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Credit: Image: Photo by Artem Sapegin/Unsplash

Days of our Lives will not air a new episode today. The National Dog Show will be seen in its place as usual. While we wait for our show to return Monday, we’re thinking about Haley Chen and Adrienne Kiriakis’ deaths. Haley went from having a front burner storyline dealing with immigration issues to not being seen on a regular basis to suddenly being killed off after the time jump in a short amount of time. Were you a fan of Haley’s? Do you miss her? Do you wish that the show – Dr. Rolf – would bring her back? How about Adrienne? She’s a vet who started on Days in 1986 who is a mother to Sonny Kiriakis, a popular character, and wife of Justin Kiriakis. Should the show have killed her off? Are you an Adrienne fan? Do you hope they bring back Bonnie at least in her place or do you want Rolf to bring her back? Post in’s comments to let us know your thoughts about those two deaths, the pre-empt and anything else that you want to share about the show.

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