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Days of our Lives didn’t air today at its normal time due to the televised presidential impeachment hearings in the USA. However, was able to recap Friday’s November 15 episode at a later time… Read our Days recap, Marlena walks in on John with a half naked “Hope”, and the new man in Kayla’s life is revealed. Also, let us know what moment in the time jump so far is most surprising to you. We’ve seen some doozies including Lani and Kristen as nuns in some convent, we learned Haley’s dead and that JJ’s now on drugs in mourning, Eve went to prison for Princess Gina’s crimes, Ben and Will are in prison and bunkmates, Adrienne’s dead at Will’s hand, Kristen and Brady’s baby has died, Sarah and Nicole are still keeping Mackenzie’s baby daddy secret or is there something else most surprising to you? Vote in our poll and leave us a comment.

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