Marlena, Abe and John in the townhouse Days of our Lives
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In their bedroom, Gabi worries to Eli about how long she’ll be CEO without the shares, then realizes she has a voicemail from Kristen, who wants to discuss her shares. Eli wishes her luck and goes shopping.

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In the square, Kristen shows her phoenix tattoo to Lani – she had it redone and feels reborn. Lani does too. They toast to taking back what’s theirs. As they wonder if Gabi will take the bait, she calls.Kristen and Lani toast Days of our Lives Kristen puts her on speakerphone as she offers to make a sizeable donation to the convent if Kristen sells her the shares. Kristen agrees. Gabi questions Kristen about Lani and the women laugh silently as she fishes for information. Gabi presses to get the shares, but Kristen insists on waiting until after holidays. After, they toast to reeling Gabi in and Kristen says it’s time to turn up the heat.

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In Gina’s loft, she listens as Rafe tells Abe soon enough they’ll know who was there with Rolf.Geina shrugs at Rafe Days of our Lives Abe brings up the card Marlena received signed ‘S’ and will investigate. He hopes if Stefano was in Salem he’s gone. After, Rafe wants to go over the place as Gina flashes to hiding incriminating evidence and hopes she got everything. Suddenly, Rafe discovers her tiara and takes it away for fingerprinting. Gina wonders, “Now what?”

In the townhouse, Marlena’s pleased to have John all to herself. She has a bag of gifts with a large one for Hope – she feels guilty asking her to leave. John reveals Hope admitted to romantic feelings for him. He set her straight. Marlena understands her becoming emotionally dependent, but you don’t go after someone else’s husband. She’s stunned to learn Hope called John her rock. John shakes Abe's hand Days of our LivesAbe arrives and announces Marlena’s flowers may have come from Stefano, who may be in Salem. They learn Abe believes Stefano may have fled with Rolf. Marlena vows she won’t let him ruin her Christmas. She leaves for the pub, assuring John that Stefano won’t be there. After, Abe takes a call from Celeste and needs a favor. He later disconnects and relays that Celeste didn’t see Stefano in Salem, but sensed that, in a way, he is there. John’s skeptical but Abe warns there’s always a kernel of truth to her predictions.

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At Brady’s Pub, Roman gripes to Abigail and Chad about Kate being MIA. Once alone, Abby and Chad discuss his father aiding and abetting the man who tried to kill her mom.Roman holds boot up to Kate on Days of our Lives Chad promises if Stefano had anything to do with Rolf trying to kill Jennifer, he’s dead to him. Talk turns to the shares – Chad hopes Kristen hasn’t sold them to anyone. Upstairs in her room, Kate exclaims as she awakens with Stefano in her bed. He gets amorous but Kate pushes him away – he can save it for Marlena. Stevano rants about the accommodations as she snarks about him trusting Princess Gina. Suddenly, Roman knocks and calls out. Kate panics, hiding an amused Stefano. Kate claims she’s ill but Roman holds up a black boot – she wasn’t in that bed alone. She covers and he accuses her of lying. Kate reiterates she’s sick and needs to be in bed. Roman remarks, “Lucky guy,” and exits. Marlena talks with Roman on Days of our LivesStevano reappears. She wants him out and will go see about the loft. He wants her to get lunch as well. She exits hissing, “Go to hell.” Later, downstairs, Marlena gives Roman a gift, then decides to take Kate’s present up to her. She knocks and calls out. Stefano whispers, “Marlena…”

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Outside the bistro, Abigail leaves JJ a message and tells Chad she’s worried about him. Chad warns against going to see him, but she’s determined. Eli appears and needles Chad that Kristen called Gabi about the shares. Chad leaves, and Abigail and Eli get into it about Gabi. She feels Gabi is his rebound from sweet Lani. Eli reminds her what Lani did to him and to JJ. Abigail argues she was trying to protect JJ and may have been protecting Eli as well. Abigail’s stunned to hear Lani became a nun. When she mentions JJ, Eli reveals he knows where he is.

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At the DiMera mansion, Gabi informs Chad that once she gets her hands on the shares, he is out of there. Chad takes a call from Kristen, who has a proposition.

Kate arrives at the loft and grills Gina – Stefano needs to know when he can come back. She calls her an inbred moron for not staying ahead of the police. Gina slaps her across the face. Rafe appears and asks what’s going on.

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