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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander worries when he learns Eric took Mackenzie. He feels as if he’s on the outside now and begs Sarah to fill him in on what happened. Sarah holds his hand and lets him know Eric agreed to shared custody if she dumps Xander from their lives. Angry, Xander calls Eric spiteful. Sarah admits that Eric wants Mickey safe and thinks Xander’s the reason Mickey was kidnapped. Xander flashes to his confession letter and storms out to talk to Eric. He returns shortly after. He wanted to beat sense into Eric but can’t do that to her. Xander thinks Eric is right. He does put Mickey at risk and he won’t stand by and put her relationship with her daughter at risk. Sarah tears up. What about how Xander feels? It’ll kill him to walk away. He’s always wanted a place in this house and family. He’s been the happiest in his life with her and because of that, her happiness has to come first. He moves to leave and she calls his name then goes to him and kisses him passionately.

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At the pub, Kate and Roman meet Eric’s baby girl. Kate muses that babies are adorable until they grow up and stop calling you. Roman calls her Debbie Downer and she goes off to get coffee while Eric talks about his disappointment in Sarah and lack of forgiveness for Nicole. Roman asks him to forgive Nicole, reminding him that even though he missed some of Eric’s childhood, they’re close now. Kate returns with coffee for Eric and tells him once a liar always a liar. Roman shakes his head at her. Eric leaves and Roman lightly berates her for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Kate asks what he’ll do about it. Fire her? Roman calls her his best waitress. They debate over whether or not Kate should stick to slinging hash. Kate thinks Eric deserves someone better than Nicole and not Sarah with whom she calls worse.

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At Basic Black, a hungover Nicole kicks herself for drinking too much last nicole nurses hangover days of our livesnight and apologizes for drinking in front of Brady. Brady says it’s fine. She frets over Eric’s lack of forgiveness and Brady thinks his brother just needs time. He takes her for a walk.

At the interrogation room at SPD, “Hope” is aghast upon learning that Abigail spoke to Eve in prison about her case and she now believes Eve’s being framed. Abigail wants to look at all case files. Hope says Eve had means, and the motive to commit the crime. All evidence points to Eve. She refuses to produce abby wants eve's case files days of our livesthe case files as Rafe pokes his head in and asks why not. Abigail fills Rafe in on Eve’s story and Rafe asks why Hope’s keeping the files from Abby. “Hope” tries to convince Abby that she’ll be traumatizing her mother by opening them. Abby decides to do it anyway and when she heads to the records room, Rafe asks “Hope” to tell him what’s going on with her. She’s been acting out of character a lot. He asks if she’s stressed out over work. She appreciates his concern but they’re no longer married. Rafe agrees. He’s just concerned. She asks him to focus more on his job and goes, leaving him looking confused. Later, Abigail goes through the files as “Hope” looks on, disconcertedly.

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At the hospital, Jennifer confides in Marlena about JJ’s issues and Marlena tells Jenn about Eric having a baby with Sarah and reveals all the lies surrounding the paternity. Marlena’s not sure Eric and Nicole will survive this. Talk turns to Hope moving into the townhouse and how Marlena can’t get rid of her. Jennifer laughs and doubts she’s really jealous. Once Marlena leaves, Jennifer has a memory of putting the flash drive into the laptop the night she was shoved off the balcony. She gasps.

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Eric runs into Brady and Nicole in the square. It’s uncomfortable and Eric runs away. Brady follows Eric to the park and reminds his brother of how much Nicole loves him. Brady thinks of all he has lost and encourages his brother to forgive Nicole, calling her threatened and insecure and worried he’d leave her for Sarah. Eric snipes asking if this is his fault. Brady says no – it’s his fault for blackmailing Nicole. So much has come between them, can he blame Nicole for thinking it’d happen again? Eric can’t get over it. Brady asks if he’ll turn his back on Holly. Eric will be there for her. Nicole walks up as Eric says he’ll never be with Nicole. Nic and Brady head back to the square and she bemoans her fate.

Rafe arrives at the pub, glum. Kate asks what’s wrong. He asks if she’s noticed Hope’s been ‘off’ lately. Kate snickers, thinking that’s nothing new. Rafe says she’s like a different person.

Eric arrives at the hospital with Mickey. Marlena looks at the baby, troubled.

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