Nic and kristen fight new years eve days of our lives
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Salemites at Julie’s Place are shocked, some happy, as “Steve Johnson” appears with “Hope” after the clock strikes midnight. Outside, Nicole and Brady kiss while being watched unnoticed by Kristen. Inside, Kayla gasps Steve’s name as he happily announces he’s back.

Gabi and Eli kiss at midnight outside Lani’s Salem Inn room. Lani opens the door in a nun’s habit. They’re shocked to see her as they were looking for Kristen. Lani tells them Kristen’s kind enough to let her stay there. She acts pious and says against her advice, Kristen went to crash a party. Eli’s shocked. Are nuns allowed to go to parties? They discuss the vandalism at the boutique and Lani admits Kristen gave up her habit. They wonder then if she vandalized it. Gabi’s too annoyed and stalks off.

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Back outside Julie’s Place, Kristen confronts Brady and Nicole. She lashes out at them for kissing but Nicole calls it a friendly kiss. Kristen saw them together at her place and accuses kristen in habit new years eve days of our livesNicole of being pathetic and desperate. Nicole narrows her eyes, hand on hip. She accuses Kristen of stalking them. Brady wonders why she cares if they’re together. Kristen takes off her habit and veil and says she and God broke up. She tells them about JJ almost killing her and how it opened her eyes to her needs. She is tired of being treated like dirt and thinks she should be forgiven for past transgressions and Lani should be forgiven by Eli. They’re confused more, reminding her that Lani left Eli at the altar. Kristen says there’s more to the story than Lani’s letting on. She begs Brady to let her come back. Brady reminds her she took off after their daughter died. She’s sorry. Kristen begs and Brady fights tears. He asks if that’s true, why is she masquerading as a nun and throwing insults. Kristen finds Nic a predator. Brady balks at that. Nic’s been sympathetic and a comfort. Nicole asks Brady to go and Kristen attacks her. They fight. Brady gets between them and Brady says she hasn’t changed at all. Nicole recounts Kristen’s many misdeeds and asks what’s wrong with her. They go and she tears down decorations, screams, and sobs. Inside, “Steve” says, stevano with marlena new years eve days of our lives“Happy New Year, Sweetness.” He greets Justin and gets an earful for abandoning Kayla. Steve says Kay’s not the reason he returned. He’s there because of Marlena. “Hope” says she tracked Steve down, worried that Stefano’s targeting Marlena again. Marlena’s surprised since she wasn’t convinced he’s back earlier. Hope says Stefano’s DNA was found in the loft. She didn’t want to take chances with Marlena’s life. “Steve” says nobody knows Stefano better than him or John and Marlena. He assures Marlena Stefano is no threat to her while he’s there. They ask if he’s had leads but he wants to shelve the shop talk until tomorrow. John squints and everyone stares at “Steve,” confused as he tells Marlena she’s never looked better. Kayla confronts him about being Santa at the Christmas party. He denies it and calls her sweetness until Justin tells him to knock it off and takes Kayla away. John asks Hope why she didn’t clue them in on contacting Steve. Steve says it doesn’t matter. They make a good team. They battled Stefano together more than once and know him well. Steve asks to crash at the townhouse but Marlena says their guest room is taken. John offers the sofa.

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At the square, Gabi and Eli reel from their confrontation with Lani. Gabi pretends she lost her earring upstairs at Lani’s and tells him to wait for her at home. She’ll get it. She heads to see Lani again. Lani hides a bottle of wine she was about to open when Gabi knocks. Gabi accuses her to stop the act. If she messes with her relationship with Eli, she’ll hurt Julie. She goes and Lani thinks of Eli, while across town, he’s thinking of her.

gabi and eli kissing new years eve days of our lives

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At the mansion, Gabi returns and Eli bitches about Lani’s return. Gabi assures that Lani understands it’d be a mistake to cross her. They make love.

Back at Salem Inn, Kristen explains what happened with Nicole and kristen drinking new years eve days of our livesBrady as she drinks. She plans on fighting for her man.

In the park, Kayla and Justin go over Steve’s strange attitude. Kayla calls Justin good and kind. She thanks him for being there for her. They hug.

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At the townhouse, John hugs “Steve.” John can’t believe that narcissistic jerk Stefano thinks he has a shot with his wife. John goes to get sheets while “Steve” calls Marlena precious to him – as a friend. He hugs her.

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