EJ lies on his bed half nude and says all he needs now is a girl. "Where are you Nicole," he murmurs. He thinks she has had a craving and gets up.

Brady arrives at Nicole's door, stunning her and tells her he's there to see her. She lets him in, reluctantly and tells him this isn't what she expected to be doing right now! He tells her he finished rehab - one stage, anyway, and has to make amends with those he has hurt. "I would hate to do that," Nicole says but Brady has to and makes amends with her. Nicole asks how he can like her after all she has done to him and Chloe. He's ready to put it in the past and is there because he wants to start over! "The part when you fall in love with someone else, or the part when I turn into an emotional terrorist?" Brady says just as friends. They agree to let go of the past and he asks why she's living there. She explains her pregnancy and this shocks Brady. He thought she couldn't have babies. She says she's happy and the father is EJ DiMera and they live there. Brady's shocked that the guy who messed up Sami's life is with Nicole now. "Man, you sure know how to pick them," he says. Nicole asks him not to judge what EJ did in the past and says he's very nice to her. Brady's glad she's happy and congratulates her with a hug, just as EJ comes into the room, half undressed, calling, "Darling, where are you?" "I'm sorry I got waylaid,'" she says, stammering. "Every girl loves moments like these," she says and introduces them. Brady apologizes for timing but EJ is ever charming and when Brady says he'll go, EJ tells them he's heading out. He asks Nicole to walk him to the door. Nicole apologizes and asks if he's angry or jealous. He's not and has things to do. He figures she needs time to deal with her past and gives her a lingering kiss before he heads out. "Sweetheart, we've a lifetime of afternoons together," he says and Nicole asks him to come home soon. She'll be waiting for him, upstairs!

Nicole goes back to Brady and EJ asks the maid, Mary, to watch over them, make sure everything is okay. She notices his shirt is half off and comments. They share a chuckle and he leaves. Mary sticks around while Brady and Nicole chat and Nicole thinks he looks great. He tells her the same and that he saw his dad this morning. It didn’t go well and he needs her help in talking to John. She'd be happy to and she tells him they like each other the way they are. She can't help him to change John, but she can help him get to know the man he is now. Brady says this is not his father, but Nicole argues that it is and John knows right away that Brady has expectations that John can't help. Nicole thinks that he can help John and calls them both stubborn. He kisses her cheek and tells her he's glad she's happy. "EJ is a lucky guy." Nicole asks herself not to get involved, then makes a call to somebody, asking them to come over.

At Cheatin' Heart, Ray Jackson points at the photo of Nick. He saw him at the cemetery the night of Trent Robbins' murder. He remembers it clearly and asks if Hope will tell the DA he cooperated. Hope says she will, but will point out that only after they forced it out of him. Hope worries to Bo about Nick and what he's gotten himself into this time. They decide not to warn Nick that they're going to confront him and they wonder if he saw Melanie kill Trent. They assume Melanie's playing Nick!

Melanie returns to the kitchen, packed and crying. Nick reminisces about murdering Trent and holds her close, comforting her. He tells her Trent was evil and deserved to die, but Melanie cries that he was her dad. She's confused and Nick apologizes for sending those notes to her. He asks her to let him protect her. Melanie thinks that what she did was so wrong, her mind won't even let her remember it and she has to do the right thing and turn herself in. Nick refuses to let her but she tells him it's not up to him. She needs to prove something to herself. She didn't want to be like him and if she runs without coming clean, that's something he'd do. If she turns herself in, she'll be at peace. Nick sighs and tells her this is fine but admits he's afraid, knowing he'll be arrested as well. Melanie panics, not wanting to hurt her only friend. She decides to go away with him.

John and Marlena bump into each other at the police department. Marlena thinks it's difficult for him not to recognize his own son and she thought his response was dumb. He's surprised. She doesn't usually use words like that. John has no feelings for him but Marlena thinks they could help each other. He could help Brady with a rough time and Brady could help him with his own issues. Marlena says he's running away from Brady but John calls himself detached and refuses to fake emotion.

John goes into Roman's office and tells him he has hired private investigators to help find Sami's shooter. Roman's angry and thinks he's probably trying to convince Marlena that he's back to his old self, in order to get her back! He reminds John that Marlena divorced him for a reason and this won't work. John says Marlena's happy he's doing this, since it'll get her daughter back sooner. Roman asks him to think about his son while he thinks about his daughter! John thinks this isn't his business, and leaves.

Hope and Bo arrive at Maggie's place on an official visit, for Melanie. Maggie didn't see Nick's car in the driveway and calls to them. They're gone and she says since Melanie has moved in, Nick's always so worried about her. She's not sure where they are. Hope asks why she let Melanie move in with her. She thinks it's because she likes drama but really, she has been worried about Nick lately and thought that it would help him calm down. She becomes emotional as she tells them he's becoming agitated a lot and is taking painkillers. Hope remembers that Jessica took painkillers once. Maggie remembers that Jessica had a split personality and says it's not like that. Maggie admits he didn't say anything when she asked if he was on the drugs when he got the DUI. She suddenly panics that Nick could be driving right now, on those painkillers. Hope excuses herself to the bathroom while Bo comforts Maggie. Hope returns and tells them that Nick and Melanie have packed up and left.

Melanie and Nick arrive at a hotel and he tells her that they'll fly to Vegas tomorrow to marry, so that nobody can force them to testify against each other. Melanie is troubled more and Nick admits that Hope implied she knew something, so if they were married, Hope couldn't get them to testify against each other. He promises to take care of everything and hugs her. Melanie looks at the big bed and seems lost. Later, he makes drinks for them, but Melanie soberly tells him she's not interested. She watches as he stabs the ice and starts to remember the night of the murder and seeing somebody kill Trent. She sees Nick's face!

EJ arrives at Marlena's townhouse to talk to her about Brady. He says he's with Nicole and wonders if he should be worried about Nicole. He says this baby has changed and focused her and he knows she and Brady had a difficult relationship. He thinks Nicole has enough on her plate. Marlena asks him not to borrow trouble and have faith in her. Marlena notices that he is smitten! EJ says maybe she's right. Marlena offers free advice. "Why don't you ask Nicole how she feels about Brady?" EJ says he doesn’t want to do a silly thing like that but Marlena thinks it'll improve their relationship - honesty and all. EJ grins and thanks her for her time, asking for confidentiality. As EJ is about to leave, Brady returns. Marlena hugs him and leaves and Brady thanks EJ for letting him spend some time with Nicole. EJ wants to get a few things straight.

John arrives at the mansion and Nicole lets him know Brady asked for her help to find a connection to John. She admits Brady was upset with the way things went and she told him he shouldn’t try to change his father. Nicole reminds John that he could help Brady, who just came out of a tough rehab. John won't make any promises but asks why she cares so much.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Stephanie tells Phillip, "I want you to look at this and then tell me if you still want to hire me."

Brady tells EJ, "Let me guess the first item on the agenda…Nicole."

Melanie says, "I'm just gonna go for a little walk." She goes to the door, opens it and Nick slams it shut. "Sorry, Mel. I just can't let you do that."

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