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Sonny drops by Rafe’s house for sugarless brownies. Evan laughs. Sonny’s there to apologize for Arianna’s behavior on Christmas but Evan brushes it off, sonny and evan talk ben days of our livesknowing things are difficult for her right now with Will being in prison. Sonny shares that his father’s defending Ben. He doesn’t have sympathy for the guy. Evan does, considering he heard Jordan was unhinged. Evan thinks Ben did David a favor. He can’t imagine her raising David. The kid lucked out with Rafe. Sonny calls Evan a great role model, too. Evan says his dad wasn’t around when he was a kid. He was a jerk, which is why he tries so hard.

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Xander arrives in prison and has the guard lock him into a room with Ben. ben threatens xander days of our livesXander calls Ciara a pain in his ass, lurking where she doesn’t belong and getting into his business and asks Ben to call her off. Ben plays dumb so Xander threatens to have both of them killed. Ben calls his bluff but Xander could make it look like an accident. Ben flips the table and grabs Xander, threatening to kill him if he touches Ciara. Will interrupts and gently pulls Ben away and talks him down. “It’s not worth it.” Xander is surprised to see they’re practically besties and then scoffs that he joined the killer club when he offed his mother-in-law. Ben goes at Xander again and Will gets between the men. Xander tells Ben one final time to keep Ciara on a leash. He goes and Ben explains what happened. He needs to warn Ciara.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor tells Ciara he knows she’s been visiting Ben Weston and investigating Xander. Ciara admits she still thinks Victor ordered Xander to kill Jordan Ridgeway and let Ben take the fall. Victor denies it. Ciara records their conversation as she calls him out on nearly strangling Ben to death. He says nothing so she confesses she’s been spying and heard him and Xander say they sent an innocent man to prison. Ciara reveals she read a bit of Xander’s confession and needs her grandpa to admit the truth or an innocent man will be killed. As she talks, Victor begins to fumble as he tries to speak. He passes out. Ciara shakes him and calls his name then calls 911.

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At SPD, “Hope” fires Rafe. Stunned, he asks why. She tells him he’s been downplaying "hope" fires rafe days of our livesher authority and talking about her behind her back. He refuses when she wants his badge and gun. She’s not asking. Rafe has a union and will find her reasons for termination unfounded. He shows her a file of her inconsistencies. “Hope” is outraged but he’s worried about her. He takes off for lunch with the file.

At the townhouse, “Steve” tells Kayla the man she knew is gone. Kayla’s confused. He barks that he’s in love with another woman. Kayla’s mouth drops open in shock. “Who is she?” Stevano refuses to say.  John and Marlena appear. Kay apologizes and explains what’s going on. Stevano yells that the woman he loves is beautiful, intelligent and captivating. That’s all she needs to know. Kayla looks gut-punched and goes. Marlena trails after her. John calls Steve harsh. “Steve” says he was lying but their relationship was in ruins and now Kayla’s in love with Justin. John thinks Steve pushed her there. “Steve” agrees but doesn’t want to destroy what they have. He asks John to keep his secret but John won’t keep it from Doc. “Hope” arrives to strategize about how to get to Stefano. “Steve” goes to get a file and she asks if John will continue working with her even though she shared her feelings. He will but she needs to let go of her feelings for him. She agrees.

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At the hospital, Marlena tells Kayla she’s sorry Steve hurt her. marlena sorry kayla hurt days of our livseKayla’s in shock and feels like a fool.  They’re interrupted when Victor’s wheeled in. The paramedic says Victor has signs of a possible stroke. Ciara cries as Marlena holds her. He’s in good hands. She calls John with the news and asks him to call Brady. Nearby, Ciara takes a call from Ben. She tells him the news. He’s sorry and fills her in on Xander’s threats which they need to take seriously especially now that Victor is incapacitated. They disconnect and Ben gives Will the news. Will thinks Sonny will be devastated.

Rafe arrives home as Sonny and Evan are about to kiss. He apologizes and gives Sonny a letter for Justin. Rafe’s excited that he’s formally adopting David. Sonny congratulates Rafe, who just wants to give that little guy the best life. He goes to see the child and Evan looks unhappy. They kiss.

Back at John’s, he shares the news of Victor’s stroke with “Hope” and she gina wants john to work with her days of our livescalls it terrible news. It’s a shame he and Brady are on bad terms right now. John says it doesn’t matter. John goes and Stevano returns. They snort about the stroke and Gina worries the walls are closing in on them. She talks about Rafe’s concerns and Stevano suggests she create distance between them. They agree they need to make their move to come between John and Marlena and fast.

Back at the hospital, Xander finds Ciara and asks how Victor is.

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