Maggie’s place, Hope tells Maggie and Bo that Melanie has left town and taken Nick with her. Bo calls for Max and Chelsea to come over and once they do, Bo explains what happened. Max assumes that Melanie is to blame, but asks if they’re certain that the two are going together. He recalls a discussion with Mel at the park. He told her that Nick was in love with her and it 'weirded her out'. “Why would she go away with him?” Bo makes a call and tells everyone that Nick got his prescription filled recently. In tears, Maggie shows Bo a note. “I saw you at the cemetery, I know what happened.” Chelsea wonders if Melanie wrote the note to herself and Maggie agrees. Hope says though the stationary is Maggie’s, the handwriting is what counts. Chelsea recognizes the handwriting as Nick’s!

Nick pours he and Melanie drinks at the hotel, while Melanie watches. As he crushes ice, with an ice pick, she starts to remember Nick killing Trent! Nick notices her go pale. When he takes pain medication with alcohol, Melanie worries about him mixing the two and wonders if they should return to Maggie’s place. Nick tells her they’re flying to Vegas tomorrow to marry. “And that, as they say, is that,” he finishes. Melanie claims not to feel well and goes to the door. She’ll take a walk, she thinks, and opens the door, but Nick jumps up and slams it on her. “Sorry, Melanie. I can’t let you do that.” Somebody might recognize her. Melanie says he’s right and thinks he should move the car. He has already thought of that and it’s in the garage, he says. She says she’ll take a bath now and grabs her purse. He asks why she’ll need that and she claims it holds her hairbrush and make-up. She wants to look good! Nick grins but doesn’t believe her. He tells her to leave her cell phone behind. He’ll disable it, because it’s like a tracking device for the police. Nick tells her he will buy her a new phone and maybe they’ll move to Paris, but they’re not going back to Salem. Mel asks, “What about my brother?” Nick tells her that Max said some nasty things about her on her birthday. Melanie starts to cry and Nick swears. “Damn it. I scared you.” He apologizes but she’s having none of it. Nick forces her to stay with him. They need to stick together, he says. He apologizes but he’s in pain, so Melanie says he needs another drink and a pill. She’ll get it. Nick professes his love for her and starts to kiss her. Melanie is visibly shaken and lies when Nick asks, “You’re not afraid of me now, are you?” He continues kissing her and says the reason for marriage is because he loves her and wants to make her happy. He thinks she could love him in time. She agrees and asks for a drink. She decides to make it herself and grabs the ice pick. She brings Nick his drink and he asks for a bachelor party. He kisses her and grabs the ice pick from her hand and demands to know what she’s doing. She’s been telling him things are going too far. She crashes him over the head with a glass and runs for the door, but is caught. “You just made... A very big mistake…” he says as he grabs her.

John shows up to Marlena’s townhouse and is surprised to see Brady. Brady tells him that Marlena’s at the hospital and when John turns to leave, he asks if they can try it again. John turns back and tells Brady it’s a good job that he’s getting help for his issues. Brady lets him know he talked with Nicole and he won’t push anything. John doesn’t know Brady and there’s nothing he can do to change that. Brady thinks they can get to know each other now. He doesn’t think John will give up on Marlena. John finds him perceptive and Brady says they were once very close. He’s likely going to stay in Salem. John thinks it’s wise to cut his losses and leaves. Brady says to himself that if John’s sick, he’s not going anywhere.

EJ returns home to the manse and Nicole tells him Brady’s gone. EJ knew this. He explains he was at Marlena’s, but when Nicole starts asking questions, EJ kisses her and tells her he doesn’t want to talk. He carries her up to bed.

EJ and Nicole find themselves in his bedroom, where they start making love. Later, they bask in the afterglow and EJ says that was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Nicole wonders what they can do to make the night good and kisses him. They start making love again.

Back at the pub, Stephanie and Philip discuss her computer programs and Philip’s mind wanders to Kate. He apologizes and is happy to keep his mind occupied. Stephanie understands this, since she is happy to not be thinking about Max. Stephanie takes a call from Maggie Horton, who asks her to be on the lookout for Nick and Melanie. Maggie calls Philip as well and asks the same of him. He figures she’s going through her Rolodex and Stephanie says Nick and Melanie remind her of Thumper and Cruella De Ville. They get up and go to Maggie’s place.

Max starts his shift at Cheatin’ Heart and Chelsea visits the bar. They discuss Melanie and how guilty Max feels about their last conversation. He knows Melanie had means and a motive to kill. Trent ruined the first 18 years of her life and if she’s guilty, it’ll screw up the rest of her life, too. Chelsea says if Nick is in love with Melanie, why would he send her a threatening note? Max wonders if running away was Nick’s idea. Chelsea makes a quick call to Bo. After Chelsea’s call, she and Max continue to discuss what may be.

At the station, Bo tells the police officers to make sure the kids know they’re not in trouble. They’re wanted for questioning. Hope interrupts and tells Bo she got a call from Chelsea. Hope shares Chelsea’s idea and Bo says Nick would want to make Melanie dependent on him. She worries about the painkillers and Nick’s mother’s history with them. Bo massages her and Hope realizes that the note says, “I know what happened,” not “I saw what you did.” Hope says the knife wounds were consistent with somebody over six feet tall. They think Nick did it and Melanie’s in trouble.

Maggie cries as she looks at Nick’s photo and leaves him a message to call her. She hears a knock and thinks it's him, and sobs as Philip and Stephanie come through the door. She apologizes and runs off to another room.

Melanie wrestles with Nick at the hotel and his cell phone drops. She steps on it by accident and it makes a call to Stephanie. Neither notice but Stephanie hears the call and says, “Oh good, it’s Nick.” She hears as Melanie yells at Nick, “Get off of me Nick! What are you going to do, kill me, Nick, like you killed my father?”

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate asks, "When do we get the results?" Daniel tells her, "Within an hour."

Lucas tells Chloe, "I have to decide on whether to commit to something... for us!" Chloe looks on, nervously.

Nick grabs Melanie's hair and tells her the only thing she cares about is saving herself. “You don't care about what I did or what I'm going through. It's not going to happen. Not this time."

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