Nicole rushes around looking for her keys at the manse, when she bumps into EJ. She's late for a doctor's appointment, so EJ asks to come along. EJ has an appointment but this is more important, he says, so they leave together.

Sami wakes up to the smell of coffee in the safe house. Rafe admits he spoke with his boss about her when she slept. Sami gets on the defensive, but Rafe says he didn't spill her secret. He checked up on her, since she's been such a liar. Sami says she was forthright last night and tells him, "Why don't you go back to your dumb earphones, stick them in your dumb ears…." She pouts, arms crossed over her chest, until Rafe tells her Nicole was released from jail and is living at the DiMera mansion! Sami panics and yells that she has to call her mom and get her to get Johnny away from Nicole. Rafe tells her Nicole's not the number one suspect any longer, but this doesn't calm Sami. He reminds her she's going nowhere. She's in witness protection. Sami worries her son is living with a killer. Rafe's sure EJ won't let anything happen to her kid but Sami refuses. Rafe laughs and tells her for all she knows, Nicole Walker could have been set up in the first place. Sami rants that EJ could have had his pick of any woman. She scrubs plates as she rants and calls Nicole vicious names. Rafe snickers. He finally gets what's going on. "Why you've been acting like a maniac. You're still in love with EJ DiMera."

Chloe pokes around in her purse for money to pay Pete for her take-out when Brady arrives. "This should cover it," he says and Chloe spins around. "Brady!" He tells her he has finished treatment and came back to see her. She is surprised and he says he wanted to sort out what was their marriage. Chloe says she was self-consumed and he got into drugs. She's gotten past the anger but he hasn't gotten past the guilt. He remembers his commitment to her to make her happy and he failed. "I will never forgive myself for that. I was just hoping you can." Chloe reminds him that it's not all his fault. She knew he wasn't happy living in Europe. Brady counters that he should have supported her! He has lost the one person he cared for the most. Chloe cries that she should have helped steer him away from hurting himself. They realize they've matured and they decide to forgive each other. Chloe forgives him for giving up on their marriage. She takes his hand and asks for forgiveness in abandoning him when he needed her most. Brady forgives her and holds her as she cries. He says he's not sure he's back in Salem for good and heard from Marlena that Sami's in witness protection. Chloe says it's sad, she's away from family and her kids but her heart's not breaking. He asks if she and Lucas are taking care of Allie and Chloe apologizes that she should have told him. He wants to know if she's happy. "Lucas and I get along really well, "she says and asks about John. He shares how things went badly. She mentions how John and Nicole are friends and how she and Nicole are friends, too. Brady laughs and thinks she is kidding but she explains Nicole has changed!

Melanie remembers getting the anonymous note and compares the paper in the desk at the Horton house. The pages match up. She says, "Nick!" Nick comes quietly through the kitchen door and gazes at Melanie. He asks what she was so focused about. Melanie says she was daydreaming and gives him Maggie's message. She feigns headache and is off to lie down. Nick reminds her she left her purse behind and grabs her. "I can tell something's bothering you," he says. She lies that things are great and says, "I'm living with an insane person who's trying to ruin my life, what else could be wrong?" She shows him the paper. "Look familiar," she asks and shows him her anonymous note. She thought he was her friend and cries that she confided in him, only to find out he was terrorizing her. "The note, the phone call, this was you the whole time!" She asks if this is how he cares for somebody and he admits that he was the one who sent the note and made the anonymous call. She wants to know why and he says he had his reasons. Melanie remembers him asking her all sorts of questions and is appalled. She admits Max confessed that Nick professed his love for her. He thought she was trying to scare her into having power over her. He denies it. He did it so he could protect her. Melanie yells how, and he says he was at the cemetery. He saw what happened. She asks if he killed her father. He flashes back to doing so but tells her, "No. You did!" Melanie's eyes flash and she starts to sob. She begs that he tell her everything. Nick says he knew she was worried about Trent so he showed up at the cemetery and saw them arguing. He saw her stab Trent hard in the back, and fainted and fell and hit her head. Melanie continues to cry and says, "So I murdered my father." She panics and has to go to the police. He stops her and says she could go to jail for life. She says they'll find out eventually anyway but Nick says they can leave Salem. He tells her to go pack. He knows that Nicole's off on bail and it's only a matter of time before Hope and Bo show up. Melanie worries if she goes away it'll make her look guilty. Nick says she may be able to lie convincingly but he can't. Melanie's conflicted but Nick rushes her. She runs upstairs to pack.

Bo goes into his office and Hope tells him she can't stop thinking about Nicole telling them about the man at the cemetery she saw. Hope makes a call to the cemetery and tells Bo that Nicole's statement may pan out. Ray Jackson was on duty, unofficially, she says, according to one of her sources. Ray steals headstones and plaques from the graveyard and gets big money from the black market. Bo snickers.

Nicole and EJ arrive at the hospital for Nicole's examination. "Everything seems fine," says Daniel, after examining Nicole. He tells them their next appointment is an ultrasound. They may be able to determine sex, he says. They smile at each other. Nicole wants to know, but EJ wants to find out when the baby's born. Nicole's partial to the scout's mode, "You know, Be Prepared!" In the end, they decide to wait, but Daniel tells them that they may find out accidentally if the baby turns, during the ultrasound. They giggle and EJ tells her not to peek. He dashes out for a quick call and Nicole asks Daniel about sex. Daniel says the baby is protected by the amniotic sac so they can feel free to have sex. EJ returns with a kiss and goes outside Nicole's door to ask Daniel about sex! He wonders if it would be safe.

Hope and Bo arrive at Cheatin' Heart and find Ray Jackson, who is about six feet. It has to be the guy Nicole saw, she says and they ask Ray to tell them the truth this time about being at the cemetery the night Trent Robbins was murdered. Ray says he wasn't on duty, but they know about his side business. He gives him a choice. Come to the station or spill. Ray admits he saw someone at the cemetery the night Trent Robbins was killed. He flicks through photos and points out Melanie and Nick and says he saw Nick at the cemetery.

Chloe arrives at the hospital to ask Daniel how Kate is. She can't receive visitors he says and Daniel smiles. Kate told him about Chloe's visit and how it inspired her to take the risk and go aggressive. Chloe was glad to help and calls Kate a good person - a great mother. Daniel thanks her and gets a call and leaves.

Nicole and EJ arrive home and realize they've a lot to look forward to. They start kissing passionately and EJ says he has to stop or he won't be able to. She asks why that's a problem and kisses him more. EJ removes her coat and asks her to take things upstairs. Nicole asks to meet him in his bedroom and after he goes upstairs, she says, "Yes! What am I going to wear!" Someone arrives to the door so she gets it. It's Brady! Nicole's taken aback as he says hello. Meanwhile, EJ's upstairs wondering where she is!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Melanie cries about not understanding why she can't remember killing her father.

"I'm in bed, now all I need is a girl," says EJ, who lays waiting for Nicole.

Brady tells Nicole, "I'm here, because I want to start over."

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