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At Princess Gina’s place, “Stefano” tells Gina Kristen is about to become a nun. Gina laughs. Stefano says she’ll give her DiMera shares to the church. She needs to be stopped.

In Italy, Kristen tells Lani once they take their final vows, everything will change. They prepare to say goodbye to their old lives. Lani calls Abe. He’s shocked to hear from her and misses her. She says she’s fine and in a good place, committed to someone else. She’s not returning to Salem. They say I love yous and later disconnect. Kristen knows how hard that was. She is happy to learn Jennifer is awake since they were friends and worries what Jenn will think about what happened with Haley. Lani knows Kristen was heartbroken over losing her baby.

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In the square, Eli tells Gabi a rumor is going around that a significant amount of stock is being dumped. Gabi asks him to find out who is dumping it and get them to sell it to her.

At the pub, Chad and Abigail are served by Kate, their waitress. Chad smiles. kate a waitress days of our livesHe’s not used to seeing her as a waitress. It’s been a year, Kate says. Get used to it. She gets them the usual and Roman tells her she’s a natural. He flashes back to Kate complaining about being done with the corporate world after Victor dumped her as CEO. Roman reminded her she used to be a waitress and gave her an order to take to customers. She didn’t need the money but admitted it felt good not to have people stabbing you in the back at work. Roman grinned. At their table, Abs tells Chad about JJ wanting to get in touch with Kristen to avenge Haley’s death. Stefano texts and asks Chad to go to Rome and get the DiMera stock back from Kristen. Nearby, Kate flashes to handing over her tips to Roman the first time waitressing and how Roman offered her the job. Abigail asks Kate to sit a spell. They talk about enjoying their new careers and Kate says she can see how Abby makes Chad really happy. She warns that Gabi’s become ruthless this past year, then goes back to work. Roman strolls up. He and Abby discuss Eve. Roman says since it’s a closed case, she can access police evidence. Grateful, Abs calls Hope.

A disheveled JJ visits Jennifer at the hospital. He’s sorry he missed Thanksgiving. jj visits jenn hospital days of our livesShe assumes he was avoiding it since he’s missing Haley. JJ realizes Jack told her. Jenn’s so sorry and tears up. She wants to help. He doesn’t see how. Jenn asks him to call Marlena. JJ feels worse and storms off. He eyes a nearby drug cart then steals some pills and pops them, pocketing some for later. In Jenn’s room, Kristen calls to say she’s grateful Jenn woke up. Jenn’s sorry about Kristen’s baby. Kristen brings up Haley and swears she never meant to hurt her. She was so shocked that her baby died and reacted. It happened so fast. She left Salem because she couldn’t live with herself. JJ returns and hears Kristen’s name and grabs the phone. roman visits jenn hospital days of our livesHe asks where Kristen is. She can’t tell him and though she wants to see him, it’s impossible. JJ damns her and disconnects. Roman arrives and JJ runs off. They discuss Eve’s possible innocence and Abby going to Hope for help.

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Back at Gina’s, Stefano says Chad’s taking care of Kristen. Talk turns to Eve being the pawn in Jennifer’s “fall.” There are ways of circumventing Jenn from remembering. “Hope” answers Abby’s call about Eve and agrees to meet at SPD. Gina disconnects and worries chad and gabi discuss paris days of our livesAbby’s nosing around.

Chad finds Gabi and Eli in the square and asks to take the company jet to Paris. Eli leaves and Gabi asks to go with Chad. Uneasy, Chad agrees but Gabi can’t fly today. It’s Ari’s dance recital. Chad texts Stefano with the news that he’ll be in Rome tonight with Gabi not wise to it.

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In the park, Abe fills Eli in on talking to Lani. Eli becomes bitter. He’s happy with Gabi. Abe supposes that’s good. Eli shrugs. Lani means nothing to him. He asks Abe not to bring her up again. They part ways eli bitter to abe days of our livesand JJ appears, popping pills.

Eli returns to Gabi and repeats what Abe said. Gabi calls that good news. Eli says Chad is going to Rome, not Paris. And the stock being dumped is Kristen’s. JJ appears nearby and eavesdrops as Gabi tells Eli to intercept Chad seeing Kristen in Rome. JJ follows Eli.

In Italy, Kristen and Lani try not to let their phone calls stop them from looking to their new lives, devoted to God.

Abby meets “Hope” at SPD. She asks to see the evidence against Eve. “Hope” looks concerned as Abby states she doesn’t think Eve’s the one who pushed her mama from the balcony that night.

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