will yells at clyde for stabbing ben days of our lives
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In the Horton square, Brady calls Nicole and learns she hasn’t heard from Eric since yesterday. She frets and regrets waiting to tell him. Brady says he loves her. “You have terrible taste,” she grumps. They disconnect and Brady runs into Rafe and David, (played by Caleb & Kyler Ends). Brady says he’s shopping for Tate and asks Rafe not to take David for granted. Rafe’s sorry for Brady’s loss.

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Eric arrives home to get a few things. He’s staying with his dad. Nicole begs for his forgiveness. Eric missed the first year of his daughter’s life because of her. She knows that and knows he can’t forgive her overnight. Eric cries and yells. He could have been a father to Mackenzie and a husband to Nicole. Nic sobs. Eric tells her she broke what they had and can’t put it back together. She hands him the ring box as he glares.

At the Kiriakis estate, Victor assumes Xander didn’t write the confession to get the baby back. Xander flashes to writing it and tells his uncle not to worry. His secret is safe. Victor doesn’t agree. Xander vows to find out who texted him and kidnapped his kid. “You mean Eric Brady’s kid,” Vic clarifies. Xander still thinks of himself as Mickey’s dad. Mickey does too. He won’t step aside. Victor warns that things will change. What if Sarah finds out about his secret? Up in Ciara’s room, Sarah catches Ciara trying to drill her way into Xander’s lockbox. Ciara lies that she lost her key to her old lockbox. There are old love letters in there. Sarah laughs. Hasn’t she heard of scrapbooking? They talk about Mickey and Sarah worries the kidnapping was burned into her psyche somehow. They talk about Mickey’s biological dad Eric and how Xander’s a loving father. Sarah goes and Ciara starts drilling the box. Sarah goes to get her kid and takes her downstairs where she explains the noise from the drilling to Xander. Xander knows things will change but he’d like to stay part of Mackenzie’s life. He loves her – and Sarah. Eric arrives wanting to talk custody. Xander reluctantly gives them space. Sarah apologizes for not telling him about Mickey. She didn’t want him to be obligated. Sarah urges him to forgive Nicole. He can’t. He agrees to share custody on one condition. Meanwhile, in her room, Ciara gets the lockbox open and rummages through it. There’s nothing she can work with to force Xander into a confession.

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In prison, Will screams, “Ben!” when during their struggle with the shiv, clyde stabs ben days of our livesBen is stabbed in the gut. Will rips off his shirt and helps Ben hold it against the wound. Clyde tries to help but Will bats him away and calls for the guard. The guard comes and Ben’s taken to the infirmary. The guard doesn’t know what to believe as Clyde and Will argue over what happened so he takes Clyde to the infirmary. Will shares that the cut wasn’t deep. He had a few stitches. Clyde asks Ben to lie for him. Ben says he and his dad were fighting over the knife and he got caught. “He was attacking my cellmate.”ben horrified father stabbed him days of our lives Clyde is pissed and threatens that Ben shouldn’t have done that. He’s hauled off to solitary.

Sonny visits Evan at Rafe’s with his scarf that he left there. They share some pie and Evan’s grateful Sonny invited him for Thanksgiving. Sonny’s glad he came. It’s the first big holiday without his mom. Evan says, “And without Will?” Sonny flashes to last Thanksgiving and reading Ari’s list of things she’s grateful for and canoodling and kissing. Evan is grateful for having a new friend in Sonny, and for his job. Rafe walks in with David. Evan walks Sonny out and they hug. Evan aggressively takes Sonny in a kiss. Sonny backs away and Evan apologizes. He knows Sonny’s married. Sonny says it’s okay and goes. Evan kicks himself. He goes inside and Rafe asks if he and Sonny are dating. Evan says no but he’s into him. Rafe thinks he comes with a lot of baggage though he’s a great guy. Rafe would hate to see Evan get hurt. Meanwhile, on Sonny’s way home, he thinks of Will.

Victor runs into Brady in the square. He wants to move past their issues. “Move past kicking me when I’m down,” Brady says. Victor loves him. Brady scoffs asking why he ripped the CEO position from him. Vic says Brady just lost a child and he didn’t think he was in a position to run the company. Brady shakes his head unhappily and goes.

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At Eric’s, Xander finds Nicole and asks why she decided to spill the beans now. She tells him about the proposal and how she couldn’t marry him with the lie hanging over them. Xander’s angry, thinking the child will bring them together. He goes and Nic calls Brady for support.

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Ben calls Ciara from prison and she explains how there’s nothing in the lockbox they can use against Xander. She says she bought another lockbox to replace this one. Ben groans in pain and lies that he pulled a muscle when Ciara asks if he’s okay. Later, back in his cell, Will’s amazed that Ben admitted what really happened. “You saved my life. This makes us even,” Will says. The men shake hands and Ben warns that his dad will be gunning for them.

Xander almost catches Ciara putting his lockbox back in his office. She covers.

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