Lexi takes Theo to the park and asks him what he'd like to do today. She rhymes off a few activities, but he has a meltdown. When Lexi asks if something has upset him, it makes things worse. When Chelsea arrives, Theo runs into her arms as Lexi stares, mystified. He bangs his head on Chelsea and starts to scream, so she calms him right down by singing "The farmer in the dell..." Lexi thanks Chelsea and realizes she needs to try that sometime. Chelsea only recently heard that children with Autism have unusual sensitivities to music. Lexi knew as well, but never thought to apply it. Theo has another meltdown when Lexi tries to get Theo to show Chelsea his truck, but Chelsea tells him nobody's trying to take his truck away and asks him to show her how the truck moves. He does so and Lexi cries that she doesn't understand why he responds better with Chelsea. Chelsea tells her she's not his mother and kids always act out with their parents. Chelsea asks to spend time with Theo. She needs cheering up! Lexi says she'll go to the pub for a while.

Maggie comes into the kitchen and finds Nick there. He welcomes her back from the Green Convention and finds out Mickey's in New York on business. Nick thinks she should have gone along, but she had to get back to work. So does Nick. He starts to walk away, but Maggie mentions she has an issue with Melanie still living there. She has no place to go, says Nick. Melanie comes to the door and eavesdrops as Maggie says wherever Melanie goes, trouble follows. Melanie comes into the room and thanks Maggie for allowing her to stay. When Nick leaves, Maggie tells her that they need to get a few things straight. Maggie tells Melanie she was surprised when Nick asked her to stay. Melanie says they're just friends and shows her the friendship ring. Maggie lets Melanie know that Nick has a big heart that is sometimes a detriment. She brings up Willow, who also didn't have many friends and with whom Nick helped. Melanie never heard of her and asks what happened to her. "She died, she fell, she hit her head. It was an accident," says Maggie. Melanie is shocked and Maggie says Nick got burned from her and she doesn't want to see that happen again. If it does, Melanie will answer to her!

Outside, Nick calls a nurse, requesting her to call in his prescription, but she refuses to call it in. Angry, he winds up at University Hospital to request a new prescription. Dr. Whittaker decides this one time; he'll give him half the prescription, but needs to examine him next time. He's called into surgery. On Nick's way out, he bumps into Kayla, who asks if he's alright. He explains that he has pain and she looks at his prescription. They agree that it can be an addictive substance. Kayla thinks Nick has changed since Melanie came to town, but Nick says that's not true. Everyone else has changed! He leaves, smiling, but Kayla looks bewildered.

John arrives at Marlena's townhouse with news that he has hired a private investigator to help solve the mayor's murder, so that Samantha can be released from witness protection. Marlena is touched and reminded of the old John. When a knock comes to the door Brady stands there! A thrilled Marlena calls out his name and jumps into his arms for a big hug, while John stares, puzzled. Marlena introduces Brady, but John's indifferent. Brady says he went to see John first, but the doorman explained he wasn't there. Brady's happy to see John, but John is short with him and things are awkward. Marlena reminds him that Brady's his son, but John doesn't remember him. Brady explains he spent the last six months working on a farm in Vienna. "I thought rehab was tough," he says. It gave him time to think. Brady says he's there to make amends for what his addiction did and wanted to see his dad first, he explains, as he slaps John's knee. John jumps up, unexpectedly and tells Marlena he has somewhere to be. He leaves and Marlena apologizes. Brady knew it wouldn't be easy. Marlena admits that it takes time to warm up to him. Brady thinks they should be grateful he's alive and healthy. Marlena admits John seems to be ill, and explains his episodes. Brady starts to worry. Marlena explains his fear of hospitals and how he refuses help. She says it's partially why they're divorced. Brady thinks there is always a chance and asks her not to give up on him. She won't, but can't do it alone. Brady asks to help, which leaves Marlena tearing up. She asks him to move in with her. A knock to the door brings John, who tells her he met with his contact, who is on the case now. He sees Brady. "You're still here." Brady tells him, "You'd better get used to it, Dad, because I'm not going anywhere." Brady asks John to lunch, but he declines and asks for another time. After John leaves, Brady is upset to be a stranger to his father. Marlena comforts him and they hug.

Max goes to Kayla at the hospital and apologizes about what happened with Stephanie. Kayla tells him he didn't hurt anyone while he was looking for Melanie. If anything, they were worried about him getting hurt - and he has, by Melanie. Max tells her it's time to move on in life and love.

On a walk through the park, Max finds Melanie sitting sadly on a bench. They discuss Nick and Max shares that Nick professed his love for her. Melanie's surprised, and when Max notices her ring, he asks her to do the honest thing for once and give the ring back to Nick and stop leading him on. Melanie is tired of people thinking she's a schemer, and offended, she leaves. Chelsea finds Max just then and Theo gives him a high five. Theo plays while Max notices that Theo has lifted her spirits. Chelsea thanks Max for lifting hers last night and thanks him for being there. He asks about Kate, and they discuss Melanie and they wish they could talk sense into Nick. He tells her about the friendship ring and Chelsea says if this is truly what he wants, she wishes him luck.

Nick arrives at home again and Maggie tells him that she put Melanie on notice. Nick becomes angry but they're interrupted by a phone call. Maggie leaves the room and Nick takes one of his prescription pills. Upon her return, she finds his pills and hangs up on the caller, asking why he has them. She accuses him of being on them when he had the DUI, which leaves Nick angry and insulted. He yells at her when she reminds him that she is a recovering alcoholic and is only trying to help. Nick apologizes and says he's in a lot of pain and, as her lip quivers, she asks him to promise he'll take care of himself. She needs to get to work, but thinks they should discuss it later. After she leaves, Nick says they won't be doing that because he and Melanie are taking a trip. Melanie walks in and overhears him. He asks her to go up to the Green Mountain Lodge, but she doesn't want to. Nick becomes angry and runs out on her, so Melanie berates herself for pushing away her only friend. Later, when Nick's cell phone rings, she reluctantly takes the call. It's Maggie, who asks her to leave a message for Nick to call her. Melanie goes to the desk to find paper and a pencil, and notices the paper is the same size cut as the anonymous note she received. She goes to her purse to retrieve it and realizes Nick sent her the note!

Lexi finds Kayla and Joe at the pub. Lexi explains what happened with Theo and how she's not as skilled at helping him as Chelsea. She admits she thinks Theo would rather be with anyone but her as he must sense her nervousness. Kayla gives her a pep talk and reminisces that she too felt inept once when Stephanie had colic as a baby, and only Caroline could comfort and calm her. She knows Theo feels Lexi's love and reminds her that they can't always be the ones to comfort their children.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Daniel asks Nicole if she has any other questions. She does…about sex!

Sami asks Rafe if he's keeping something from her.

Chloe looks in her purse as Brady says, "This should cover it." Chloe turns to him and shouts, "Brady!"

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