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Christmas music plays as Evan arrives at the pub. Kate tells him to beat it but he’s there to apologize and clarify that he kissed Sonny and Sonny didn’t do anything wrong. Kate learns Sonny’s visiting Will today and hopes she got through to Will. She thinks of Evan as a predator and wants him to stay away from Sonny. Evan says it’s not going to happen. He’s not going to hit on Sonny again as long as he’s married.

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Sonny visits Will in prison, surprised he called. Will blurts that he knows Sonny kissed Evan.will wants divorce days of our lives Sonny explains what really happened and assures they’re not together. “Not yet,” Will says. Sonny’s pissed that Kate ran to him with this. Will is glad she did. He’s human and has been put in an impossible situation. Will says he took Sonny’s mom and his husband. Sonny calls it a tragic accident. Will can’t let Sonny live in limbo forever. Given Sonny’s feelings, how can they have a marriage? Sonny tears up and Will asks for a divorce. He brings up seeing Justin and his forgiveness but Will doesn’t know how any of them will get past this. Sonny says they’re trying to find forgiveness. Sonny asks if it’s about Evan. Will tears up and calls him a catalyst. Sonny thinks Will’s overreacting. Sonny still loves Will. Will wants his husband’s happiness and knows it won’t happen if he’s tethered to him. Sonny worries about their daughter but Will knows she’s in good hands. Will’s trying to love and protect him by setting him free. Sonny cries but when Will asked him to stop visiting, he knew their marriage was over. Neither had the courage to end it then. They’re both sorry andclyde threatening ben days of our lives say goodbye. In his cell, Ben is shocked by the dead rat in his bed. Clyde appears. It’s a gift from him – “A rat for a rat.” He can’t believe he snitched on him “for some fairy.” Ben didn’t take Will’s side. He told the truth. Clyde doesn’t like that Will knows about the kidnapping and he wants to tie up loose ends. Ben grabs his father and threatens not to touch his cellmate. Ben says he and Will are sort of friends now. Clyde thinks that means they’re lovers. “Someone should call Ciara and tell her she’s got competition.” Ben knows that Clyde already knows he’s in love with Ciara. Clyde doesn’t like Ben using Justin as his lawyer and thinks he might as well roll up his sleeves because he’ll certainly get the lethal injection then. Ben yells – what he’s supposed to do then? Clyde urges his son to think outside the box. He goes and Will appears, sullen. Ben tells him to watch his back since his dad’s out of solitary, then notices he’s upset and asks what’s up. Will shares the bad news.

At Titan, Xander notices this lockbox isn’t his. He blames Ciara, thinking she tried to make offxander can't get into lockbox days of our lives with his box. Ciara calls him paranoid. How would she even get it open? Xander remembers hearing her drill something at home. Ciara lies that it was hers but Xander doesn’t believe her. He asks to see the box. When she tries to refuse, he fires her. Ciara threatens to go to her grandfather. They argue about who Victor will listen to. Xander decides Victor won’t allow him to fire Bo’s daughter so he asks to see the lockbox tomorrow.

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At SPD, Abigail rushes to Rafe and “Hope” to tell them Dr. Rolf was the one who pushed Jennifer off the balcony. “Hope” praises God and crosses herself. They go and see it for themselves and realize Rolf must have taken his thumb drive back. “Hope” apologizes to Abigail. abigail confronts "Hope" days of our livesThey’ll put out an APB on Rolf. Everyone separates.

Abby meets Rafe at Salem Inn but Rolf has already cleared out. Rafe calls Hope and learns she’s left for the day. He’s puzzled and admits that he overheard her on a call talking about leaving the country to see Shawn and Belle. Abigail’s baffled. Shawn and Belle are coming to Salem for the holidays. Both of them notice how strangely she’s been acting. They commiserate and wonder what Hope’s protecting.

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Princess Gina returns home and Stefano grins. She called to say she was in trouble so he fixed it Stefano kiss gina days of our livesand made it look as if Rolf pushed Jennifer off the balcony. Gina’s thrilled but asks how he replaced her on the footage. He blackmailed the forensics expert and flashes to calling the man and threatening to tell his son and wife that he knows Buck bribed his ivy league university to get in. Gina asks what it means for Rolf. Stevano says he’ll take one for the team.

At the park, Evan asks Sonny how things went with Will.

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