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Princess Gina rants her way into the loft about how irritating Abigail is. Stefano learns she wanted access to Eve’s case files. Neither thinks this is good news. Stevano shares that Chad’s in Italy trying to procure Kristen’s shares. They discuss Rolf helping them with the shares and Stevano worries that he hasn’t heard from his son yet. Gina says he has eyes and ears everywhere. Stefano yells, “It’s not enough!” He hates having to depend on others and complains. Gina thinks it’s gauche to obsess over money. Stefano scoffs that she enjoys spending it. She does. She heads to see John “while his wife is hard at work.”

Abby visits Jennifer in her hospital room with the news that she looked at jenn and abby talk eve's case days of our livesEve’s case files but found nothing yet. Jenn’s been reading news from the Spectator, hoping to spark a memory and says she had a flash while plugging in the flash drive to putting one in the laptop at the Bistro but Abby checks her notes and says there wasn’t one left behind. They realize something was on that drive that Rolf is willing to protect. Abby suggests they go to Hope once they have something concrete, not now, since she’s not supportive. Reluctantly, Abs wants to take her mom to the Bistro to retrace her steps. Jenn agrees.

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Chad arrives at the pub and when Kate asks what he wants, he says, “Gabi DiMera’s head on a platter.” Kate hopes he has an idea of how to take back DiMera. He has a plan but it’s taken a hit. kate learns chad spoke stefano days of our livesHe reluctantly tells her about Kristen dumping her shares and he wants to convince her to sell them to him, but Eli beat him to it. Kate thinks he’s sulking. Chad receives a text from Stefano and Kate leans in, shocked to see it. He tells her everything and she asks him to text back. He doesn’t want to disappoint his father so is trying to figure out what to say. Kate knows Stefano and it’d take a lot more for him to disappoint his father than this. Chad thanks her. She steals his pickle and goes back to work. He texts his father that he’s closing the deal and will be in touch soon. Stefano texts back that he has complete confidence in him.

Gabi arrives at Julie’s Place. She tells Julie Eli’s on an important mission to Italy. She explains everything. Julie doesn’t like that idea. Julie’s sorry that she hasn’t resolved things with Chad happily. Julie realizes all her past anger for Gabi had no place in her life. She regrets treating Gabi badly and apologizes. Gabi’s sorry too and she gets it. Things that grief will do are things you take to your grave, she tells the older woman. Julie’s curiosity is piqued. Gabi covers, saying she said awful things about Julie. Julie shrugs. Gabi regrets what she did to Lani. Julie asks what she did. She admits she made Lani beg on her knees for Stefan’s heart. Julie shrugs that off too. After the way Lani has hurt Eli, Julie thinks Gabi’s better for her grandson. Julie pours the wine and is sorry for keeping Gabi but Gabi’s enjoying herself. They drink to second chances and unexpected friendships.

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In Italy, both Eli and Lani are shocked to see one another in the convent. Lani asks how he found her but he just wants to know why she’s “dressed like a nun.” She reveals she’ll be one after she takes her final vows. Eli says her dad told him she was in a committed relationship. She is. “With God.” He says he’s there to find Kristen DiMera on DiMera business. As they talk, he reveals he’s Gabi’s head of security and is sharing Gabi’s bed. Lani’s stunned and calls this cruel. “Cruel?” Eli asks, outraged. He says Gabi has shown him love. Lani shouts, “You’re in love with her?” She sobs and Eli goes out for air. Outside, Kristen’s met with JJ, brandishing a gun. JJ threatens kristens life days of our livesHe asks why she’s dressed like a nun. She explains she’s taking her vows. JJ laughs bitterly. Kristen’s sorry for the things she’s done and wants to atone. JJ starts sniping that it wasn’t Haley’s fault that Kristen’s baby died. His hand shakes uncontrollably and Kristen says she never meant to hurt Haley. She had post-partum depression. She learned that revenge only creates more issues. This doesn’t talk JJ down so she tells him to get it done with. She closes her eyes. She was going to kill herself but she calls that a sin. They chat away about Kristen’s past, her miscarriages and how she used to be a good person until she lost her first baby. JJ speaks out on burying two lovers. Kristen starts to welcome death at JJ’s hand and begs him to do it, telling him it’s okay. Eli arrives, shocked at the scene. He asks what he’s doing here and where the gun came from. JJ says it’s his gun. He followed him. Lani appears. She tries to stop JJ.

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Abby wheels Jennifer to the square and they look up at the Bistro balcony then head inside. Jennifer recalls walking to the balcony. abby and jenn at bistro days of our livesAbby helps her from the chair so she can retrace those steps. Downstairs, Princess Gina stumbles as she sees Jenn and Abby on the above balcony, while Jennifer explains what she saw the night she fell off. Jenn had remembered Will giving her Rolf’s flash drive. She holds a flash drive Abby hands her and recalls slipping it in the laptop. She slips the one she has into Abby’s computer.

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Kate walks into Princess Gina’s loft and Stefano thinks it’s Gina. He tells her not to worry. His son has the Kristen deal close to closing. Kate says, “No he doesn’t. Your son is lying to you.”

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