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In the convent, Kristen can tell Lani has a burden she’s carrying and is there for her. She urges Lani to open up. Lani admits the whole sordid story about Gabi forcing Lani to dump Eli or she’d give Julie a heart attack with an app that is connected to Julie’s pacemaker. “That bitch!” Kristen seethes and then asks for God’s forgiveness as she crosses herself for her profane language. Then she tells Lani that “bitch should burn in hell,” before she says only God can judge. Lani hates Gabi and talks about forgiveness. Kristen knows she’s done unforgivable things but Lani stops her. “You didn’t mean for Haley to die. It was an accident.” Kristen talks about losing the baby and burying the child and how Brady never left her side. She’s overcome with emotion and says not even when the DA was pressing charges. Lani assumes he still loves her. Kristen thinks he was just doing the right thing. She cries and Lani consoles her as she tries to be at peace about never seeing the love of her life again.

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Gabi finds Eli in the sitting room at the DiMera house and wants to take a relaxing bath with him. Eli’s in a bad mood. He shares that Chad left his laptop open just so he’d take a look and so he did, but Abby busted him. Gabi thinks more than ever that Chad and Abs are hiding something.

At Julie’s Place, Julie reassures Abigail that she had an examination and her heart’s doing just fine. They talk about JJ losing his sparkle since Haley passed away. JJ jj and julie hold hands days of our livesappears and corrects Julie. “She didn’t pass away. Kristen murdered her.” JJ apologizes for jumping at her but Julie understands. She squeezes his hand and goes to the kitchen. Abby’s glad to dine with him. She knows he’s struggling. He is. She’s sorry and hates that she was the one who had to tell him. JJ doesn’t think Kristen feels guilt for killing the sweetest woman he’s known. He asks if Chad has kept in touch with Kristen because he wants to know where she is. Abigail asks why he wants to know and JJ gets upset and takes off. Julie returns with lunch and Abs has her box it up. Julie invites her over after she visits her mom on Thanksgiving. Eli and Gabi will be there. Abigail tries to look happy. Julie can’t believe they’re one big happy family.

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At Eric’s, Nicole sobs on the floor with the diamond engagement ring in her hand, thinking about Eric’s proposal and her admission that she kept his kid from him. Brady arrives with work but once he sees her face, he holds her as she cries that it’s over between her and Eric. Nicole confesses that Eric learned he’s the father of Sarah’s baby, not Xander. Brady reminds Nic there was a paternity test but Nic says it was faked. Brady tries to wrap his head around it. Both feel it’s wonderful but Nic confesses she knew for an entire year. She comes clean about the whole story. She wishes she would have trusted in his love. Brady learns of the proposal and tries to comfort Nicole as she berates herself. Brady agrees this wasn’t one of her best moves but Eric will forgive her. Nic’s not so sure. He flashes to Nicole comforting him over losing his baby, crying on each other’s shoulders.

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Eric barges into the Kiriakis mansion and apologizes to Maggie xander kisses sarah days of our livesbut he needs to see Sarah. Maggie lets him know that the baby was found and is upstairs with her father and mother. Eric cringes and says Xander’s not Mackenzie’s father. “I am,” he admits. Upstairs, Xander kisses Sarah. She kisses him back then puts the baby to bed. Once she’s gone, Xander slaps himself in the head for kissing her so impetuously. Downstairs, after hearing the whole story, Maggie is shocked that Eric really is the baby’s father. Back upstairs, Sarah returns to Xander and they discuss the kiss. While Sarah calls it “Just a kiss,” Xander denies that. “I love you,” he professes, earnestly. eric angry sarah and xander days of our livesDownstairs, Maggie asks Eric to wait another day but he can’t. He runs upstairs and interrupts Xander and Sarah to ask, “Where’s my daughter?” Sarah starts to cry and Eric yells that he knows the truth. Xandy tries to kick Eric out but Eric ignores him. He wants to see his daughter now. The baby wakes up crying and Eric asserts himself more until Maggie rushes in and yells at them for waking the baby. Eric’s told to go downstairs and Sarah will bring him the baby. Once he’s gone, Xander holds Sarah then follows Eric downstairs. Eric tells him he doesn’t need to be here but Xander argues that he’s been there for Sarah and Mickey since day one.

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