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Brady drops by Nicole’s with a gift from Eric he found outside the door. She’s thrilled and is sure this is a sign of their love. That hope sinks when she opens the card and sees it’s for Holly. Brady reminds her that Eric is more concerned about his daughter right now. Nicole doesn’t know why Eric would forgive her when she can’t forgive herself. Brady helps Holly unwrap her present and play with her dolls. When he sits with Nicole, she reminds him of when they were pretending to be a family in Canada until she blew it. They explain to the kid why Eric isn’t there but assure her that she’s special to him. Later, Nicole is perplexed as Brady tells her about Kristen becoming a nun.

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Xander is kicking himself in his hotel room for going to visit Sarah unannounced. She shows up, surprised he’s still there and marvels at the strength of Mickey. She feels useless and cries on his shoulder. He tells her what a great mom she is. She’s really glad he made the trip to see her. After she comes out from a shower, he’s had room service and poinsettias delivered. Sarah thinks he’s amazing. After she’s stuffed herself with Brussel sprouts and ribs, he impresses her by revealing the cookies he baked with her mom. They remind her of all her happy Christmases. He gives her a bracelet that belonged to his mom. When he shows her a photo of the lockbox it was in, she says it looks just like the one she saw Ciara drilling. She gets a text from the doctor, asking to talk. Sarah tells Xander he shouldn’t wait for her. He asks her to call if there’s anything she needs. They resist kissing as he leaves.

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At John and Marlena’s condo, he asks her to explain why Hattie is in their home. Marlena explains that Hattie had nowhere else to go. He reminds her of the hard time she gave him about Hope. Hattie comes out in some of Marlena’s old clothes. Dr. Evans says she can keep them as thanks for saving her life. When they offer her cookies, Hattie claims she needs to go and look at Christmas decorations and rushes out. They wonder if they should warn Roman that Hattie is on the loose. He pours them wine and is eager to get to the presents. Marlena worries about Will not getting what he wants. When she opens her purse, she is shocked to discover the gift from Stefano. John thinks they can pull some prints off the black jewel. She guesses it must have been slipped in at the Christmas party. He explains that Celeste claims Stefano is there in some form.

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kate and kayla argue at hospital days of our livesAt the hospital, Roman tells Kate that someone stole his Santa suit. They wonder who was “ho-ho-hoing” with the kids. Down the hall, Kayla tracks Stefano wearing the Santa suit into an office. She’s sure it’s Steve, but she gets beeped off to the ER. Before he can walk off, Kate confronts him and demands to know what he’s thinking. She lectures him and he growls that no one tells Stevano what to do. He’s tired of this charade. It’s time for him to get Marlena. Moments later, Stefano is gone and Kayla comes running back, demanding to know where the Santa went. Kate tells her to stop obsessing but Kayla is sure that Santa was Steve. Kate points out he wasn’t wearing an eye patch. She urges Kayla to let Steve go.

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hattie asks roman for a favor days of our livesAt the pub, Roman still doesn’t understand what happened to his Santa suit. Hattie strolls in and says she’d rather see him in his birthday suit. They start drinking. He wonders where she’s going and is surprised she wants to stay in Salem. She points out he’s hiring. Roman says that she could find a better fit elsewhere. Hattie’s offended and reminds him of saving Marlena. He gives her the job. She’s thrilled and says she’ll be the best waitress he ever saw. When she offers to show him her ‘hidden talents’, he suggests she go upstairs and tell Kate they’ll be working together.

Stefano returns to his room, wondering if Marlena has opened his gift. Hattie bursts into the room, surprised to see Steve there.

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