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At the townhouse, Marlena looks at the black diamond pin Stefano gifted her while on a call with John. He’s going to be late so she says it’s fine, she has an errand to run.

Kristen gawks at Brady and Nicole making out while entering Eric’s apartment. nic wants brady for sex days of our livesOnce inside, Brady stops. They’ve had a lot to drink. He worries they’ll regret it if they take things further. They eat ice cream and realize having their friendship back is more important.

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In bed at the DiMera mansion, Gabi and Eli have sex and profess their love.

At the Horton square, in anger, Lani smashes Gabi Chic’s window with a poinsettia.

At the pub, Hattie tells Roman she and “Katie” came to an understanding and her lips are sealed. Roman assumes Hattie saw the guy Kate has stashed in her room. Hattie worries privately about “Steve” telling her they could go to prison for treason if she admits she saw him. Hattie’s head’s about to explode. She needs a beer. Meanwhile, in Kate’s room, Stefano prays Hattie will keep her mouth shut. Kate’s confused that he’s taken so many risks already. He had to get close to Marlena to give her her Christmas gift. Kate snorts that he gave her “that hideous brooch.” He argues that it’s a priceless heirloom. Stefano wonders why Kate’s so protective of Marlena. Kate says they’re friends but Stefano accuses her of being jealous. Kate rolls her eyes. She wants to be CEO at DiMera but yells that it’s not worth it. She gets on a call, ready to spill her guts to Marlena. Stefano busts a gut laughing. He reminds her when the whole town finds out she’s been in league with him and Gina, she’ll be ostracized. Kate snaps that what he’s doing to John and Marlena is wrong. Stevano knows Kate doesn’t care. “You’re one of us and there’s no turning back.” Kate thinks his obsession with Marlena will destroy him and invites him to go for Hattie. Stevano furrows his brow. Not interested. He needs to step things up. He’ll make a bold move tomorrow before the clock strikes twelve. Downstairs, Hattie fishes to find out if Roman would date Kate again. She asks, “With your history, you know, with the twins that fell out of the sky…” Roman doesn’t date women who work for him – including Hattie. Hattie cites some sitcoms where couples dated on the job. Then she reminds him about Hope and Rafe. Roman explains that they’re divorced. Hattie gasps, upset.

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At the police station, Rafe gets the lab report back on the tiara. One set of prints belongs to Rolf and the other belongs to Hope. Gina quickly says she touched it at the lab without gloves by mistake. She’s been distracted. He’s waiting on the DNA evidence on the cigar. Marlena appears and shows them the pin, assuming it was from Stefano. She thinks he’s still in town. Rafe takes it to the lab and Marlena says it’s time to clear the air about Hope trying to come between her and John. “Hope” apologizes. Marlena has an issue with Hope implying that John returns her feelings. Marlena saw her almost crossing the line a few times. “Hope’s” sorry and asks if they’re still friends. Before Marlena can answer, Rafe returns.

Back at the mansion, Eli gets a text that Gabi’s store was vandalized.

Kristen returns to Salem Inn to Lani. She’s raving mad after seeingkristen raving loon days of our lives Brady kissing Nicole and calls Nic a “slut.” “They don’t call her Misty Circle for nothing,” Kristen says, assuming they’re making love now. Lani says Kristen doesn’t know that. Kristen thinks Nic’s getting revenge and grabs a bottle of wine – to kill Nicole with. Lani reminds her she’ll lose everything. Lani shares that she saw Eli with Gabi so she knows how her friend feels but she asks her not to lose sight of their plan.

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At the square, Gabi’s shocked to see her store window smashed. gabi and eli at gabi chic days of our livesEli goes inside with his gun and returns with the broken planter. Later, they’ve checked the store out and learn the vandal didn’t take anything.

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Gabi arrives at SPD with Eli to tell them about the vandalism. She wants to report it. Rafe will help her file it. The DNA results are back but there is an issue with the computer so “Hope” tells them to go off while she has a look. Once they’re gone, she sees Steve Johnson’s mug shot and thinks this is wonderful. When Rafe returns, she lies and says the DNA was a match for Stefano.

At home, Eli will review the security footage tomorrow. They discuss Stefano’s possible return. Eli has heard of him but asks her not to go borrowing trouble. She’ll feel better once she has Kristen’s shares.

Back at the townhouse, Hattie shares the good news about Roman hiring her. Marlena’s glad for her friend. Hattie feels that things are looking up and she didn’t even have to pretend to be Marlena.

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