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Julie and Doug happily welcome Justin and Kayla to Julie’s Place, noting that love is in the air.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail are dolled up for the New Year’s Eve party. They kiss until Gabi interrupts and holds up a glass, wishing them a happy new year – in jail. She thinks they’re the ones who smashed her boutique window. Eli appears, stating their innocence. A nun did it. Chad wonders if it was his sister since she wore one when he met with her last night. They gloat and tell Gabi to stop threatening them. Chad guesses that the storefront will be all she has once his sister gives him her stocks. They leave and Eli wonders if Lani was the vandal, though he doesn’t know why she’d bother since she dumped him. Gabi begs Eli not to let Chad win. They decide to talk to Kristen in person.

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At Salem Inn, Kristen is hurt by watching Brady arrive at Nicole’s, earlier. She won’t let “that bitch” steal her man. Lani can’t believe Kristen’s been following Brady again. Kristen snipes that tonight was supposed to be their night and ruminates about them probably having sex. She flashes to last year on the 31st when Brady asked a pregnant Kristen to Julie’s party. She remembers being touched by his devotion.

At Eric’s, Nicole plans on staying in but Brady refuses to let her. She admits she’s embarrassed about coming on to him. He reminds her it was mutual. Brady gets a group text from Eric with an update that Mickey’s tolerating the radiation and Chemo. Nicole mopes that she wasn’t on the text. Brady forces her to dress for the party, flashing to last year with Kristen. Nicole reappears later dressed up. Brady admits last year was a big turning point for him and Kristen. He flashes to thinking Kristen was glowing and her laughing about having morning sickness. He had planned on taking her to the party tonight. Nic feels remorse over Eric and they snap out of it and take off for the party.

John’s stunned by Marlena’s beauty at the townhouse as they’re both dressed for the occasion. He sees the brooch in her hand and frowns. She tells him she confronted Hope and is ready to move on. They embrace.

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Stevano and Princess Gina return to the loft and rant about their plan being in a shambles. They blame each other. Stevano admits that Kayla might have spotted him and Hattie Adams certainly did. Princess Gina’s worried but he assures she’ll keep her mouth shut. Gina comes up with a plan for Stefano to move about Salem. She slips on an eye patch, smirking. Stefano says they’ve had this conversation before. She convinces him to become Steve. He’d be able to go wherever he pleases, starting tonight. He could crash Julie’s party. Gina takes out her tiara, wanting to go as her true self. They flip a coin over who to go as.

John and Marlena arrive at Julie’s Place. Doug talks about missing Hope and kayla, Justin, John Marlena discuss Stefano new years eve party days of our liveswhen Doug asks if John has seen her at home he says no and makes an excuse to leave the two. Nearby, Justin calls Kayla distant, so she reveals that she thought she saw Steve playing Santa at Christmas. Justin wonders what Kayla would have said if it really was Steve. Marlena and John greet Justin and Kayla. They talk about the brooch and their opinions that Stefano was at the Christmas party. Justin wonders if Stefano was the guy in the Santa suit. It wasn’t Roman. Marlena’s disturbed. John tells the gang about Celeste’s premonition that Stefano might be sporting a new face. Chad and Abigail arrive and catch up with Julie.abby and chad at new years eve party days of our lives

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Back at the Inn, Kristen assumes Brady will fall for her again when he sees her tonight. She gets a text from Chad who wants to discuss Gabi and the shares. Kristen only has Brady on her mind.

Back at Julie’s party, Nicole arrives with Brady and greets Doug and Julie. Nic drinks champagne and sees Marlena. nicole ratty faux fur new years eve party days of our livesShe says she’s been praying for Mickey. Marlena assumes Nicole knows how much she’s hurt Eric and hopes she doesn’t hurt Brady. Nearby, John cautions Brady about seeing Nicole since they’re both vulnerable. Brady says they’re just friends. Nearby, Abby takes a call from JJ. The kids woke up. Chad wants to take his wife home, reminding her these parties end in disaster. Abby wonders if his father will show. Later, outside, Brady calls Nic his best friend as Kristen looks on. Back inside, Julie toasts to everyone and they do a countdown from 10, then cheers of “Happy New Year,” are yelled across the room as Auld Lang Syne plays. Gina as Hope and Stefano as Steve arrive and while John is happy, Marlena and Kayla look stricken.

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