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Princess Gina arrives home to John. She had a rough day and wants to share a bottle of wine. She’s secretly happy to learn Marlena’s working late. “Hope” tells him the lie about Rolf throwing Jenn off the balcony and pretends to kick herself for not believing Abigail. John says she’s one of the most amazing women he’s ever met aside from Doc. He hugs her.

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In Marlena’s office at the hospital, Brady struggles with devastation over his own baby as he hopes Mackenzie’s okay. marlena helps brady grieve days of our livesMarlena feels for him. She’d like to help. Brady muses that their hopes were dashed in an instant. Brady thinks his mom must think he’s crazy to love Kristen but crazy isn’t a word Marlena uses. She invites him to dinner, promising she won’t cook. Brady laughs. He doesn’t want to be a third wheel but Marlena sighs. That ship has sailed. In JJ’s room, Julie sits at JJ’s side as Eli explains the story of how JJ went to Rome to kill Kristen. Julie urges him to go to Gabi and holds JJ’s hand. He wakes up and Julie wants to call his parents. He doesn’t want them to see him this way. She nods and asks if he was really trying to kill Kristen. JJ credits Lani for calming him down. He talks about Lani becoming a nun with Kristen. Julie’s stunned. “I hardly think they’re qualified to become brides of Christ!” JJ is in pain from withdrawal and Julie tells him he’s safe. Julie rushes to get Marlena but finds Brady. She’s reluctant but admits JJ’s in terrible shape. Julie tells Brady the whole Rome story about JJ being with Kristen. Brady’s in shock. In his room, JJ sees Haley’s ghost, who tells him to let go of the pain and move on. JJ cries.

In their hotel, Kristen and Lani are looking forward to taking revenge. They’re grateful for the support of the sisters and kristen hires masseurs days of our livesKristen’s even grateful to JJ. They hold hands. Kristen has a surprise and lets two muscular men, Georgio & Luca (played by Karim El Jirari & Thomas Canes) in for massages. Lani’s uncomfortable but Kristen says they’re not escorts. Lani blushes. Later, the men massage the women as Lani gripes about Eli falling for Gabi who holds all the leverage. Kristen disagrees. She’s still got her DiMera shares. Lani thinks she deserves the company. Kristen will dangle the stock under Gabi’s nose and once she lets her guard down…Later, the men have gone and Kristen doesn’t think Brady would love her without their child. Lani gives Kristen a pep talk. Kristen calls Gabi about the stock but Gabi doesn’t pick up.

From her room at DiMera mansion, Gabi leaves a message for Eli to return her calls. She disconnects and Chad smirks. “Trouble in paradise?” Gabi kicks him out, irritated by Chad’s smugness. Chad calls himself a true DiMera and says, “You’re just a widow of a dead DiMera who wasn’t even that popular.” Gabi sneers. Eli arrives and Chad goes. Eli gabi rants to chad days of our livescalls him an ass and shares that the trip was a bust. He clues her in and she’s shocked that Lani was there becoming a nun and about JJ trying to kill Kristen. Gabi’s angered when Eli says he didn’t make the offer to Kristen. Eli snaps that JJ was a drugged-out mess. He had to help him. Gabi’s still stuck on the shares which bothers Eli. Disgusted, he moves to sleep in the guest room but Gabi begs his forgiveness. They kiss and she ignores the incoming call.

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Chad goes to Kate at the pub and fills her in on his celebration that Gabi was unable to buy Kristen’s stock. Kate gets champagne as Chad talks about his father, he looks at her pointedly. She’s the only one who knew about the shares. Kate calls him paranoid. She lies that she hasn’t been in touch with Stefano. Abby calls with shocking news.

Marlena arrives home, startled to see John hugging “Hope.” John wasn’t expecting her until later. Marlena thinks that’s obvious. gina plays on john's caring nature days of our lives“Hope” tells her about Rolf pushing Jenn over the balcony and John says Hope feels guilty about not figuring it out sooner. Marlena’s glad. She asks for time alone with her husband so “Hope” takes off to her room. Marlena wants Hope gone. It’s like there are three of them in their marriage. John says it’s Christmas. Marlena says she can move into the Horton family home. John agrees. Marlena goes to get food so John can do the deed.

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