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nuns lani and kristen days of our livesIn the convent, Kristen reminds Lani how they ran into each other in a piazza. Kristen could see Lani was as tortured as she was. The women commiserate over losing a child. Kristen doesn’t see a life for herself outside the convent. She can’t get past losing her child, but she thinks Lani is different. She asks why she left Eli at the altar. Lani confesses Eli and those he cared about would have suffered if they married. Kristen reminds her they haven’t taken their final vows yet. Before they do, Lani has to make sure she’s ready to commit to God, which means confessing her truth. If not to Kristen, then to God. Lani says her sins don’t compare to what Gabi’s done to her. Lani hopes Gabi burns in Hell.

In the square, Kayla tells someone on the phone she’s picking dinner up for them. She loves spoiling them.

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Eli and Gabi make out in the DiMera mansion. She didn’t think he’d ever get over Lani. He’s sorry it took so long for him to truly accept it was over. Eli reminds Gabi she was also a long way from getting over Stefan’s death when they got back together. She corrects him, “Stefan’s murder.” Eli believes it was an accident but concedes Lani is a different person than who he thought. He still can’t understand why Lani waited to dump him at the altar in front of all those people. Gabi flashes to her threatening Lani but plays dumb. Eli tells Gabi he’s much happier with her. He says, “Good riddance to Lani. Wherever she is.” Gabi locks the door and they start making out and ripping off each other’s clothes. Gabi’s phone falls under the couch and flashes on.

julie feels unwell days of our livesAt Doug’s Place, which Doug has renovated and renamed Julie’s Place, the Williams’ discuss how much has changed over the last year. Kayla walks in to pick up her guy’s favorite things. Julie and Doug remark how happy Kayla and he are together. Kayla says they helped each other, but notes he is still struggling over Adrienne. Julie suddenly keels over in pain. It’s her heart.

As Gabi and Eli bask in the afterglow at the mansion, Gabi spots her phone. She grabs and it turns it off.

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julie hugs gabi days of our livesBack at Julie’s Place, Julie starts to feel better, noting this is the first trouble she’s had since getting the pacemaker. After making sure Julie is okay, Kayla leaves with her takeout. Eli and Gabi enter and learn about Julie’s episode. Julie hugs Gabi, thanking her for Stefan’s heart.

At home, Kayla unpacks her take out bag for her and Justin, who says, “You’re too good to me.” They kiss.

Gina and John drink days of our livesJohn sits down to dinner at home with “Hope.” They toast to “Us.” John enjoys his wine and says he and Doc didn’t do this kind of thing often enough. “Hope” says, “You still miss her don’t you?” He flashes back to telling “Hope” about a prestigious offer Marlena received out of town, but she didn’t take it because they didn’t want to be apart. “Hope” told him how much Marlena wanted the job and guilted John into pushing her towards taking it. “Hope” then called a doctor to confirm she will wire him the money as soon as Marlena takes the position. Back in the present, “Hope” thanks John for letting her stay with him after her house flooded. They discuss how hard Doc has been to get a hold of. John understands, but he would like a letter every now and then. “Hope” flashes back to intercepting Marlena’s letters to John and vice versa. Back in the moment, “Hope” bemoans how long it’s been since she’s been with someone. A tipsy John tells her she’s too beautiful to be alone. If he were single… John stops himself noting the wine has hit him hard. When he leaves to check on their food, Gina tells herself it’s time to give John a little nudge. She spills wine on her blouse and starts taking it off. John returns to “Hope’ who is in her bra. Marlena returns home and finds them.

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jj and brady talk kristen days of our livesIn the park, Brady doesn’t excuse what Kristen did but reminds JJ she was in deep pain. JJ asks where Kristen is. Brady says she didn’t leave a note or even say goodbye. Wherever she is, JJ hopes she’s suffering since she pushed Haley down the stairs. Brady won’t try to make JJ believe it was an accident but he is sorry. He wants JJ to call him if he needs anything, especially if he feels the urge to use again. Alone, JJ lies on the bench looking at a photo of Haley. He’s going to find Kristin and make her pay.

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