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At the hospital, Eric and Sarah wait on the test results for Mackenzie as Xander paces nearby. In Marlena’s office, she offers to get the baby’s test results and give them to Sarah since Kayla wants to go home to help Justin move in. Marlena is happy about this. Kayla calls it a fresh start since neither lived there with their spouses. Kay wishes she had closure with Steve. She didn’t expect Steve to sign divorce papers. It was hurtful and unlike him. Marlena’s sorry. Back in Sarah’s room, her fever has dropped and Sarah goes to check on the lab while Eric gets to know his daughter. kayla reveals move in with Justin days of our livesOutside, Sarah updates Xander and tries to calm him and get him to cut Eric some slack. She appreciates Xander being there. Marlena arrives and won’t give results to Xander. She goes with Sarah into the baby’s room and shares that Mackenzie has neuroblastoma. Sarah gasps. Eric’s confused. She says their daughter has cancer. Marlena says it’s metastasized. Sarah sobs and Eric goes into shock. Marlena’s sorry. An oncologist will come by tomorrow to discuss treatment. Sarah assumes it’ll be chemo, radiation, and surgery. Marlena urges them not to give up hope. She hugs Eric and leaves, running into Xander. She invites him to her office for the bad news.

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Ciara returns home and sees Justin with boxes in his arms. He explains he’s moving in with Kayla. Ciara’s happy for them. Justin heads upstairs for the last box as Ben calls. Ben tells Ciara his lawyer quit. Ciara’s angered. She decides to go to Xander and get his confession from him. Ben begs her not to. She disconnects and Justin returns to tell her Mickey’s sick. Upset, she realizes now isn’t the time for her to bother Xander. Justin offers to help. Ciara hesitates then says it’s about Ben. Ciara fills Justin in on her thoughts that Victor and Xander set Ben up. Justin promises not to tell a soul. He worries about the risks she’s taking. Ciara wants to confront Xander directly since Ben’s lawyer just quit but Justin calls that a terrible idea. Xander will never confess and once he knows she’s gunning for him, all bets are off. Ciara concedes not to confront him. Justin knows Victor won’t confess either and has an idea.

In his room at Casa DiMera, Chad’s upset to get a text from his father saying he knows Gabi stranded him in Salem and sent Eli in his place to get Kristen’s shares. Chad insists he wasn’t lying. He’s working on it. Chad offers to call but Stefano only wants to be left in the loop. He refuses a call, leaving Chad mystified.

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Abby happy Hope opened Eve case days of our lives

At The Bistro, “Hope” decides to officially reopen Eve’s case. Abigail’s grateful. They hug.

Abby returns home and learns that Gabi sent Eli to Rome in his place and all other flights were grounded. Soon, they’ll know if Kristen sold Gabi her shares. Abby learns that Gabi tried to evict them. She’s frustrated. She tells Chad that she thinks Hope’s hiding something. She wishes she could prove if the video footage was real. chad and abby talk hope hiding something days of our livesChad says she can. He’ll call someone.

Princess Gina returns home. She explains to Stefano that her plans with John were derailed when she found Jennifer and Abigail on the balcony. She had to do damage control especially since Abigail became suspicious of her statement. Stevano’s disconcerted. Gina can’t find her vanity so Stefano says Rolf took it out to get a scratch fixed. Gina shares that she reopened Jenn and Eve’s case. Stefano thinks it’s a good idea but thinks his wife’s “impudence” is wearing off on his son. They call Abby a thorn in their side. If nothing changes, “It might be necessary to have Abigail removed from the picture permanently,” Stefano says.

At her condo, Kayla finds a wedding photo of her and Steve and isn’t sure what to do with it. Justin arrives with his belongings and they kiss. Later, they dine and Justin says he’s grateful to have fallen in love again. So is Kayla. She loves him. “Is it the dimples?” Justin asks, jokingly. She says they are irresistible. Justin tells her about taking over Ben’s case.

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In prison, Ben fantasizes that Xander knows Ciara betrayed hisxander fantasy days of our lives 2 family. Xander shows Ben a necktie and says he killed Ciara. Ben calls Xander names and reaches for him but Xander only laughs. Ben looks ill and calls Ciara back. He learns she didn’t confront Xander but has a better idea from Ben’s new lawyer – Justin. She told him everything. Ben’s psyched.

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