Kate follows "Stefano" at hospital Days of our Lives
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Ciara drops by the prison to see Will. He assumes she’s not really there to visit him. She admits she needed a cover story to visit Ben. Marlena appears, claiming she is there to check on Ben. He’s brought in. Ciara visits Ben in prison Days of our LivesOnce the guards step back, Ciara sits with Ben, who is happy to discover she managed to work out a way to see him. She assures him Xander is too distracted to worry about them. He thinks she should be surrounded by family on Christmas, but she assures him there is nowhere she’d rather be. Across the room, Will assures Marlena that Ben is looking out for him and they have become friends. She’s happy to hear that and hopes he’s planning to fight for his marriage. Will admits that he asked Sonny for a divorce. He wants him to move on and be happy. She agrees to respect his decision. Will says this is the least he can do for Sonny. After the doctor leaves, Ciara asks Will to distract the guard. As he does, Ciara kisses Ben.

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Roman and Kayla talk at the pub Days of our LivesKayla drops by the pub to see Roman. They talk about the kids and he thanks her for her help with Mickey. He’s baking pecan pies for the hospital. She thanks him for agreeing to be Santa this year. They have coffee and he explains that Kate isn’t moving out. Kayla complains about how mean Kate is. He’s sorry to hear that and apologizes for inviting her to the Christmas party. He assures her he is not seeing Kate, but she seems to be in a relationship with someone. Roman knows this time of year must be hard for his sister since most of her family is away. She still doesn’t understand what she did to drive Steve away. Her brother is sure she can put that behind her now that she’s with Justin. She’s determined to make new memories with Justin but is still having trouble getting over her history Steve.

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Kate and "Stefano" talk Days of our LivesKate is in her room with Stefano and notices he has a gift for Marlena. She informs him that she has plans with Roman at the hospital holiday party. When she tells him all of the staff will be there, he wonders if that will include Marlena. Kate tells him that John and Marlena don’t need another interloper. She says it’s too bad it’s not Halloween or he could move around town more freely. That gives him an idea. She leaves for the hospital. Moments later, Stevano has stolen Roman’s Santa costume and is groaning about the indignity he is suffering for love.

Hattie surprises John at home Days of our LivesJohn goes home, excited to spend time with Marlena. She seems to be giving him the silent treatment. He babbles until she admits she’s actually Hattie. John leaps away, horrified. Hattie says she had nowhere else to go and she was invited by Marlena. He’s bewildered so Hattie explains that she reminded the shrink that she saved her life. When she tells him Marlena is at the hospital, he is eager to leave and he’s not leaving her alone in his home. She has to wrap her gift for Marlena. She’s re-gifting her panties to her.

Sonny, Evan and Arianna in the square Days of our LivesSonny and Arianna, (played by Sydney Brower), are in the square when they bump into Evan and baby David. Sonny says he and Ari are going to the hospital party and asks if they’d like to join them.

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Kayla and "Stefan" read to the children Days of our LivesAt the hospital, Kate corners Sonny and Evan. She lectures him for being with the ‘manny’ instead of working on his marriage. Sonny explains that Will wants a divorce and blames Kate. Marlena interrupts the argument. Kayla is wandering around, looking for Roman. Stefano arrives in a Santa suit and Kayla assumes he’s Roman. As he gets the gift sack, Kayla reads the Christmas story to the children. Stevano stares at Marlena. As she’s distracted, he slips a gift into her purse. After he hands out gifts, he asks Marlena if she wants to sit on his lap. John calls her and says they need to talk. Once Dr. Evans rushes off, Kayla starts to notice that Santa is not Roman. As he sneaks off, she trails after, cornering him down the hall. “Steve? Is that you?” she asks. Meanwhile, Roman arrives and tells Kate someone stole his Santa suit.

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Sonny, Evan and Ari return to the square. As she looks at gifts in the window, Sonny admits he doesn’t know how he will tell her about the divorce. When she joins them, she refuses to go sledding without Will.

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