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At the prison, Ben can’t believe Ciara left her family on Thanksgiving “for this God-forsaken place.” Ciara slips him the bit of Xander’s confession she fished out of the fire. Ciara is going to keep working on finding evidence for him. Ben’s grateful and kisses her hand before she goes. Ben and ciara read confession letter days of our livesIn his cell, Will journals until Clyde walks up, noting he’s all alone without protection. Will tells him to get lost. A guard appears and Will asks him to take “this creep back to his cell.” Clyde reminds Earl he takes good care of him with whiskey and cigars. The guard hesitates but does so. Will smiles widely, looking puzzled. He asks the guard to get him out of there but instead, Earl locks them in. Clyde wants alone time with him and wants to take him down a peg. Will thinks he wants sex but Clyde doesn’t swing that way – even in prison. He pulls out a shiv. Clyde thinks Will leaked his involvement in the kidnapping. Will said nothing and won’t. He panics and Ben comes in and grabs his father and yells to keep his hands off. They struggle with the shiv.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Kayla’s surprised to hear Justin ask her to move in with him. abe endorses kayla and justin days of our livesThey grin wildly at each other but Kayla hopes he doesn’t expect to have an answer now. Abe appears on official business. He brings up the Turkey Trot and is proud of Justin and Sonny for entering. They chit chat and Abe’s thrilled to see them happy together. They’re grateful. He goes and Kayla tells Justin she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, moving in. She’s sorry but doesn’t want to rush things. He gets it but is disappointed. Kay doesn’t want to intrude on his memories of Adrienne there.

At home, John and Marlena wonder if Stefano’s the one who sent the bouquet of flowers to Marlena. Marlena has doubts and they ponder how he could have escaped prison. Marlena gets agitated as they discuss it. Why would Stefano return now? John doesn’t think he’d want Gabi to run his company. John plans on calling the ISA and getting a team together but Doc thinks they’re jumping to conclusions. Maybe it’s “Sam from the deli.” Marlena and John debate who sent flowers days of our livesJohn doesn’t think he’s her admirer. Talk turns to Hope being John’s secret admirer. They rehash their previous discussion, disagreeing on whether or not Hope is into John. Abe turns up and they give him an earful. Abe gives John the Turkey Trot medal. He won the run against Sonny and Justin. John says it’s weird not having Steve judge this year. Marlena wonders if Steve sent the flowers. Abe checks the card. It’s not Stefano’s handwriting. Besides, Stefano had stage four cancer and diabetes. Abe agrees to call Celeste to see if she has any psychic insight. He goes and John is skeptical but Marlena would do anything to know if Stefano’s alive or dead.

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At her loft, Princess Gina reveals her new portrait of Stefano DiMera and it looks like Steve Johnson. Steve gets up out of his chair and looks at it angrily. “I suppose it’ll have to do.” stefano hates steves body days of our livesGina’s offended. She worked hard on this painting. Steveano is still coming to terms with having Steve Johnson’s body as well as his face. He looks at his old portrait longingly. Gina reminds him his old body had diabetes and cancer. He knows but still gripes. Gina calls him ungrateful, then feels him up and smacks his butt. “This is nothing to complain about,” she says, a twinkle in her eye. At least he has a synthetic eye and doesn’t have to wear a patch. Gina thinks Stefano was a genius to incarcerate Steve before the process began. Stefano says Kayla had to believe he abandoned her. Hope shrugs. She’s now “sleeping with” Justin. Stefano doesn’t care. He only cares about his Queen of the Night. Gina says he hasn’t laid eyes on his Queen in decades. Gina calls Marlena judgy and insufferable. They drink and Stefano tells the Princess about his plan to rip John and Marlena apart. Talk turns to Sami and how she won’t let him anywhere near Elvis. Later, they replace the old portrait with the Steveano portrait.

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At Kayla’s place, as she and Justin watch football, Kayla’s mind is on Steve. Justin understands. It’s because they watched football together. He thought of Adrienne during the Turkey Trot. They agree to start a new tradition and watch a black and white romantic comedy with Cary Grant in it instead.

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Ciara returns to the office and starts to attempt to open Xander’s lockbox.

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