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Jack meets Kayla by the hub in the hospital and learns Jenn had physiotherapy and is now resting. Kayla asks how Jack feels about her and Justin dating since she and Steve aren’t together. At the mention of Steve, Jack angrily calls Steve a hypocrite for abandoning her and his jack and kayla upset at hospital days of our liveskids and not showing up when his sister died. He’s near tears when he calls it “unforgivable.” Steve only sent a card. Kayla’s voice breaks as she agrees. It was the final straw for her and she had to send him divorce papers. She hoped it’d rattle him. Jack’s glad she’s with a man who treats her right. Jack admits it took time getting used to seeing her with Justin but he’s happy for them and thinks Adrienne would be too. They embrace and Jack says he’ll tell Jennifer about Adrienne soon. In her room, Jennifer tosses and turns as she dreams about the night at The Bistro. Justin startles her awake and she tells him about the dream. Unfortunately, she can’t remember exactly what happened. Justin wishes she knew. Jenn is sorry, knowing Eve swears she didn’t throw her over the balcony. Jenn brings up Adrienne. She can’t wait to celebrate their anniversaries. Justin frowns. Jack didn’t tell her. Justin tears up and admits Adrienne died. Jennifer cries. She learns her cancer didn’t return and wishes she was there for them. Justin talks about being in a bad place after Adrienne’s death and how he got close with one person. They’re involved. Jennifer’s shocked. Adrienne just died! Justin admits he’s seeing Kayla just as Kay and Jack arrive. Hurt, Jennifer asks how Justin could do this to Adrienne, and that it happened so fast. Jack explains Adrienne’s been gone more than six months. Jenn sobs. Justin and Kay leave the room. Jack snuggles Jenn. It’s a lot of news to process but he’ll help her through it. Jenn cries that she didn’t get to say goodbye to “my beautiful Adrienne.”

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Eric meets his dad at the pub, stating that he’s been walking around the hospital with Jenn. Roman’s glad Jenn’s up and around. Eric whips out a gigantic diamond engagement ring and asks what he thinks. Roman thinks Nicole will love it. He’s happy for them.

In prison, Ben’s disgusted with Clyde for having Mackenzie kidnapped.clyde and ben prison days of our lives

Ciara returns home to Sarah and comforts her having heard about Mackenzie. Xander looks cold after receiving Clyde’s text saying that he’ll get the kid back when he admits what he did. He lies that the text was from security and they’ve no leads. Sarah cries more, worried. Xander vows to make the bastard that did this pay. Maggie arrives, ready for lunch and is devastated to learn little Mickey was baby napped. Maggie’s shocked and she and Sarah run to SPD while Ciara leaves the room and eavesdrops on Xander.

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Back in the prison, Clyde is tickled that Xander’s dying to know who is texting him. Ben tells his father to call the whole thing off. He appreciates his father’s help but this is over the line. Ben grabs his dad’s cell phone and they fight over it until the guard appears. He doesn’t care that Clyde has contraband. He goes and Xander texts back asking, “What the hell do you think I did???” Clyde thinks he knows as does Xander’s uncle Victor. Clyde threatens he won’t see his daughter again and Xander goes out the back and returns with Victor. They discuss the texts and Vic says to force the person to spell out what he thinks they did. After a beat, Xander reads that the texter says they sent an innocent man to prison. Victor advises to sit tight and reminds him of what the consequences would be if what they did got out. Xander will take the chance. He texts asking what Clyde wants. Clyde asks for a signed confession taken to SPD. To Ben, Clyde confides he’ll keep Mackenzie well after Xandermaggie comforts sarah spd days of our lives confesses.

At SPD, Maggie assumes that the kidnappers know Mickey’s father is the CEO of Titan and will soon ask for a ransom. Sarah regrets keeping her daughter from her father. Eric walks into the outer room and Sarah starts to talk about almost getting an abortion. Maggie hugs her. She has nothing to feel guilty about. Mags goes to get an update and Eric, who is there for a kid he knows who was arrested, asks what’s up. He learns about the Mackenzie-napping. He’s aghast and sorry. He goes to Sarah and holds her close.

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Outside at the Kiriakis mansion, Ciara gets a hold of Ben and they update each other on what’s going on. Ciara learns some guy named Ray might have the baby and is just outside Salem. Ben begs her to call the cops and stay away from it but after they disconnect, she decides to go it alone. Inside, Xander starts writing a confession, knowing it could mean he loses both Sarah and Mackenzie.

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